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Walkthrough Weird West - guide to the chapter "Oneira" (Final)


Walkthrough Weird West - guide to the chapter "Oneira" (Final)

A detailed guide to the fifth chapter of Weird West: all story missions

Stand on the buttons indicated by the hand of the statue in the center. Having done this, run further and read the tablet. This is about trust. Go to the cliff and see the bridge. Run over it. It is uneven, and in some cases you even have to jump from platform to platform. The second part of the test passed. Then again move to where the statue points. This time there will be several. If the statue doesn't have a hand, go in the direction it's facing. At the end, talk to the mentor.

Move to the main rooms. The possessions of the Supreme are located next to the hostels - a room with beds where the oneirs sleep. The door is locked, you need 3 master keys. Go to the right of it and you will see a stream. Open the grate and move under the floor to get into the Supreme's room. On the table in the center lies a special talisman. This legendary amulet is used to defeat a crossroads witch in a slapping competition. Equip it and the next time you meet a witch, you can defeat her. In the chest on the side is a stone doll, necessary for the plot. There is a golden ace of spades in the next room. In a room with books that looks like a library, a petrified relic lies on one of the tables. Pass the doll to Edith, who will be marked with a marker.

You can examine the mirrors in one of the halls. Move to the Birdhouse to go to the Bell farm. Also visit another location to hire a werewolf who will have all your items from the last chapter. Along the way, you will surely meet a witch, and you can beat her in a slapping competition. You need to apply the amulet of the open palm. For this, a golden ace of spades will appear in the chest. Near the werewolf in the Ascension Hall there will be another ace.

Go to the tree of dreams and immerse yourself in the second vision. You need to find a dagger and a book. In the hall with mirrors, look for a mirror that leads to the temple of Valerian. The Blade of Initiation is hidden there. Go downstairs and you will find a conversation between two oneirs. Go through the rooms with poisonous plants. You can blow them up by standing in the distance and shooting from any weapon. Kill the rats. Explode the plants near the grate and it will open. Take the dagger from the statues and go back. On the way to the blade, you can find two golden aces of spades.

Travel to the Temple of the Ravaged Prairie for the Tome of Wishing. On the way there, you may run into two children. You will be able to agree to help in order to take the side quest "Weirdness". Visit Spiritwake, which will appear on the map nearby. The arms dealer has a legendary revolver. Go to the saloon, go inside and climb to the roof on two different stairs. Listen to the girl and take up the task. Chat with a local doctor and ask for patients. Chat with the local sheriff in his office. Interrogate the bartender, as ordinary merchants will refuse to say anything. Like the postal worker. Head to the cemetery in the corner of Spiritwake. Also, on the opposite side, behind the bank, there is a girl in a tent. She hunts ghosts. If you talk to her and complete this quest, the girl will want to join your squad. Absolutely free. There is a closed house on the side of the cemetery. Open the shutters and the window, climb inside and take the key. Open the basement door and go downstairs. Examine the urn and read the note. Destroy the ghost and return to the children for a reward. They will give the golden ace of spades.

Spiritwake's graveyard has the spirit of Amy Cooper, who will have a side quest for you, The Last Wish. Go to Emilio's farm, where the blue marker points. Destroy the boards on the doors and go inside. On the bedside table in the bedroom is the key to the cellar. Take it, go outside and open the cellar. Go downstairs and read the bloodied diary, volume 1. Leave the location and follow to the Festering Pond. Kill enemies. Search the corpses to get a seal stone, and then open the entrance and go downstairs. Immediately turn into the cave on the right. Kill the enemy and search the chest against the wall on the left. Collect the Bloody Hammer and the Bloody Diary Volume 2. Search the rest of the underground sanctuary. You will be able to find relics and aces. There is also the ghost of Joan Butler, who will have a side quest for you called Torment of the Ghosts. Leave the location on the map, a new one will appear. Go to the forgotten cache and kill the wolves. dig a cache under a tree with a red bandage, take things and take them to the farm. As a reward, you will receive a ward of resistance. Return to Spiritwake and show the city's sheriff the evidence to complete the "Last Wish" quest. Talk to the ghost. As a reward, you will receive a golden shotgun.

Jonathan Yan of Spiritwake will have another side quest for you, Lost Memories. He will pay $100 for the service. Go to the city of Plum. Cross the bridge and in one of the houses on the right (it seems to be the second) look for an old diary. When you enter the correct house, a blue marker will appear. Take the diary to the quest giver. Go inside the temple to find Essex Mast. Ask two of your companions, if they are the heroes of the previous chapters, to stand on the platforms. I had Jane and the werewolf. Then go for other companions. Look at what the game is asking for. At the top left it will be written who you need to go for. Save the pigman by untying the ropes and send him to the temple. Follow the defender. There may be other requests in your case. Visit the Good Place and interact with different Indians. One of them will say that the Protector went to Fort Glen. Go there, go around the fort in a circle and find a fallen tree on the left. Climb up it, jump onto the nest and over the fence. Go past the cages to the graves in the corner. Look for the Rivercrosser's grave and dig up the Protector. Return to the temple when all four are in place. Stand on the fifth plate and take the tome of desires. Let Mast go with you or refuse.

Before you return with the blade and the book, meet the witch again at the crossroads. She will ask if you opened the box or not. You will receive a reward for this. As usual, it will appear in the chest. Nothing special. Give Edith the items and fall asleep. Leave the location and move to Foxpaw, Foxglove. Along the way, you will have to kill the Oneir. And there will be several fights. Chat with a savage. Go through the door, but be aware that this will be the point of no return. The history of oneira will end. Then you can choose the ending of the game. Choose Essex's fate.