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Walkthrough Weird West - guide to the chapter "Werewolf"


Walkthrough Weird West - guide to the chapter "Werewolf"

We tell you how to get through the fourth chapter of Weird West: all story missions

Search the premises to collect a petrified relic, ammunition, and debris. Get out, follow the marker. Talk to Cleric Francis. Climb into the building above the room with Francis and find the golden ace of spades among the bookcases. There is also a well behind the building. Inside the main rooms where the chapter began, you can find a rope lying on a box. Tie her to the well and go down into the cave with the corpse and the chest. A petrified relic may lie inside the chest. Unlike previous chapters, the horse will be available to you from the very beginning. You don't need to buy it.

Get on horseback and jump to the indicated place. But first you can find the characters of the past chapters and take them to the team. Along the way, you will immediately run into a witch at a crossroads. You can compete with her in slapping, but you will not be able to win. Be sure to take the defender into the squad, since he still has all the items from the previous chapter.

Go to the trembling mine. Walk forward and wait for the enemies to disperse. Eliminate everyone carefully. Do not turn onto the bridge, but go further, where the oneira examines the corpse of the pigman. Pick up the golden ace of spades. Also below under a canopy there is a fossilized relic. Once everyone is dead, use the elevator in the far corner and go down the shaft. Listen to the girl from behind. She will tell you that you need to find 4 dynamites to blow up the mine. Look for the first in a box nearby. Follow the rails and kill three enemies. One of the crates contains a second dynamite. You can go back upstairs and talk to the girl to plant the dynamite. But don't blow up the mine. Are there any survivors left?

Go down and move through all the adits. When you kill all the enemies, the miners will leave the detention room. Chat with them to find out about another place where werewolf recruits are kept. Near the room where the miners were, there is a relic. Another one is inside the miners' detention room. Having done all this, move to the exit.

Move to the Shepherd's Valley, where the marker points. Surely you will meet the witch again at the crossroads. Enter inside the monastery. On the table in the next room is a golden ace of spades. Look for a hatch and go down to the basement. If you want to save the cleric, you will have to immediately join the battle. Don't throw the dynamite, it might hit him too. You will receive a loyal friend and 5 reputation points. Leave this location and move to the Ascension Hall. Talk to Mast and Francis. You can chat with Essex again to get the Soul Trap side quest. I did not see this temple on the map.

Head to the Birdhouse to find out if anyone has seen Layla. There is a trapper in the center of the city, from whom you can take the side quest "Lone Wolf". Another side quest (Releasing the Prisoner) can be taken from the Upper Sky, which stands next to the Sheriff's Office. You can negotiate for $200 and free the prisoner. In the story, talk to Julia, who is standing at her house opposite the sheriff's office. Talk to the mysterious girl and examine the footprints on the floor. Exit the location. The desired point will appear at the top, but first you can visit the trapper's house. Go down to the basement. Agree to help. Decide who to kill - a hunter or a werewolf. If you do nothing, the hunter will kill the werewolf on his own. If you kill the hunter, take the key from his corpse and free the werewolf.

Soon you will meet the witch for the third time at the crossroads. Kill the sirens and study the tracks. Go to Oleander Temple. This place is needed for Essex's side quest and for the story. Use the seal stone and go down. If you don't have a seal stone, go to the left and find the entrance to the cave. This is a different path to the oneir lair, but it leads through corridors with poisonous flowers and dynamite-throwing enemies. The side rooms of the main hideout contain a golden ace of spades and a petrified relic.

Go to the far rooms. There will be bars. First, open the button on the right. Then you need to kill two witches behind the wall. Having done this, shoot the button behind the door, through the bars. Search the corpses to get the cell key. In the left chamber sits a man who will become a true friend. He promised to tell me about Essex's soul vessel, but I released him and he just ran away. Leila is sitting in the right cell. Chat with her and calm down the werewolf. As for the vessel of souls, then go to the first room, where there were enemies from the side of the main entrance. See the big censer? Behind the wall near it there is a secret room. Get close to the wall and interact with it. Most likely, the point of contact appears only after the release of the prisoner, described above. In the secret room there will be treasures and a vessel of the soul. Go outside and talk to Mast. Give him the vessel. The quest will end and you will receive a petrified relic as a reward. Return with Layla to Francis in the Ascension Hall.

Talk to Francis about the Blood Moon. He will send you to collect aconite in order to create more werewolves. Exit with the location and a mysterious witch will stop you. She will say that there is a secret room under Francis's office where Sibylla's diary lies. If you read it, you can find out the secret of Francis. This will create an optional task.

Let's do it. Return to the Ascension Hall. Go to Francis's room and examine the statue. To the left of it there are curtains. Move them and you will see a lever. Pull on it and go downstairs to meet Sybil. Chat. You can go and do everything that Francis says. On the other hand, you can enter the room and take Sybil's diary to find out that the Blood Moon prophecy is a complete lie. To get into the room, open the abilities and buy the Shock Bullets skill for the revolver. Activate it and fire a shock bullet at the door to charge it with lightning. After reading the diary, you will have to kill Sybil (or agree with her and join forces). If you kill her, Francis will appear, you will have to deal with him. Then all the enemies outside will aggro. Carefully get out through the window and leave the location.

Move into the cave behind the aconite. First you can turn right, blow up the wall with dynamite and kill the snakes. Pick up the golden ace of spades. At the end of the passage on the right there is a carved chest, which may contain a fossilized relic. Move through the main hall, kill the oneir and inspect the locked grate. In order not to waste 5 master keys, stock up on two sticks of dynamite. Go right and near the fountain you will find a cracked green wall. Blow it up. Follow through the cave with poisonous plants. Pick up a fossilized relic along the way. Another one can lie in the chest on the right. At the other end there will be a blockage of stones. Blow them up and find yourself in a warehouse. Collect the aconite from the shelves on the right. If you don't have enough, there's another one on the other side of the bars where you came from.

Proceed to the Temple of the Blood Moon. Behind the cactus in the corner of the temple there is a niche with a fossilized relic. Kill all opponents and set fire to four braziers, and then interact with the central pedestal. Get down. Set yourself on fire in the brazier and shoot a fire arrow. Either your character has the ability (this one) "Flame of Yev". You need to find three different balls. First, go to the room on the left and read the sign. You need to identify the correct chest. If you make mistakes, you will take damage. Opposite the tablet is the central row with three chests. To the right is another row with three chests. You need the furthest one. Insert the ball of the moon into the pedestal. Go to the next room, opposite the pedestal for the ball of bones. You can try to jump over the slab of skulls with an extra dash. If it does not work out, will have to fight the enemies. Having done this, take the ball of bones from the statue and place it in the desired hole.

Stand on the pedestal in another room (by the way, there is a relic lying in the corner of the common room) and kill the zombies. Soon a platform with a ball of blood will rise. Insert it into the last hole and wait. You can then unleash the power of the Blood Moon or destroy it to reconcile the werewolves and the Oneira.