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Walkthrough Weird West - Guide to the Defender

Walkthrough Weird West - Guide to the Defender

 Passage of the third story chapter: where to find all Olvidado's bracelets, how to get into the mine, and more

Move towards the cave, killing the wolves. With a bow, you can kill enemies with one shot. Once inside the cave, finish off the monster that is looking for Olvidado's bracelet. Search the corpses, take the petrified relic from the box on the left. Leave the location and go to the village of Good Place. Talk to the Upper Sky. Go to bed in a wigwam marked with a marker. Sleep restores health points and actions required to use abilities. Chat with the West facing One to learn about Olvidado's bracelets. You need to find 3 bracelets to discover the mysterious mine.

Go to Fort Glen, where the head of the Dagger and Bones organization is located. Enter the main hut and chat with Marianne Wilson. The clothes merchant in this camp will have a legendary bow and armor. You can buy as soon as you collect the currency. You can also buy a horse here.

As for mercenaries, you can go to Cedar Flats and the Bell Farm to recruit characters from previous chapters. When exploring the map, you can see the "Game End" event. You can stand up for Cecilia or the pigman. As you understand, the event will only happen if you spared Cecilia. Also, instead of Cecilia, you can see Joe the pigman confronting another pigman. For help, he will offer to become part of your squad.

At Fort Glen, go outside the settlement and go left. On the side of the fence, there will be traces of trappers. Leave the location and follow the map to the treasure hunter's supply caravan. By the way, behind the fort in the bushes, you can find a golden ace. You will find it in an overturned wagon near the caravan. Find the relayogram inside the same wagon.

Move to Bitter Rock. Pick up a hasty note from the corpse. Clear out the ruins. There is a carved chest in the tent on the right. There may be a relic inside. On the platform to the left, look for a table with a golden ace of spades on it. When you kill everyone, look for a lever in the center, on a hill. Pull it and enter the elevator to go down to the dungeon. In the far left shed, on the surface, a prisoner is sitting. You can release and take to the squad. There is a relic on the table.

Kill the enemies inside the cave. On the right, there is a hole in the wall covered in cobwebs. Go there to find a silver machete. Find a note on the table telling you where to look for the other two necklaces. As for Olvidado's bracelet in these ruins, you need to remove the box from the far left corner to see the mound of earth. Dig it up to get the first Olvidado Bracelet.

Follow to Boulder Creek, where the second Olvidado bracelet is located. Kill all the zombies and look into the temple where people are hiding. So you free the whole city! Chat with Cleric Nicholas inside the church. Leave the location and move to the nearest mine. Kill the enemies or get past them. In the far part is the building of the mine. Launch the trolley to climb onto the roof from it. Through the hole in the roof, enter the building and take the relic lying behind the beams. There will be a key on the table that can open the mine door. Get down on the elevator into the mine itself, clean it. In the distant large adit there is a passage blocked by a fence and boxes. Jump on the boxes to get to the other side. Gather resources and find the second Olvidado bracelet on the corpse in the far corner. Get outside. You can explore the building at the top of the mine and search the sheriff's corpse.

Go to the Galen Bridge. Along the way, you will meet a witch. Talk to her and discuss past events. Don't forget to take the loot from the crate. Sheriff Garland's Star can be sold for $500 at any store. A legendary shotgun has also appeared in the Birdhouse. People at the gate are asking for documents for the land. Go around the estate and climb inside through the window of the building. Kill all enemies. You need to finish off Mayor Wicks. After doing this, you will receive several keys, a code combination and the third Olvidado bracelet. Enter the estate and look for a safe on the second floor. Open it with a code combination and pick up the documents. Give them to the people outside. You will get a true friend.

Travel north to Heronwall Peak. Talk to Essex Mast and the scientist. Show her all three bracelets. Head to the Olvidado Pueblo Mine. Walk forward until you see a paved path of bricks. Stand at the end of it to trigger a cutscene. We need to wait a bit. Move through the ghost town and chat with the girl on the chair. Climb onto the roof of the large building behind the girl. To do this, climb the stairs and jump from the railing to the roof. Find a chimney, tie a rope and go down inside the building. You'll even get an achievement for it!

Search several rooms, collect loot. In one of the far rooms, to which there are two doors that require a master key, there is a hole in the floor, boarded up with boards. If there are no master keys, you can break the doors. Jump through the hole in the floor after breaking all the boards. On the ground floor, kill the creepy ghost in the large piano room. A relic is hidden inside the piano. The rest of the passages are covered with bars. Look for the stairs at the end of the corridor, go upstairs and look into the room with the chest. You can hack it. There is a lever on the shelf on the side. Pull on it to open the grates at the bottom. Go back down, zombies will appear. Exit the piano room through the opened passage on the left. Go through the rooms, killing the enemies. At the end of the corridor there will be large doors leading to the basement. Examine them, talk to the spirits of Olvidado's children. The hero decides to ask the Westfacing One for advice.

Go to the ancient grove that appeared on the map. Kill the enemies, cut the bark from the tree and bring it to the Westwatcher. Return to the lost mine of Olvidado and open the door. Kill all the gluttons until the task is updated. Stand again on the cobbled path near the stones so that the ghost town appears. There is a bank on the way to the building. A ghost is hiding inside. Kill him. Behind the door to which the master keys are needed, I found two aces of spades at once! Enter the mansion and chat with the ghosts. Enter the code combination to go down to the basement. Kill Olvidado. Try to hide behind cover when he throws three ice shards. And stay away from his magic. After the victory, cut off his head. Also on the corpse there is a stunning amulet, which after each kill reloads the weapon. Great option for a shotgun with two rounds! Don't rush to plant dynamite. Search the chests and crates as there are many relics and aces of spades here.

Talk to all the characters near the fire in the Good Place. Agree or refuse an alliance. The chapter will end soon.