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Walkthrough Weird West - guide to the head of the Pigman

Walkthrough Weird West - guide to the head of the Pigman

 A detailed guide to the passage of the second chapter of Weird West

After the introduction, look around at the location "Swamp of Horror". A golden ace of spades is nailed to a tree nearby. Behind the fence on the left, a purple fossilized relic hangs from a tree. Go to Joe's hut to the northeast. Listen to him. Talk to Joe, then get the petrified relic from the tent. Go to Cedar Flats. The sheriff will warn you that your path to the city is ordered. Carefully make your way into the city. Nun Isabel Clava is standing near the church on the right. Listen to her and optionally accept the side quest "Holy Pigs!". Find the desired building at the very end of the settlement, on the left. It is closed at night, so rewind time if necessary.

Head to the Quigley Lantern House. Chat with Musk. The side quest "A Nice Person" will begin. You will learn that in each new chapter you can take heroes from past adventures into the squad. For example, now you can take a bounty hunter to the squad. Moreover, you will receive all unused relics and aces, as well as the inventory that was at the time the chapter was completed.

Go to the location "Hall of Plenty", according to a side task. Defeat all the Oneira. You can use a melee weapon or a shotgun. You can also pick up a revolver from the corpses. There will be two waves. If you accidentally hit ordinary citizens, nothing will happen. Perebeyte all, search their corpses. Be sure to check the side of the barn as there are a couple of chests there. Return to Cedar Flats to complete the quest. This is an important mission, because from now on you will be allowed to freely walk around the Cedar Flats, trade, take on a bounty hunt quest, and so on.

Jump to the Bell farm to accept Jane, the heroine of the previous chapter, into the squad. A pigman can eat corpses without anyone seeing them. This process also restores HP. When you're ready, head to the Quigley Lantern House. Pull the bell to the right of the main door, which will be locked. Chat with Sylvester, but he will refuse to let you inside. You will hear a certain Gloria Reed. Go to the back door and show Gloria the medallion. You can listen to her and agree to help with the murder of Maximo. This will begin the additional task "The New Bosses". Go inside and wait for a couple of women talking to go around. Then follow through the room, into the far left door, and up the stairs. For women. Go to the room with Maximo and stun him. Pick a moment to sneak in there unnoticed. You can't stun the guards!

Don't rush to leave. Save and follow to the common room on the second floor. Enter through the door on the right when there is no guard and search the cabinets on the left. One of them will contain a love letter. You will find out where the main character's room was. Get to her. Hide behind the columns from the guard, who periodically enters the room. Search the chests and the bedside table for a ransom note. The next destination is Elephant Ridge. You can leave this place.

When you enter the map, Pigman Joe will contact you. He will say that one root is in the Fighting Pit, and the other is in the Plague. Head to Elephant Ridge first, as this place is nearby. Chat with the mysterious girl. Pick up the seal stone of the Plague and the note from the corpse of the apprentice. Go around the mountain, under which the corpses lie, and find footprints on the ground. Head to the Plague, which will appear on the map. If you helped Gloria, then she will send a letter with words of gratitude. Kill all the enemies outside or carefully make your way to the pedestal where you should place the seal stone of the Plague. On the left, climb the fence and remove the golden ace of spades from the tree. Go underground.

Clear several rooms. In one of them, there will be an empty detention chamber with a notepad. Pick up Clarence Quigley's notebook to learn about Cecilia. There will be a shooter in the other cell. If you wish, you can take him to the squad. To burn the root on the left side of the dungeon, in the cave, throw dynamite or another explosive device on it. And you need to get on the root itself, not into the water, otherwise, the dynamite will go out and not explode. When you exit the cave, look for a mirror in the room on the left. This is an astral portal to the swamp of horror. So you can quickly get out of the location.

Follow the Horsetail Grotto, which Joe the pigman will tell about. There is a third root. Kill the pigmen outside. A fossilized relic lies on a wagon in front of the entrance. There are many dangerous enemies in this place. Inside the cave, move to the far right corner where the root is. Set it on fire with a thrown explosive or incendiary weapon. Also, look for relics in the rooms. There is a cave with three zombies throwing sticks of dynamite. There is a chest with a golden ace and other loot. I see no point in fighting in a cave with two huge monsters. These are very dangerous enemies. Don't forget to eat corpses to regenerate health.

Move to the Fighting Pit. Go to the arena, go in a circle and go up to the house on the right, to the manager of the Fighting Pit. Talk to the Executioner, agree to fight in the arena. Kill three enemies and return to the Executioner. At this point, you will also receive a message from Joe asking for help. This will start the side quest "A Poet's Proposal". Go down to the first floor of the building, go inside, and set the seal stone. Get down to the dungeon. Kill ghosts and zombies. Explode the last root, after which you will encounter the witch Ruth Bow at the exit. Defeat her and the rest of the enemies will flee. Then you can make an important decision - kill the witch or turn into a pig.

Leave the location and go to Joe's hut. On the way to it, you will meet a local woman who was attacked by cowboys. You can leave or offer someone help. Travel far into Old Bones to find Joe's ghost. There will be very dangerous enemies throwing dynamite. It is best to bypass them and get inside the mine. In general, I decided to go around all the enemies and kill only the ghost, and then leave the mine. Return to Joe to complete the quest. Along the way, you can meet a witch. She will offer the book, but it will cost $1 more than you have. So you won't be able to buy. But you can agree to predictions. You will be able to take Joe to the team (after his task)!

Go to Oscuro's Reach to meet Cecilia. During the day the door is open. You can take revenge on her or listen and ask for forgiveness. For the latter, get 10 reputation points. If you kill, get -5 reputation. You can kill even after an apology, but it will be counted as revenge. When you're ready, head to the Swamp of Terror. Chat with the Tree of Souls. You can free the souls of the pigs or kill them all. In the first case, the Pigmen will live with people. The chapter will be completed.