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Walkthrough Winter Ember - game guide

Walkthrough Winter Ember - game guide

 A detailed guide to all story missions in the game

At the beginning of the game, select the desired difficulty level. From myself I will add that I chose "Average", and at the same time did not really experience any problems. Stealth turned not into stealth, but into a regular action game where I could freely fight 3-4 enemies at the same time. Therefore, to gain stealth experience, I recommend leveling up one level.

An honest man has no place here

The first story mission of the game. The main character Arthur must get to the train that will take him to Anargal. There are no side quests on this map. Let's start with management. Use WASD to move your game mouse to change the camera angle. Holding Shift will make you run faster while holding CTRL will allow you to crouch and act stealthily. Run forward, duck down and crawl under the boards. Examine the gate on the left. You need a key. The first enemy will appear. Repeat pressing the keys that pop up on the screen.

In general, in order to win any opponent, it is much easier and more effective to learn the parry system. Press the mouse wheel (block) just before the enemy hits you with his weapon. In this case, you parry his blow, he will be stunned, and you will have to deal 4-5 normal blows with your blade by clicking on the LMB. On medium difficulty, one parry is enough to finish off any opponent. With normal warriors, this is not necessary, but later you will encounter bandits wielding two axes. So against them without a parry is almost impossible.

Defeat the enemy, pick up the key by searching his body, and open the gate. Holding E searches bodies, pressing E picks them up. You need to search the bodies only if, when approaching them, an icon in the form of a “hand” appears. If there is no icon, then there is nothing on the character. To kill or stun enemies, use the Q key. To do this, sneak up behind so that the enemy is highlighted in red. Otherwise, the key will not work. There are moments in the game when it is simply impossible to act in this way. If an enemy is coming and you are following him, as soon as he is highlighted, start pressing Q. Arthur will automatically follow him and finish the enemy. It is pointless not to kill (but to stun) enemies in the sense that it will not give you anything. But after a while, the enemy will rise to his feet and again become a thorn in the fifth point.

Move along the river and kill another enemy. The door on the right is locked. Follow on and steal the key from the pockets of the enemy. The game will tell you how to do it. And then open that gate. You can run to the left and pick up a bag of gold coins from the box. Enter the building after looking through the peephole (hold E). Stealthily deal with the nearest enemy and hide his body in the room to the left. Finish another one or make your way past. Jump over the box and go right. You will be trained to snuggle up to shelters and look out from behind them. Go to the very end and find a window in the corner of the room. Climb out through it and save yourself by interacting with the statue ahead.

Go through the gate on the left and enter the house on the left. This is a tavern. You can search the boxes and collect food that heals Arthur. Also start to slowly search tables and other furniture, collecting items for sale. There are also doors that you can open with lockpicks. The latter are in a chest behind the bar.

How to break locks?

Interest Ask. The complexity of breaking locks is due to the fact that with its increase, the time of the shaking of the stocks is significantly reduced. On the easy level of picking (written above the lock), they tremble long enough for the picks to break. You need to stop at this point. At the middle level, they tremble much less. On a complex one, it’s not enough at all, and the master key breaks almost immediately. It's hard to stop in time. Therefore, the first skills that I started to pump were hacking skills. Simplifications and getting additional chances for master keys (they break not the first, but the second, third or fourth time). Optionally, you can hack the back room and collect resources.

Climb out through the window on the right. You will fall into a trap. There is a bandage on the bench to the left. Pick it up, hold TAB, and press Q to apply the bandage. You will no longer bleed, which reduces your health, scares the locals, and allows enemies to hunt down Arthur.

Go through the gate on the left and enter the building on the left. Notice the door on the right. It leads to a room with carts (trolleys). You need the key, and then you can go further. Go further along the corridor, kill the enemies and break open the door. The last door leads to the courtyard with the same conservation statue.

Go back through the gate, but do not go into the building on the left. Instead, go forward, bypassing the house. Hold TAB and select a blunt arrow (with a blunt tip). Shoot the wooden planks to break them.

How to craft arrows?

Another question that I think it is necessary to answer. Press G to open the crafting menu. Then look to the left. It shows how all the arrows you can craft look like. In the middle are the materials available to you. Choose a shaft and tip (sharp or blunt). In the future, it will be possible to add a rope or some elemental elements (water, fire).

After breaking the boards, cross the rails and read the note lying on the boards on the right. You will find out where the access is. Open the crafting menu, create an arrow with a cat tip and add a rope to it. Shoot this arrow at the rope on the boards on the left. The game will tell you how to do it. Now you can climb up the boards and move along them to the right. When necessary, go down below and move, holding on with your hands. Climb into the far window.

To the right is a locked door leading to the rooftop office. First, you need to find the key. Go through the corridors, kill the enemies and collect the necessary resources. There will be boxes next to the fireplace. Climb them to the second floor. Move on top of the boards. There is a hole in the room to the right of the crates. You can go down and search the basement. Get out through the window and pick up the health potion. Above, along the boards, you must get to the second part of the building, where there are still enemies. In a room with red chairs and a carpet, there is a chest containing the key to the door leading to the office on the roof. Take it. Clear the corridors and collect resources. Go back to that door and open it. You can go down if you wish, but in general, you have to go up. Kill the enemies above and enter the marked building. There is a safe in the wall on the left. Code - time, indicated on the wall for the southern part of Anargala. Enter 545 and take the key to the cart room.

Run back to the save statue (you can open the map and see the hourglass icon). Enter the building with the door locked, open it with the key and pull the lever. Get on the cart to be on the other side.

Hiding in the grass, clear the yard. Enter the tent city on the right. Kill opponents and collect resources. You can exit on the left. There will be a building. On the second floor, find an electric arrow and exit to the bridge. I didn’t do that, but now I realized that from the bridge you can shoot an electric arrow at the generator on the left in order to turn the platform with the car and search it. Exit through the gate at the end of the camp. Go forward and jump over the cliff of the wooden bridge, making a roll by double-clicking on the "Space" key. You will also receive a skill point that you can spend at the statue. As mentioned above, it is wise to invest the first points in hacking simplification.

Follow the bridge and climb up the crate to the snowy path. Climb even higher and hang on a wooden beam to the left of the fire. Climb to the left, jump down and create a blunt-tipped arrow. Shoot the boards blocking the path. Climb the steps and enter the train. Move through the wagons, killing enemies and collecting resources. When you hit the closed door, hang on the carriage to the right and climb along it to the very end to enter through another door (optional).

night work tool

You need to get to Iko's hideout. Find the lockpicks at the end of the platform. You need them to leave the station. Climb down and kill two enemies. You can break open different doors, but you are interested in the door to the left of the turnstiles. Behind it, on the wall, hangs the key to one of the chests in the main building of the station. Also in this room, you need to get over the cabinets and use the other door. You can already go outside there.

Run forward down the street. There is a marker on the map indicating where to go next. Along the way, you can search houses, use arrows with ropes, and so on. At the desired house, you will run into a closed gate. Climb over the fence with the crate and boards on the right. Enter the house and talk to the woman. She will share the information if you pay her 100 gold. And let's not fall for the blackmailer's provocations! The door to the second floor is closed. Hack the far left door on the first floor and get out through the window. Climb up using the arrow with the cat and the rope (shoot the rope). Use the windows if you don't want to mess around with the lock. In the bedroom on the right, on the nightstand to the right of the bed is a note from Iko. Now you know where to look for it. Stop and search the house (optional).

The desired location will be marked with a marker. Move there. Cross the middle bridge and climb into the room on the right on the boxes (further statues of preservation and improvement). Get out through the window and go further along the boards. Create a blunt arrow and destroy the boards. If you go to the left, you will hear a cry for help. This is an additional task.

Head to the Crab Meat Bar and talk to Iko behind the bar. Follow the man to the basement and chat again. Before you leave here, you can search the rooms from above. From the far room on the right, you can get into the left room through the ventilation shaft. From now on, you can use cabs to quickly move around the city. But it's pointless to do so now. Follow the marker to the black market. Find the box, climb on it and go down to the river. Enter the building and talk to the man. You can sell the collected valuables, as well as buy the desired items. Every time I recommend buying bandages and a health potion. Also, buy a crowbar from the man for $100. You can complete the side quest "Black Seeds" or not be distracted.

Move along the marker and kill the enemy outside. Enter the building, kill all opponents and examine the corridor behind the door on the right. Climb up the boxes to the second floor. Search this floor. In the far room, where you can jump from above, there is a key hanging on the wall (office room with a glass window). After taking it, open the central door and take the card.


Head to any sewer and choose Arthur's mansion as your destination. Create a fire arrow and melt the ice on the gate ahead. Go to the entrance to the house. The door is closed. Move to the left of the door and climb up the boards. Climb inside the house through the window. You can open the main door. Inside the house will be the first zombies. They spit venom and fight aggressively in close combat. Place a block. After parrying one blow, counterattack with two or three, then repeat. You can't parry attacks.

Go down the right corridor and break open the door on the left. Light lock. Kill two enemies and take the bathroom key. You can go to the backyard. On the tree in the nest lies the key to the basement of the mansion. Shoot him down with a blunt arrow. Keep searching the house. When you're ready, go up to the second floor and look into the office on the left. Examine the safe behind the painting on the right. Need a code. You can, of course, pick it up manually, but let's proceed in order. Climb to the third floor, enter the parents' bedroom on the left and open another door with the bathroom key. Move through the hole in the wall along the boards, through the window and outside, climb onto the balcony railing. Go left, create a blunt arrow and shoot the planks blocking the path at the end of the long balcony. Walk along the boards through the mansion and climb into another window. Climb up the boxes go left and look for a box with a skill point at the end. Shoot the rope arrow at the beam and climb through the window. Turn the picture over to see the code - 205. Go down the stairs, return to your father's office and open the safe. Escape the mansion by evading or killing the enemies.

Bird feeding

Return to the Crab Meat Bar. Pay the man to distract the guards. Get inside. Follow to the back room and chat with Iko. He will open the door. Use the stairs and go outside. Go left and look for a lift to the right place in the park. Chat with the man who feeds the birds.

Echoes in the Cathedral

Use any sewer and move to the Great Church. Go inside and talk to the blind woman. Exit through the door on the right, go downstairs and go to the backyard. There will be graves on the side. Look at the graves of your family. Take the note from the man's hands, then return to Gwyneth to take her task. You can search the church and collect various items.

She offered an apple

When you're ready, leave the Great Church and run across the bridge at the marker. Open the gate to enter a new area - Midgown.

The path ahead will be blocked by three enemies. You can distract them by shooting a fire arrow at the haystack on the left. Go through the camp with enemies until you see the place of execution. You can just wait for people to be executed, or you can save them. Unfortunately, I never figured out how to save people, but this does not affect anything.

Then you must pursue Battista's wagon. Do not hurry. When the wagon stops at the bridge, go down to the right of it, passing through the building. Go to the other side. Don't let the enemies see you. Climb up the stairs and shoot the blunt-tipped arrow at the horse. It will block the path of the wagon, and you can climb inside. In this case, Battista will take you to the right building.

If you did not have time to block the path, continue to follow the wagon. Clear the camp with tents and enter the building with a round roof. Exit to the balcony and shoot the blunt-tipped arrow at the lever opposite to lower the bridge. Cross the bridge, jump to the other side and go down the path. Kill the enemies, break open the door and enter the building. Get to the other side through the upper floor window. Keep moving. On the left there will be a hill along the path. You can climb up and shoot at the hive to stop the wagon. But if Battista has already passed, then run ahead.

So, you will find yourself at a locked gate. Use the arrow with the rope on the beam on the right and go upstairs. There are several ways to go further. I decided to kill all the enemies: at the bell, at the lever and down in the yard with the wagon. On the enemy, the wagon has a key to the generator room. Open the door, go downstairs and kill another enemy. Now shoot the electric arrow at the generator and run to the lever. Pull on it to open the gate. This must be done quickly.

Enter inside the warehouse. Kill all enemies. There is a key in the room on the right. You can go upstairs and open the chamber with a lever. However, this is not enough. Opposite the camera and the lever there is a box. Climb over it to the beams under the ceiling. Follow forward until you find the generator. Shoot him with an electric arrow, quickly go back and pull the lever.

Save at the statue, use the services of the merchant in the room on the right. Go further and soon you will see Battista. You need to draw him out. Climb down, create arrows with water and shoot two generators. Battista will leave the room. Enter the battle with him (climb up). Use large valves. Lure Battista to the valves and shoot blunt-tipped arrows. The explosion will freeze Battista for a few seconds. When the fire goes up, the gate will open. Run higher. Keep fighting Battista. Use a block, and after the enemy strikes, counterattack with 3-4 hits. Go on. A little later, the next gate will open. Go through them upstairs, finish off Battista. After talking with him, get out through the nearest window.

Talk to the woman and follow her into the house. When enemies appear, go down to the basement and find a box on the left. Hide inside it. When the opponents leave, talk to the woman again. Return to the Great Church and speak with Gwyneth. She will say that you need to find information about the Stone of the Old World. Go through the door to her left and search the bookshelves on the top floor. Talk to Gwyneth again.

Through the hatch, get to the northern part of Anargal. Move along the path to the left, climb over the building on the stairs and shoot the arrow with the rope at the beam above the door of the right house. Climb up, go inside through the window and get out through another. Jump over to the next yard. Examine the Blue Canary boat on the left. She is chained. There is a safe inside the nearby barn. Go to the door of the locked house and look through the right window. You will see the code 911. Enter it on the safe, take the key and enter the house. Listen to the man. The task will end.

The path to repentance

Exit to the road and move to the right, killing enemies. This will create a short path to the hatch. Use it and move to the location of Repentance. Go to the prison and talk to the driver. He agrees to escort you inside, but first, you must free his two horses. Opposite there is a hole in the fence. Move through the forest avoiding numerous traps. Use an arrow with an explosion to destroy the wall. Go to the territory of the prison. I decided not to look for horses. Instead, run to the right. There is nothing interesting on the first tower. Climb up to the second, go to the boxes where the enemy stands. After killing him, jump off the boxes behind the fence. Get inside and go left. In the backroom, there is a key on the table. Take it, go back and open the door.

You will find yourself in the prison corridors. Kill all opponents. Get to the right door. She's locked up. There are a couple of ways to get through the door. Go through the corridors with cameras. One of the prisoners will ask you to complete the side task "Disrespect for the authorities" for him. Agree, follow the marker, enter the room, and stun (hold Q) the enemy. Don't kill him. Grab the enemy on your shoulders, carry them to the elevator and go upstairs. Drop the enemy on the roof. Return to the prisoner. Follow him and the two soldiers, but don't let them spot you. Soon they will open the door you need.

Follow through this door, go downstairs, and find the guard with the key. Take the key from him and open the blue door on the right. This path leads to a room in front of the generator room. It is filled with smoke. Quickly climb up the stairs and start turning the levers, one by one. Where necessary, jump over to the other side. You can't go through the included wire! Then enter the vent on the right to go back and activate one of the levers at the beginning (because you can't jump back). Alternatively, jump down and quickly run to the stairs. The room with the lever will now be available. For now, you don't need it. Find Toussaint and talk to him. Move along the marker, enter the room and get his things from the chest. Return to him. Now go to that very lever. You will release not only Toussaint but also other prisoners. Pay no attention to the soldiers and prisoners fighting among themselves. Run to Toussaint and together with him get out, along with the markers.

One more piece

You will find yourself in the Stone of the Old World. Move forward and kill the enemies. You can't go to the courtyard on the right. Go through the main door and start up the stairs. On the topmost tier you will find a bell. Hit it with an arrow to drop it down and smash the statue. The bell can be reached through a room with a wooden staircase. Climb down and go under the statue.

Move through the basement, bypassing various traps. It's not all that complicated here. Somewhere you will need to jump or climb the walls. At the end, climb up the crates on the side and activate the lever. Take advantage of the lowered stairs. Move in a circle and kill the enemies. Move on and use the rope on the left. So you can get to the priest. Kill him to complete the objective. Run to the exit and leave this place on Toussaint's boat. Talk to Gwyneth and fight the enemies. After the victory, chat with Toussaint and Gwyneth.

My shadow

Exit to the backyard. Follow the path, killing dangerous enemies. In principle, if he fends off their attacks, there should be no problems. Eventually, you will reach the hut. Interrogate the killer. Decide how to deal with him - kill or let him live. Use the sewers to return to the northern part of the city.

Bone Garden

Enter the brothel and look around the hall until you see Vesna. Book a room at the entrance and go inside. This room is located on the first floor. Listen to Spring and follow the girl. Don't get close to her. She will go up to the second floor and enter the room. Walk along the left wall so that you are not noticed, and steal the key from the guard standing with his back to you. Open the room on the right, get out through the window and climb into the room with the commander. Kill the enemies and barricade the door. Search his pants in the bathroom. Use any hatch and go to Toussaint. Climb inside through the window and kill the enemy. Return to the church and chat with Gwyneth.

sleeping lion

Go to the bank, which will be locked. There are two people in the alley on the left. Talk to him. They need explosives. Make your way to the bandits' lair, killing a dozen people along the way. Enter the first building, through it make your way to the second and see a locked cell. Walk past it and find the lever to open the chamber. By doing this, you will be able to pick up the explosives. Give it back to the men and they'll blow up the wall.

Get inside the bank and go upstairs. Clear the corridors. To go upstairs, take the key from one of the guards. Or use an arrow with a rope. Examine the indicated door, then follow the marker. Look for stairs in the room. Climb up it and climb through the ventilation to the room indicated by the marker. Take the key and open the indicated door. Search the cells and in one of them you will find the information you need.

Red wine and weak alcohol

Move to the indicated place and watch the video. Go through the courtyard and kill the enemies. Climb up the barrels and crates on the left. Move through buildings. In one of them there is a window through which you need to jump out. It remains to find and kill Vagen. After doing this, take his key. There is also a lever in the adjacent building that opens the gate. Pull on it and go back. Go to the specified location.

Place of defiled thoughts

Kill two enemies, take the key and enter the building. Defeat Domini and watch the video. It's not the end of the game! Leave the location and return to the northern part of the city. Walk towards the marker. The path ahead is blocked by a gate. There is a building on the right, and Spring is standing at the entrance. Talk to her and go inside. get out through the window and climb up by shooting an arrow with a rope. Activate the lever first. Jump over to another board and enter the building at the top. Break out the ventilation and climb the mine. Open the door for Spring and defeat the enemies. From the outside, enter the building on the right and pull the books: middle, right, left.

Go downstairs and exit into the courtyard. Point the three statues so that they face the middle. Shoot the bridge from above with a blunt arrow and move on to the enemies. Kill everyone, go down below and burn the indicated bush with a fire arrow. Keep moving the only way, killing the enemies. If necessary, put out the fire with a water arrow. Enter Spring's hideout.

good son

Wait for Spring outside. Kill the enemies that appear. Enter the brothel and find a ladder that can be knocked down with a blunt arrow. Climb up and get to an office with a wall boarded up with boards. Shoot these boards with a blunt arrow. Stand near the right fan and look through the hole in the roof. You will see a lever. Aim and shoot when the fan is off. When you hit the lever, you can break the fan and get inside. Take the key from the pants and open the door on the top floor. Leave this place, talk to Vesna and hide in the cart.

Go to the right of the estate. While killing the enemies, find the entrance. Talk to Gwyneth and decide her fate. If you release, she will be your true friend. Climb up and defeat Domini. On this game came to an end.