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11,000 runes in the Elden Ring with a single attack: this trick allows you to level up without risk

 To carry it out we will have to access one of the hidden regions of the FromSoftware game.

11,000 runes in the Elden Ring with a single attack: this trick allows you to level up without risk

It is evident that Elden Ring is quite a challenge, both for new players and for the most veteran. Hidetaka Miyazaki's latest work isn't being any softer on us when it comes to breaking our backs and that's why we wanted to help those of you who have just arrived and have encountered the first obstacles to overcome.

Although this time the tips are not dedicated to the first bars of the game, we are sure that they can come in handy for all those who are finding themselves outmatched in their progress through the Middle Lands. There are many formulas to get a good handful of runes with which to level up in Elden Ring, but this seemed to us to be one of the safest and most profitable that we have found.

We owe it to the Extra Life colleagues , and we can get tens of thousands of runes per minute without being exposed to receiving a single hit. Although to find this wonderful source of runes, we will first have to access the Mohgwyn Palace. It is a hidden area and to get to it we will have to do it through a mission in Liurnia, northeast of Necrolimbo.

You will have to go to the Church of the Rose, which you will find on your journey to the Academy of Raya Lucaria, on one of the islets to the south that you find in the marshy area that surrounds the Academy. Once you reach this dilapidated church, you will find a character named Varre. After talking to him and endorsing his opinion, you will receive several infested bloody fingers, with which to invade other players.

We will have to do it to continue our mission and after three invasions, Varre will propose another bloody objective. We will have to find a maiden to "dye a cloth with her blood". The closest of hers is found north of Liurna, near the Great Elevator, in the Church of the Inhibition, and as we touch her body, the cloth will turn red. You also have another of these maidens in the chapel at the beginning of the game, you can transport to her from the four bell towers that you will find on the high ground to the left of the place of grace "sorcerer's island".

It only remains to return to the Church of the Rose and talk to Varre to get the pureblood knight medal. As we use it, he will transport us to Mohgwyn's Palace. Although this is a fairly dangerous area, it is also one of the best in the game to harvest runes, you can kill different simple enemies that will crowd and give you large amounts of runes, although there is a particularly effective method and in which you do not We will take no risk.

You will have to go to the southeast of the area, there you will find the second place of grace. You will have a large rock next to this place of grace that you must climb to shoot an arrow at a huge bird that is in the background, behind the trees on the cliff. It is important to attack from this specific point since it will not work from the cliff next to the rock.

As you attack the bird, it will launch into the void, giving you 11,000 runes. This area is right next to the place of grace, so you can repeat the process several times per minute, fattening your reserve of runes in a crazy way in a few minutes. This cheat can be used to increase many levels in a very short time, although remember that this could significantly change your gaming experience. That is why we do not recommend that you abuse it.