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Achilles Legends Untold walkthrough - game guide

 A detailed guide to all story missions and bosses in the game

Achilles Legends Untold walkthrough - game guide

At the beginning of the game, run forward along the coast and kill various enemies using LMB and RMB for light and heavy hits. Also, use the mouse wheel to lock onto the target. You can turn the wheel to switch between targets. Finally, the CTRL key allows you to set a block (raise the shield). Place a block and then counterattack enemies after their attacks. Hold Spacebar to run. Double-click Spacebar to roll.

Keep moving to the right, and after a few fights, go down the stairs by approaching them closely and pressing F. By pressing the G key, you can see where you should go on the quest.

War of honor

Soon you will find the first serious opponent, Hector. Block while fighting, but if you see a red exclamation mark above your head, roll, as such an attack cannot be blocked. Ideally, you should pin Hector in a corner. Attack when you see him move his shield to the side. It's pointless to hit the shield. Your health is automatically restored, so defeating the enemy will be quite easy. Roll over when Hector jumps up, trying to hit you from the air. Also, block when you hear Hector yelling Archers. After the victory, you will have an imaginary choice. Even if you do not confirm the murder of Hector, Achilles will kill him without your knowledge.

Go right and kill the enemy. Open the wooden gate by pressing F. Go down into the water and enter the narrow opening in the rock. Move through the city, killing enemies, among which an archer will appear. Use the shield to deflect their arrows. We'll have to run after the archers. Take your time, especially so that the enemies do not attack with the whole crowd. In the city, you will need to find and climb the stairs on the left. In the city itself, when you are asked to find the temple, there will be a difficult fight with two spearmen at once (yes, new enemies) and one archer. I recommend stretching this ligament and running back far away. Soon you will encounter Paris. You won't be able to win this fight, you can't try. It's intended for the story. You will meet Hades, who will say that Achilles is now forced to serve him.

A new beginning

Kill the skeleton and pick up the bag. Defeat the rest of the skeletons and interact with the Temple of Hades. Here you can improve Achilles, but so far nothing is available to you (not enough money). Press TAB and set up shortcut cells. So you can quickly use the selected items. Place potions there, if any - bombs. Collect resources by killing skeletons. Also, use collected souls to get more money. This is a mechanic from Souls-like games. Soon you will be able to buy the first upgrade for 549 souls.

To start, head forward or across the meadow and up the screen to find a small tower. Inside it lies a new weapon - a one-handed axe. Run across the marker, killing the skeletons. There will be a wooden shield in front of the bridge. Better than nothing! Keep moving, search every corner of the location and collect resources. Soon you will find enemy soldiers. It will be much more difficult with them, and the recently found shield will come in handy. Don't go too deep into other areas. Follow the marker and you will soon find the second Temple of Hades. If you can't interact with it, it means that an enemy is chasing you somewhere. You can easily figure it out if you run. If stamina is consumed, then "you are still in battle." When you find the wounded Caesar, go up to the left, up the mountain. There will be archers. You can drop the bomb. Search two chests. One of them contains a hoplite shield.

Get to the ruined village. Don't let the scorpions here scare you. They are slow and only attack in front of them. Follow the marker and kill the scorpion to talk to Fyrtos. On the bridge, you have to fight with Castor. Block with your shield, but be prepared to dodge if the enemy uses an unblockable attack. Castor also periodically pounces on you and knocks you down. Immediately press Space to roll when the character is on their feet.

Keep moving and go through the village with many soldiers. It is better not to go to the center. Move along the left side. There are many enemies in the center, including archers. In the basement on the left, there is a lion with a chest. Defeat the two lions at the end of the village and use the Temple of Hades. Keep moving and kill some more lions. On the left, there will be a cellar with a lone soldier and a sack. Go through the ruins with archers and search two chests at once. Continue following the marker. Don't deviate from the path. For example, after the stairs, you should not go to the right, as there will be many enemies there. Soon you will activate the next Temple of Hades. You can upgrade your character. When you run into huge locked doors, go to the left of them. From the wooden platform, go down the stairs, kill the enemies and pull the lever. Go back and find the slope to the right of the door. Climb up the slope kill all enemies and pull the second lever. Now you can enter inside the mountain.

Move forward without turning anywhere. The path down leads to additional enemies and some loot. So don't swerve. Soon the path will collapse. Go back a little and go down the slope in the same direction. After that, climb up the fallen loot pillar and save in the Temple of Hades. Turn left from the temple and walk along the pillar. Wait for the plates to connect and move on. Kill some skeletons and go left. Wait for other plates to connect. So you can move on. Jump from the top slab to the bottom one and run up the stairs. Soon you will reach Hephaestus. Talk to him. Press the R key and destroy the skeletons holding Hephaestus. Talk to him again and enter the portal.

Now go the other way, but go further where the game directs you. Kill the opponents you meet on the way. Among them will be two cyclops. The main thing - do not rush, or the enemies will surround you with a crowd. Defeat the monster with wings and enter the building. Move down the stairs. Kill the skeletons to the right of the steps and open the chest. Move to the left without turning anywhere. Kill skeletons and search different chests. And so to a dead end. Then go back a little and turn right up to the location with fog. Here you have to fight the king of skeletons. He will constantly summon small minions (regular skeletons), but you shouldn't have any serious problems eliminating them. When you kill, take the time to attack the boss. In addition, exploding jugs or incendiary pots are very effective in this battle. After the victory, search the chest on the right and enter the portal to get out. Get to the nearest temple and teleport closer to the forge. Choose any other, because walking is much more dangerous (there will be many soldiers, skeletons, and cyclops). After reaching the portal, move to the forge.

Traces of bygone days

You can use the Hephaestus shop to upgrade your equipment or buy items.

To be continued…