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All Elden Ring quests


All Elden Ring quests

Looking for a checklist of all the quests in Elden Ring? Between the lands are full of NPCs that serve as vessels for the many side quests in  Elden Ring. Of course, there is no traditional quest log in Elden Ring, so keeping track of these quests can be tricky. Some quests also have key steps that are easy to miss, or failure states and points of no return after which you can no longer complete the quest. If you have forgotten any of your goals, this detailed guide to Elden Ring side quests will help you complete all side quests and avoid mishaps.

All side quests in Elden Ring

Quest steps White Mask Varre

Varre is the first non-ghost NPC you'll encounter in Elden Ring. You may remember him as the guy who called you a noob before you even knew it. His quest grants a reusable Bloodfinger for  PvP re-invasions. He can also take you to the Mog Palace earlier if you so desire.

  • Speak with Varre when you first enter Limgrais.
  • After visiting the Round Table Fortress for the first time, talk to Varre again.
  • After getting the first Greater Rune, meet Varre a second time in the Rose Church and use the Festering Bloodfinger to invade the three players.
  • Take the Bloodlord's Favor to the Maiden's Corpse in the Church of the Forbidden.
  • Flip a blood-soaked favor to get a reusable Bloodfinger. Reload the area and talk to him again to get the Pureblood Knight's Medal, which you can use to teleport to  Mogwyn 's Palace.
  • Use the Summon Sign at the Midpoint Grace Mausoleum to summon Varre and defeat him.

Quest steps Bloody Finger Hunter Yura

Yura's quest is sort of a foil for Varra and gives  Crystal Tear, which you can use to counter the Mogu, the Bloodlord's boss fight mechanic. He also rewards all cosplayers of Darth Maul with a very cool red double blade. Meeting with Shabriri will instantly cancel Yura's quest, but you can still earn a tear and a double blade. We will cover this in detail below.

  • Approach the Darkwater Cavern to provoke an invasion by the Bloodfinger of Nerius. Yura will come to your aid. Be careful not to let Yura die as this will complete his quest.
  • Find Yura in Paradise Lukaria, then use the summon sign on the north bridge.
  • Find Yura again in the Second Church of Marika and talk to him to get the Nagakiba katana. Help him defeat Eleonara Bloodfinger to earn his rewards.
  • If you started Shabriri's quest and completed Yura's quest before reaching the Second Church of Marika, Eleonara Bloodfinger will invade you there. Defeating them rewards a tear and a double blade. You can also find Nagakiba at the last place where you saw Yura before meeting Shabriri. If you've never spoken to Yura, you'll find him in the underpass at the Murkwater Coast Grace Hotel.

Fixed quest steps

The patches are back from the Souls games and are up to no good once again. However, the end of his quest appears to be either buggy or incomplete. We will update this section if a fix is ​​found or fixed.

  • Defeat Patch in Murkwater Cave, but don't kill him or you'll end this quest prematurely.
  • Reload the area, then talk to him again and open his chest. Come back and forgive him.
  • Find him on a picturesque island, then again on Mount Gelmir near the First Camp on Mount Gelmir Grace. Follow his Rainbow Stone trail and he will push you off the cliff.
  • Find him again in Volcano Manor. Kill his target, then talk to Tanith. Return to the patches for a reward.
  • Meet Patch again at the Shadowed Castle, where he will give you the dancer's castonets and ask you to give them to Tanith. This currently has no known effect.

Sailor Bock quest steps

Seamstress Bok can change your main outfit after the first three steps of his quest. You can stop here or continue his quest to the end using the Golden Sewing Needle. It also allows Bok to modify certain legendary armors.

  • Find Bok disguised as a tree near the Darkwater Bridge. Hit the tree to break the disguise and talk to him.
  • Find Bok again in the Coastal Cave. Defeat the demihuman bosses to get tailoring tools and a sewing needle. Give them back to Bok.
  • Find Bok on the rocks overlooking the lake. He can now change base armor.
  • Meet Bock again at the East Raya Lucaria Grace Hotel. If you wish, ask Melina about Boke on the Grace website.
  • Find Bok again at Altus Highway Junction Grace.
  • Obtain a golden sewing needle from the Church of the Vows.
  • Find Bok once more in the eastern capital of Bastion Grace and give him the golden sewing needle. From here you have three options.
  • Option 1: Use the "You are beautiful" pate in front of Bock. If you do this, he will stay in that spot for the rest of the game. Select this option if you want him to alter more clothes.
  • Option 2: Give Bok a larval tear. He will move to Rennala's room and be reborn. After that, he will not be able to speak and will eventually die. This is where the quest ends.
  • Option 3: Do nothing. In the end, Bok will move to the doors of the Great Library of Paradise Lukaria. This option also completes Bok's quest.
  • After choosing the "You're Beautiful" route, burn Erdtree and return to Bok for further dialogue.

Blade's quest steps

Bladed Halfwolf is Ranny's servant, and his quest is closely linked to her quest. Starting the Ranni quest on Ranni's Rise skips the first few stages of the Bladed quest, so start early if you want the full experience.

  • Visit the Misty Forest in Limgrave East to hear the wolf howl. Return to Elleh Church and ask the merchant there about the howl to learn the click gesture.
  • Find Bladed in the Misty Forest Ruins. Use the click to make him jump down and talk to you.
  • Summon Bladed to the Abandoned Evergaol Hound in southern Limgrave and defeat the boss there. Reload the area and talk to him. If you've defeated the boss before then just talk to Bladed.
  • Speak to Ranny at Ranny's Rise, then speak to Bladed downstairs.
  • Meet Bladed in the Siofra River near the Spirit Spring Jump. Follow his instructions to find Sellene, talk to her, then return to Bladed.
  • Meet at Red-Mane Castle, then defeat Radan. After the fight, talk to Bladed near the new Grace.
  • Find Bladed, imprisoned by Iji in the Abandoned Hound of Evergaol.
  • After completing Ranni's quest, find Bladed at Ranni's Rise. He will turn on you and attack. Defeat him to get his sword and armor.

Stages of Sellen's quest

Sorceress Sellen sells great early game enchants and her quest rewards are great for intelligence-based builds. All sorcery spellcasters must complete this quest. The last step offers two options that reward either various parts of the caster's armor or an ancient dragon forgestone depending on your choice.

  • Meet Sellene in the basement of the waypoint ruins and talk to her there.
  • Acquire Azur's Comet magic from the Hermit Village on Mount Gelmir and return to Sellen.
  • Find Master Lusat in Sellia's Sanctuary.
  • Defeat Radan, then returns to Sellen again.
  • Meet her again in the Witchbane Ruins.
  • Return to Red-Mane Castle and find Jerren in the throne room. Talk to him there. Note that Jerren sometimes does not appear here, but this does not affect the quest. If Jerren is not in the castle, proceed to the next step.
  • Find Jerren in the Ruins of Witchbane and speak to him.
  • Find Sellen's body under the illusory floor between Ranny Rise and Renne Rise.
  • Use one of the two challenge signs outside of Lukaria's Paradise Grand Library to help or challenge Sellen.
  • If you helped Sellen, exhaust her dialogue to get the Eccentric Set and Glintstone Kris, then reload the area. Talk to her again, then return to the Hermit Village and Lusat to find the Shiny Azur Stone Set and the Lusat Set. The Shiny Witch Crown will be next to Sellen.
  • If you killed Sellen, you will receive the Witch's Glittering Crown and Sellen's Bell Tower. Talk to Jerren to receive the Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone. This option blocks you from Lusat and Azur sets.

Stages of Roderick's quest

Roderica's quest is mostly dialogue and requires talking to Roderica after certain breakpoints. This is a very important quest as it allows Roderica to upgrade  Spirit Ashes for you. It is possible to skip sections of Storm Hill by passing the castle, and this will not prevent Roderica from learning spirit attunement.

  • Find Roderica in the Storm Hills hut next to grace and exhaust her dialogue.
  • Find the Chrysalid Relic near Grace's Tower Tower and take it to Roderica at the Hut.
  • Meet Roderica again at Roundtable Keep after defeating  Godric or bypassing Stormvale Castle.
  • Speak to Roderica each time you return to the Round Table until she asks you to speak to Master Blacksmith Hugh on her behalf. Convince Hyuuga that he should help her learn Spirit Attunement, then speak to Roderica again.
  • Reload the Round Table to find Roderica across from Hyuga. She can now upgrade your Spirit Ashes.
  • Round table. This opens up further dialogue with both characters, but Master Hyug will never leave.

Stages of Alexander's Iron Fist quest

Alexander the Pitcher Warrior can help you through a couple of boss fights and will reward you with one of the best talismans in Elden Ring at the end of his journey. If you arrive at Castle Red-Mane before meeting Alexander in his first two locations, you will skip these steps, but the steps themselves have no reward and are not required.

  • (Optional) Find Alexander stranded in the ground in the eastern part of Storm Hill and free him.
  • (Optional) Meet Alexander at the Gael Tunnel in Caelida.
  • Speak with Alexander in the Tournament Court before facing Starscourge Radan at Castle Red-Mane.
  • Defeat Radan and speak to Alexander in Grace after the fight.
  • Find Alexander stuck in the ground on the rocks above Jarburg. Free it with the Oil Pot.
  • Meet again at the lava pool on the western edge of Mount Gelmir.
  • (Optional) Summon Alexander to help you fight the Molten Giant.
  • Meet Alexander at the Ruined Farum Azula where he will challenge you to a duel. Accept and defeat him to receive the Shard of Alexander Talisman and Alexander's Entrails, the latter of which you'll need for the Jar-Bairn quest.

Stages of the quest of the knight Bernal

Knight Bernal's quest is closely related to the iconic quest Tanith's Volcano Manor. Like the Tanith quest, you must complete this quest before killing Rijkaard. Bernal eventually rewards with the legendary weapons required for the achievement, so finishers should make sure to do that first. Defeating Malekith also canceled Bernal's quest, but this was fixed in patch 1.03.

  • Meet with Bernal at the Warmaster's Hut on Storm Hill and then again at Volcano Manor.
  • Complete the first two kills on Tanith, then speak to Bernal.
  • Help Bernal in his assassinations. Exhaust all his dialogues. If you want the War Ashes he sells, buy it now.
  • Bernal will invade you at the Shattering Farum Azul, in the opposite direction of Malekith's arena from Grace at the Great Bridge. Defeat him to get his armor, Devourer's Scepter and Blasphemous Claw.

Fia Quest Stages

Fii's quest is another long one and requires Cursed Deathmark from Ranny's quest to complete. The Roundtable Keep steps of this quest must also be completed before you burn down Erdtree, as Fia will automatically leave the Keep when you do so. Fia also kills D after you give D the dagger at the start of this quest, so complete D's quest first. Complete Fia's quest to unlock the  Age of Twilight ending . Our  Fia Quest Guide  covers this in more detail.

  • Ask Fiyu to hold you and get the blessing of Baldachin.
  • Ask Fiya to detain you again, then select "talk a secret". Fia will then give you a special dagger. In our testing, we were able to trigger this by reaching the Altus Plateau and asking for a few hugs in front of the Altus Plateau.
  • Give Dagger D in Round Table Hold.
  • Return to the hold to find Fia above Dee's body. Talk to her and she will disappear.
  • Find Phia in Deep Roots, defeat her guards and ask to be detained again.
  • Bring her the Death Curse Mark and defeat Lichdragon Fortisax.

D, Hunter of the Dead and Twin Brother Quest Stages D

D will help you get to the Beast Shrine and meet Beast Priest Gurrank. He also has a brother who helps complete Fii and Dee's quest lines. Of course, Fia kills D at the start of her quest, so make sure you complete the D quest steps before then.

  • Meet up with D either on the east side of Stormhill or Round Table Keep.
  • Obtain the Deathroot (the fastest way is to defeat Tibia the Sailor in Summonwater Village) and show it to D. He will mark the teleport to the Beastshrine on your map.
  • Take the teleporter and talk to Gurrank. Go back to D and choose "yes" in his dialogue.
  • Take the dagger to Fia to D. The next time you enter Round Table Fortress, D will be dead. Take his Bell Bearing and Twinned Armor Set.
  • Find Twin Brother D near the Valiant Gargoyle arena in Knocron and give him the D Armor.
  • After defeating Dragonlich Fortissax and completing Fia's quest chain, reset her area in Deeproot Depths to find Brother D and talk to him. Reload the area again to get Double Armor and Indivisible Sword.

Quest steps Gurrank, the Beast Priest

You will meet Gurrank for the first time during quest D and you can feed him with your Deathroot. For every Death Root you feed to Gurrank, you will receive a Weapon or Beast Spell. The ninth and final Death Root rewards the Ancient Dragon Forgestone.

When you feed Gurrank the fourth death root, he will attack you the next time you return. Deal enough damage and he will submit. You can talk to him to continue the quest, or kill him to immediately get the Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone, skipping all other rewards.

Stages of the quest Diallos Hoslow

Diallos Hoslow presents a particularly tragic quest, at the end of which you will receive a very cool weapon. His quest is closely related to Jar-Burn's quest, which we'll talk about next. Be sure to talk to him in Volcano Manor before killing  Rijkaard , who sends all Volcano Manor NPCs away from the Manor.

  • Meet Diallos for the first time in a round table hold.
  • Find him standing over his murdered sister just north of Grace Academy Gate.
  • Return to the hold of the Round Table and talk to him again.
  • Find Diallos in the Volcano Manor Lounge and talk to him.
  • Kill Rijkaard (this may cancel all other quest chains in Volcano Manor, so complete them first).
  • Complete Jar-Burn's quest until Diallos appears in Jarburg. Talk to him there.
  • Exhaust the Diallos and Jar-Burn dialogue and then reload Jarburg. You will find a mortally wounded Diallos. Talk to him, after which he will die.
  • Reload the area again to find Hoslow's Petal Whip and Diallos' mask where his body once was.

Ensh quest steps

Enshi's quest is as short and enjoyable as can be, befitting the lack of dialogue. The quest rewards you with the Ensha's Royal Remains armor set and the Clinging Bone weapon.

  • Attempt to talk to Ensha in Round Table mode to get the "What do you want" emote.
  • Find the right half of Haligtree's Secret Medallion in Albinauric Village.
  • The next time you visit Round Table Fortress, Ensha will invade you. Defeat them to get Clinging Bone.
  • Find the Armor of the Royal Remains where Ensha once stood in Round Table Keep.

Stages of the Nepheli Loux quest

Nefeli Lux's quest is one of the few ways to get an ancient dragon's smithing stone, so it's worth doing. However, there is another point of no return in this quest that is worth paying attention to. You MUST complete Nefeli's quest before defeating Malekith in Crashing Farum Azul or she won't spawn in the last step. Also, if you give her Seluvis' potion, her quest will fail.

  • Meet Nefeli at Stormvale Castle and speak with her.
  • (Optional) Summon her to help you fight Godric the grafted.
  • Talk to her in the lobby of the Round Table.
  • Meet again in the Albinauric Village and defeat the boss there.
  • Find Nefeli in the basement of the Round Table Keep and talk to her again.
  • (Optional) Give the potion to Nepheli Seluvis by completing the quest here.
  • If you haven't already, follow Roderica's quest until she can upgrade Spirit Ashes in Round Table Keep.
  • Find the Lighthawk King key item in the Chapel of Anticipation (accessed via the top teleporter on the Four Bell Towers in Liurnia) and bring it to Nepheli.
  • If you haven't already, follow Kenneth Haight's quest until he returns to Fort Haight.
  • If you haven't already, defeat Morgoth in Leindell.
  • Go to the Stormvale Throne Room north of Godric's Arena to find Nepheli and Kenneth there. Talk to them to get the Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.

Kenneth Haight Quest Stages

Luckily, Kenneth's quest has only a few steps. While Kenneth's own quest is rather useless, as befits his defiantly chic nature, it is required to complete Nefeli's quest and obtain the Ancient Dragon Forge Stone.

  • Meet Kenneth Haight near Saintsbridge in Limgrave. You will hear him calling for help on the bridge.
  • Clear Fort Haight of enemies. Return to Kenneth and inform him that you have obtained the Erdsteel dagger.
  • Return to Fort Haight, which has been recaptured. Talk to Kenneth on the walls.
  • Meet up with Kenneth and Nefeli at Stormvale Castle at the end of Nefeli's quest.

Stages of the Wizard Rogier quest

The quest of the sorcerer Rogier is rather strange. The quest itself has a small reward. However, it has exciting implications for the story and ties in with extra steps in Fiya and Dee's quest lines. These steps are optional and can be completed even without interacting with Rohyr, but he will help point you in the right direction. The later steps will also require you to talk to Ranny. If you meet Ranny before you reach these Rogier quest steps, Rogier's quest will stop progressing, so be sure to do it earlier if you're interested. If you want to see Fii's dialogue in the optional step, you also need to complete it before she leaves the hold of the round table.

  • Meet with Rohyr at Stormveil Castle and then again at Round Table Keep.
  • Find and defeat the Deviant Tree Spirit below Stormvale Castle. Activate the bloodstain in front of the rotten face nearby.
  • Talk to Rogier again in the Round Table.
  • (Optional) Ask Fiya to hold you up, select "Talk a Secret" and exhaust her dialogue. She will mark the Black Knife Catacombs on your map.
  • Find the Black Knife Imprint in the Black Knife Catacombs. Take it to Rogier in the hold of the Round Table.
  • Talk to Ranni, who will reject you. Talk to Roger again. Return to Ranny and enter her service. Now you can safely start looking for her.
  • Return to Rogier, who will tell you that he is about to fall into a deep sleep. Reload the area to find him sleeping. Go for a while before reloading again to find Rogier's armor set, Bell Bearing, and a letter. This letter reveals the whereabouts of Brother D.

Quest steps Brother Korin and the Golden Mask

Brother Korin and Goldmask's quest leads to the end of the Age of Order. However, you must complete all but the last step before killing Malekith or the quest will not continue. If you're interested in this ending, be sure to complete this quest first.

  • Speak with Korkhin at the Round Table Keep after reaching the Altus Plateau.
  • Find the Golden Mask west of Windmill Village. Meet Korkhin north of the Altus Highway Grace junction and tell him where the Golden Mask is.
  • Meet the couple at the Goldmask location.
  • Find the duo near the Colosseum in Leindell. Solve their riddle by applying the Law of Regression to the message west of Erdtree Sanctuary.
  • Meet up with the couple once again at the Stargazer Ruins.
  • Kill Malekith, then meet with the Golden Mask near the Colosseum in Leindell, Ash Capital to receive the Restoring Rune of Perfect Order. Find Korin near the giant spear and talk to him. Reload the area to find his bell and robe.

Quest steps

Witchcraft merchant Tops has a very cool questline that rewards the Erudite gesture. It may seem insignificant, but this gesture is actually required to solve several tower puzzles in the world of Elden Ring. Be sure to knock this out if you want to solve all the tower puzzles.

  • Meet Tops at Irit's Church.
  • Find the first Shiny Stone Key in Liurnia and enter Raya Lukaria.
  • Find the second Glintstone Key in Raya Lucaria, in the Cuckoo Rafter Church.
  • Take the second key to Tops. He will teach you the Gesture of Erudite.
  • Find Tops' corpse near Grace's classroom in Raya Lukaria to retrieve his Bell.

Stages of Hyett's quest

Hietta's quest pushes the player towards the "Three Fingers" and "Raging Flame" endings. You will need to deliver grapes to her in four different locations. If you acquire the Flame, Melina will leave you and Hetta will replace her as your girlfriend.

  • Meet Hietta at the Grace Rocks restaurant overlooking the lake and give her the Chabriry grape.
  • Find her again in the Cleansed Ruins and give her another Shabriri Grape.
  • Find her at Town Bridge Grace Gate and give her another Chabriry grape. Choose to tell her what Grapes are actually in her options. Reload the area and exhaust one more round of dialogue.
  • Bring her fingerprinted grapes at Bellum Church.
  • Find Three Fingers under Leindell and talk to her after getting the Flame to get the Seal of Raging Flames. Melina will leave you and Hetta will be your girlfriend.

Quest steps Latenna Albinavrik

Latenna's quest will help you find the secret pieces of the Haligtri medallion you'll need to access the Hallowed Snowfield and Mikella's Haligtri region. It's entirely possible to get both parts of the medallion without even meeting Latena. However, her quest rewards the extremely rare Grim Ancient Dragon Forge Stone, so we highly recommend doing it. You can complete the first two steps of Latenna's quest in any order.

At some point in the game, Latenna will disappear from the Slumbering Wolf Hut, whether you've spoken to her or not. If this happens, you won't be able to start her quest. As far as we can tell from player reports and our own testing, she will disappear if you clear Sol Castle and get the left half of Haligtree's medallion before meeting her. We recommend doing the first two steps of this quest once you get to Liurnia to be on the safe side.

  • Clear the Lakeside Crystal Cave dungeon and exit through the back to find Latenna in the Slumbering Wolf Hut. Talk to her there.
  • Find Albus hidden inside an illusory pot in Albinauric Village to get the first half of the Haligtri medallion.
  • Talk to Latenna again after you have acquired the medallion piece to receive Latenna's Ashes.
  • Reach the Giant Peaks, where Latenna's voice will direct you north to Sol Castle.
  • Defeat Commander Niall in Sol Castle to find the other half of the Haligtri medallion in the tower behind him.
  • Select "Join Secret Medallion" on Rold's Grand Elevator to enter the Hallowed Snowfield.
  • Find the Abandoned Church of the Apostates in the far northwest corner of the Hallowed Snowfield. Interact with the giant female albinaur to summon Latenna. Exhaust her dialogue to get the Grim Ancient Dragon Forge Stone.

Stages of the quest Rya/Zoraya

Ria's quest has an unusually high number of failure states, some of which affect the associated Boggart quest. You must definitely meet Ria in Liurnia before visiting Volcano Manor, otherwise you will instantly fail both quests. Then you must complete all the steps of the Volcano Manor before killing Rijkaard. However, you must also acquire the Tonic of Oblivion before completing Tanith's third and final kill. Be especially careful with this quest.

  • MANDATORY: Meet Ria in Liurnia of the Lake and talk to her.
  • Buy Rhia's Necklace from the Boggart and bring it to her.
  • Meet at Lux Ruins on the Altus Plateau to teleport to Volcano Manor.
  • Join Tanith's cult and talk to Rhya. Find her again in the form of a snake deeper inside. Reload the area to find her human form again.
  • Get to Grace City Prison Church, then return to Rya. Defeat the Godskin Noble and collect the Serpentine Amnion. Give it to Ryo.
  • Find her again in the Legacy Dungeon. You can either kill her by giving the Tonic of Oblivion, or kill Rijkaard and then return.

Stages of the Blackguard Big Boggart quest

The Big Boggart's Blackguard quest is linked to Rya's quest and can eventually award an additional Seedbed Curse for the Dung Eater. However, you won't get the garden bed if you activate the Dung Eater's Invasion before the Boggart arrives. As mentioned in the Riya section, you must also talk to Riya in Liurnia to start this quest.

  • Buy Riya's necklace and bring it back to Rya.
  • Buy Boiled Shrimp from Boggart, then talk to him again.
  • The Boggart then travels to Leindell's outer moat, where you can speak to him for additional dialogue about the Dung Eater. Return once you free the Dung Eater to instigate an invasion and earn the Curse of the Seedbed. This will kill the Boggart and you will lose access to his shop.

Stages of Jar-Burn's quest

Jar-Bairn is a friendly jar that helps complete Diallos and Alexander's quests. Its rewards aren't the best, but the quest is simple and well worth doing for the sake of completing and having a nice dialog with the jar.

  • Find Jar-Bern in Jarburg. It has several dialogue stages that require the area to be reloaded in order to progress. Do this until he stops giving new dialogue.
  • Complete the Diallos quest line until he arrives in Jarburg. Talk to Diallos and Jar-Bairn until you run out of their dialogue.
  • Reload and talk to Jar-Bairn after Diallos is wounded. Talk to both of them again.
  • Complete Alexander's quest if you haven't already.
  • Return to Jarburg and give Jar-Bern Alexander's Entrails.
  • Reload again to find the Companion Vessel Talisman where Jar-Bairn once sat.

Stages of Ranni's quest

Ranny's Quest is one of the longest and most difficult, so use our Ranny's Quest Guide to get the full rundown. We will follow the basic steps below so you can complete the Age of Stars. Keep in mind that starting Ranny's quest ends Rogier's quest. If you want to fully complete his quest chain, you will have to complete it first.

  • Meet Ranni at Ranni's Rise, northwest of Caria Manor.
  • Defeat  Radan to gain access to Nokron. Head down to Nocron to find the Fingerblade.
  • Take the blade to Ranny to get the upside down statue. Use the statue in the Carian Training Hall to gain access to the Divine Tower of Lyurnia and obtain Cursed Deathmark.
  • Return to Ranni's Rise to find a new Grace at the top. Follow his directions to Renna's Rise and use the teleport there to get to the Ainsel River. Take the Ranny doll in front of you.
  • Journey across the river Einsel and Noxtella to the basin of the Noxtella waterfall. Choose "talk to Ranny" in Grace until she acknowledges your insistence and talks to you.
  • Defeat the Doomshade behind the Falls Hollow to get the key to Ranni.
  • Visit the Great Library of Paradise Lucaria (Rennala's old arena  )  and use the key to open the locked chest. Take the ring inside.
  • Cross the Lake of Rot and use the coffin in the temple.
  • Defeat Astel, Netherborn.
  • Climb up to the Moonlight Altar to find Ranni under the church.

Stages of the quest mentor Seluvis

Mentor Seluvis is a scheming old weirdo whose adventures have more ramifications than most. In his questline, there is even an option to betray Ranny and complete her quest. However, you can use Heavenly Dew in the Church of Promises to receive absolution and renew your search for it if you wish. Ranny's quest also contains a point of no return, which ends Seluvis's quest. Once you deliver the Fingerbreaker Blade to Ranny, Seluvis will die and his quest will be completed. Absolution can't undo it.

  • Meet the ethereal Seluvis at Ranni's Rise after talking to Ranni.
  • Travel south to the Seluvis Rise to find the real Seluvis and get the Seluvis Potion. You can either give the potion to Nefeli Lux to poison her, give it to Gideon Ofnir, or use it to poison the Dung Eater. Your choice does not affect the next step.
  • Find Seluvis' secret room in the ruins near Ranni's Rise and read the message there.
  • Talk to Seluvis and buy all of his enchantments, as well as at least one doll ash.
  • Find Amber Starlight in the Altus Plateau and bring it to Seluvis. Deliver the Amber Drink to Ranny.

Stages of the quest Millicent

Millicent's quest rewards some great talismans and the Grim Ancient Dragon Forge Stone, so it's well worth the effort. This is also necessary if you want to remove the Flame of Frenzy and choose a different ending after getting the Flame. Be very careful in the latter stages, as it is possible to jump and land on the wounded Millicent inside the Haligtree, killing her and completing the quest.

  • Defeat Commander O'Neill in the Aeonian Swamps to receive a Pure Golden Needle.
  • Talk to Gauri at his hut south of Sellia. Solve Sellia's riddle to get up the hill to the Plague Church.
  • Talk to Millicent and give her the needle. Reload the area and talk to her again after she recovers.
  • Find Millicent in Gauri's shack and talk to her.
  • Talk to her again at Erdtree's Grace Looking up the Hill.
  • Defeat the Apostle of the Skin of the Gods in Dominul, Windmill Village. Reload the area and talk to her near Grace.
  • (Optional) Call Millicent to help against the Dragon Tree Guardian.
  • Find Millicent again in the ancient ruins of the Snowy Vale of Grace atop the Giant Mountains.
  • Meet her again at Grace's Prayer Room in Haligtree.
  • Defeat the rotten tree spirit inside the tree. Reload the area and use the "Help Millicent" or "Call Millicent" call sign (help is recommended). Reload the area again and talk to Millicent. Be very careful not to jump down and land on her, which will kill her and fail the quest.
  • Take Millicent's Needle to Malenia's arena after  defeating Malenia  and use it on the flower to obtain Mikella's Needle and Ancient Grim Dragon Smithing Stone.
  • (Optional) Use Mikella's Needle in the Dragonlord Placidusax arena to remove the Frenzy Flame.

Stages of Gowry's quest

Gauri's quest is functionally a continuation of Millicent's quest. He will help you find her when you first get to Sellia, and his shop will expand as you progress through Millicent's quest. Be careful of the giant dog near Gowri's hut; if you get his aggro too close, he can unintentionally kill Gauri.

  • Find Gauri in his hut south of Sellia.
  • Get him a clean needle from Commander O'Neill.
  • Find the Corrupting Threads spell added to Gauri's shop after you gave Millicent the Valkyrie Prosthetic.
  • Advance Millicent's quest to the summon or help step. Talk to Gauri, who will ask you to kill Millicent.
  • If you challenge and kill Millicent, you'll find the Canvas Talisman of the Pack and Gauri's Bell Bearing in his hut.
  • If you help Millicent, you can talk to Gauri for additional dialogue and then kill him to get the same rewards.

Stages of the Tanit quest

Tanith hands out assassination quests for Rijkaard's Volcano Manor cult. They reward with unique weapons and spells, but you will need to complete them before killing Rijkaard. After defeating Rijkaard, you will immediately proceed to the last step of the Tanith quest chain, including all previous rewards.

  • Speak with Tanith at Volcano Manor. Use the living room key to access the living room. Talk to the NPC here and then take the letter from the table to determine your first target.
  • Invade and kill Old Knight Istvan. Return to Tanith, then find the next target in the living room.
  • Invade and kill Riley the Loafer. Go back one more time to find the last target.
  • Invade and kill Juno Hoslow. Go back and talk to Tanith, who will teleport you to Rijkaard's arena. Kill Rickard. Return to Tanith again.
  • Return to Rijkaard's arena and see Tanith eating his head. Kill her to call her bodyguard. Kill him to get the spell Furnace Aspect: Breath.

Stages of the quest Dung Eater

The Hated Dung Eater's quest sets one of the "bad"  endings of Elden Ring. We have a complete guide to The Dung Eater quest and The Curse of the Seedbed locations if you need an exhaustive rundown, but we'll sum it up here. Please note that Leyndell Seedbed Curses will not be present in Leyndell, Ashen Capital. You must obtain them before defeating Malekith.

  • Meet the ghost of the Dung Eater at the Round Table Keep.
  • Find the Seedbed Curse and show it to the Phantom to receive the Sver-Gaol Key.
  • Use the key to find the real body of the Dung Eater in the Underground.
  • Summon and defeat his phantom in the Outer Moat.
  • Talk to the phantom in the Round Table again.
  • (Optional) Visit the Leindell Moat to provoke an invasion. This is an additional way to earn additional Seedbed Curse through the Boggart quest. This will kill the Boggart and you will lose access to his shop.
  • Take five Curses of the Seedbed to the Dung Eater in the Underground Paradise Lands for a Fallen Curse Healing Rune.
  • Reload the area to find his armor set Omen.

Stages of Shabriri's quest

Shabriri is another Raging Flame agent who took over Yura's body. Once you get to the first location of Shabriri, Yura will disappear forever. Be sure to avoid this if you want to complete Yura's quest chain.

  • Speak with Shabriri at the Ruins of Zamour atop the Mountains of the Giants. Do not enter the Mountain Peaks if you want to complete Yura's quest.
  • Shabriri will tell you where to find the Three Fingers for the Lord of the Raging Flame ending. If you acquire the Flame, you will find Ronin Sharbiri and Yura's armor where Shabriri once stood. If you don't want to purchase the Flame, you can kill Shabriri without consequences and take the armor.

That's every quest in Elden Ring! If you want to perform a final run and avoid failures, you will need to follow each step very carefully in order. Finishers will also hunt down each boss, so use our complete list of  Elden Ring boss locations to find them all. You'll need a good build to pull this off, so check out our roundup  of the best Elden Ring builds to get some ideas.