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Arsenal code in Dread Hunger: How to open the door?

 Do you want to know what the ship armory door code is in Dread Hunger? Here we explain the method to open this room in each game and what is inside.

Arsenal code in Dread Hunger: How to open the door?

Dread Hunger's ship has several rooms, but without a doubt, the one that raises the most questions among new players is the armory, a room that is locked tight by a door with a lock that requires a code.

If you are also wondering what is the code that opens the ship's arsenal or what is inside it, don't worry, we will clarify these questions for you in this entry of our complete guide.

How to get the code to open the armory door?

The locked door to the ship's armory in Dread Hunger is below deck and requires a 6-digit code to be entered into a golden lock to open. This door is always locked at the start of all games and you should know that there is no single valid code to unlock it.

That is, the code that opens the arsenal varies and is random in each new game. To get the code that opens the armory door you must know the following:

  • You have to gather a series of sheets or pages that are scattered throughout the scenarios.
  • These parts of the code can be found inside chests, crates, and even on the bodies of dead animals or skeletons.
  • The code pieces are randomly scattered around the ship and throughout the wilderness area of ​​the map, you are playing on.
  • Therefore, to get the door code you will have to explore for these pages.
  • The problem is that each player can only find part of the code, so everyone must work together to find the complete code set (if there are 8 players in the game there will be two more duplicate code pages).
It should be noted that once you find a part of the arsenal code, you have to click on the page to obtain that part of the code. The page will not be stored in your inventory, instead, you will briefly see two numbers on the screen, as in this example:

Each part of the code is always displayed with two numbers separated by a hyphen. The first number represents the position in the door lock and the second is the number to enter in the padlock. That is, for you to understand if you get a code that says "3-4", it means that in the third row of the door lock you must place the number 4.

In any case, luckily you do not need to remember or write down this code anywhere. The game will remember for you. When you return to the ship and stand in front of the lock you will see the number that you have to put on top of the corresponding row, simply interact with the slot to rotate the numbers until you have the one you know is correct. The other players will have to do the same with their parts of the code in order to open the door.

What's inside the ship's armory?

Once players have worked together and each found a part of the armory code, they will be able to open the door after entering all 6 digits correctly. Inside this ship, the room is an assortment of weapons and ammunition for all players (including Subdued ).

As a special mention, it should be added that the muskets are found in the arsenal, an exclusive weapon of this room and that cannot be obtained anywhere else or manufactured at a workbench. For many, it is the best weapon in the game as it has great firepower and is deadly even at long ranges, so unlocking access to the arsenal can be crucial for one side or the other to win the game.