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Best mods for SnowRunner


Best mods for SnowRunner

Over the years since the release of SnowRunner, the fan community has released many different modifications: from vehicles and add-ons to full-fledged regions. We have collected the best of them in this article. If "just" a realistic driving simulator for heavy equipment in adverse conditions is not enough for you, welcome!

Availability of SnowRunner mods for PC and consoles

The game is available on all current platforms, but the ability to use mods depends on the specific device:

  • PC (EGS, Steam) - mods are distributed freely, you can install them through the game or on your own, both official and unofficial options are available. This article is mainly focused on this platform.
  • PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch - the developers themselves choose mods and first send them to the platform holder for verification, and then publish them. Only official mods are available, you can not install something third-party. We also cannot guarantee that the installed mods will always be available, they can be removed due to a lack of updates.
Availability of SnowRunner mods for PC and consoles

As of spring 2022, SnowRunner is still not using the Steam Workshop platform for mods. Instead, Focus Home Interactive has partnered with, all mods can be found at On the PC, it remains possible to directly install mods in the game folder, which we will discuss later.

How to install a mod for SnowRunner?

An internet connection is required to add mods to SnowRunner and use them. In 2022, the developers stepped up the fight against "pirates" and made it more difficult to install mods: the game now compares the contents of files with data on servers.

  • The process of installing mods is identical, but do not forget that on consoles the choice is limited:
  • A account is required (it can also be created in the game by simply providing an email);
  • Open the "Mods" section and login with the account (internet connection required);
  • Now, by opening this menu, you can watch, download and manage mods;
  • Select the mods you want, and click on the "Subscribe" button, and they will be downloaded immediately, but installed and ready the next time you start SnowRunner.
  • The next time you start, do not forget to go to the "Mods" section again and enable/disable the necessary/unnecessary mods.
To speed up the mod process, it's best to look at beforehand, and then find them by searching, since the game only shows 9 pieces at a time.

If mods are constantly downloaded, but never appear in the game:
  • on a PC, find the save folder, go to your profile folder and delete the folder from there. Then install them again.
  • on consoles, first, unsubscribe all mods, then reinstall the game and redownload the mods.
Now you can go to the garage and buy new vehicles, additions to it, or go to a new location. Vehicles and their add-ons usually need to be purchased from the store and are marked with the mod label. After purchasing a vehicle, you can customize its characteristics, appearance, shape, and so on, as with any other car.

There is still a way to directly install mods, bypassing When it will be removed and how our instruction will be useful in the future, it is difficult to say. Procedure:
  • In the Windows system folder with documents (usually C:\Documents\ ) find the folder "My Games" (My Games), in it the folder with the game (SnowRunner), and then follow the path base => Mods => .modio.
  • In the destination folder (.modio), create a text file (in Notepad) with the following content { "access_token": } and save it as authentication.json.
  • Create a new account (in case the main one is blocked).
  • In your profile on, open the "API Access" section, then "API Key Management", agree to the terms, and open the "Create Access Token" section, in which you select "Create Token".
  • Copy the token and paste it into authentication.json right after "access_token" with a space after the colon (see example): { "access_token": "qwertyuiopasdfghjkl" }.
  • Select the desired mod and download it. On the mod page on the site, write down the mod number (mod ID), for example, 123456, and its name. Unzip the files using WinRAR or 7zip.
  • There is a mods folder in the .modio folder, open it (if it suddenly doesn't exist, create it yourself).
  • In the mods folder create a new folder and give it a mod ID like 123456.
  • Copy the contents of the mod (except console files) to the mod ID folder you created earlier.
  • Now you need to create a modio.json text file, it is not in the archive folder. In this file, enter the number (id) and name (name) of the mod that you wrote down earlier, for example: {"id": 123456, "name": "Custom vehicle mod"}.
  • In the future, copy this file and place it in folders with other mods, not forgetting to edit the parameter values ​​(you can always take them on the mod page).

To activate the mod when the "View Mods" menu item is inactive, you need to turn off the Internet, start the game, load the last game session, then exit back to the "Main Menu". After these steps, the "View modifications" item should become active. We go into this menu: if everything is done correctly, the installed mod will appear in the list, you just need to turn it on.

If you installed a mod with a map, then after activation you need to perform a couple more steps. We go to the "New Game" menu section, select "Custom scenarios", select the installed map by clicking on it and click on the "Select" button. A list of saved games will open, where you need to select a slot for a new card. Now you can play. If a communication error message appears, ignore it.

How to create and upload your mod

To create a mod and distribute it to the community, you need an account for the website and authorization in the game.

To get to the in-game editor, first open the menu of downloaded mods, press "Space" or click on the "More" button. Next, the game will suggest the area where you will create a car. It is best to choose a summer card.

Here's your edit menu, top right. At this stage, you can create the simplest modifications by playing with the vehicle settings.

  • To create complex modifications, check out the following guides:
  • a detailed guide to creating modifications from developers in English
  • newer ultimate fan mod guide in English ;
  • a visual editor of game XML-files ( program ), which does not require manual intervention in the code and offers great functionality;
  • guide on how to release and maintain your mod on consoles.
The created mods go to the My Documents\MyGames\SnowRunner\base\Mods\ directory, and you can recognize them by the name you give in the game constructor. They are immediately packed into a zip archive, so all that remains is to go to the website and click the "Add mod" button. Try to add a couple of images and a detailed description of your mod. You can also set its visibility (private or public).

How to play with mods in co-op and crossplay?

SnowRunner mods can be used in online co-ops. Moreover, this feature works both within the same platform and between platforms, that is, SnowRunner has cross-play with mods.

First, let's explain how to play co-op with mods:

  • the host (session organizer) must have a static IP address (the service is purchased from an Internet provider) so that other players can connect to it without problems;
  • all participants must be subscribed to the same mods in the modification selection menu - in the search you need to check the box "Network" (Multiplayer);
  • in addition, the list of activated mods must match. Sometimes someone forgets to turn on an already installed mod, and the connection fails. We also remind you that after installation, the mod is connected the next time you start the game and it still needs to be activated. A set of mods with these settings must match for all players;
  • if the installed mods of the participants do not match, then a message will appear before connecting, warning about this. The game will offer to download the missing modifications, and this will happen automatically, you just need to agree. You can check which mods are installed in the same modifications menu by setting the filter "Only subscriptions to modifications";
  • it is best to decide in advance on the list of mods and start a new game. The host will have to go through a new game to the first garage, after which the co-op is unlocked in the session. In an already modified session, problems may arise in the future due to a change in the list of mods.
Now about how to play crossplay co-op with mods:
  • still need a static IP address on the session host;
  • go to the settings, turn on the "cross-platform mode";
  • together with other players, we activate/install mods that are available on the platforms of all participants (certain difficulties may arise here, it is advisable to check the mods in advance);
  • the host creates a session and after loading, while in the garage, presses Esc. In the menu that appears, select "Group Management";
  • in the menu that appears, finds the line "Key of the cross-platform game" and informs the key to all participants.

Best SnowRunner Mods - Technique

Best SnowRunner Mods - Technique

Kaizen World Roamer is a powerful pickup truck, ideal for off-road, transportation of small loads (various trunks are supported), and exploration of the territory. Pumping is long and at “maximum speed” the car will become much cooler.

The Squarebody Dually

The Squarebody Dually is another powerful pickup, albeit one that looks outdated. This model has enough interior and exterior modifications, very powerful characteristics, an abundance of different upgrades, including a ground clearance increase for the best passage through swamps and lowlands, and several trunk options.

2020 Roamer

The 2020 Roamer is a pickup truck suitable for extreme off-roading that turns almost into a monster truck at its maximum level. You will be pleased with the great opportunities for customization and several options for the trunk. But best of all, this machine is suitable for reconnaissance of the territory.

Vincenzo Galaxy

The Vincenzo Galaxy is a sports car based on the famous Lancia Stratos rally car. It is possible to install modifications that will make it more suitable for problematic sections of asphalt roads on SnowRunner maps while maintaining acceleration and speed.

GGMS Lupus

GGMS Lupus is a modern rally car with the ability to drift. Modifications will make it sportier or more suitable for off-road use. A huge number of changes in appearance and a very detailed interior. Don't pass by.

The CCM 71 Plymouth Satellite

The CCM 71 Plymouth Satellite and Stuttgart 9110 "Safari" are replicas of the 1971 Plymouth Satellite and Porsche 911, famous for their daring looks, respectively. Small improvements will make them more suitable for problematic paved areas but stay away from off-road.

GAZ-21 "Volga"

GAZ-21 "Volga" is a cult car from the USSR, which can be either a rare taxi or a suitable SUV. Modifications for appearance and performance are in abundance. Looks especially good on "Soviet"

The Trail-Rod

The Trail-Rod is a nice off-road vehicle with a huge number of improvements and appearance changes, capable of driving at speed through any obstacles in its path. The perfect scout.


The Marauder is a retro-futuristic, six-wheeled vehicle that can do a lot. Low and high saddle allows you to pull both trailers and entire platforms behind you! And a cool look!


The RNG MPV is a paramilitary armored vehicle capable of pulling trailers with payloads, launching drones (the best embodiment of radar), and overcoming any obstacles at high speed. We also recommend other mods by RNG, he knows his stuff.

Azov 73210 "Kikimora"

Azov 73210 "Kikimora" is a redesigned version of the original truck with improved handling, physics, range, many useful additions for cargo transportation, new skins, and appearance details. And without that, wonderful transport has become even better.

Tayga 6455B "Wolverine"

Tayga 6455B "Wolverine" - a slightly twisted and modified version of the regular "Tayga" 6455. Dual tires for slurry, folding platform, awning, several new colors, and bumpers.

To be continued