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Cannibalism in Dread Hunger: How does it work? Advantages and cons

 We explain how the cannibalism mechanic in Dread Hunger works, what its pros and cons are, and how you can experience it during games.

Cannibalism in Dread Hunger: How does it work? Advantages and cons

Dread Hunger is a game of survival and social deduction in which to win the games you have to take into account such curious mechanics as the possibility of ending up falling into the clutches of cannibalism. Yes, our character can be a cannibal (not to be confused with the hostile creatures of this type that can be summoned by the subjugated ).

In this entry of our complete guide, we are going to explain how the cannibalism system works in Dread Hunger, what types of advantages and disadvantages it provides, and much more so that you know what to expect.

How to become a cannibal?

Before talking about the pros and cons of cannibalism in Dread Hunger, it is necessary to clarify how you can become a cannibal :

  • Basically, the cannibal state occurs if you eat raw human meat during a match.
  • You will know that the cannibal status has been activated on your character because the hunger icon in the bottom left of the screen changes to a hand.
  • Cannibalism only has a serious impact on you if you're playing on the scout side (since subdued you could say it's on by default).
  • Raw human meat can be obtained by looting cannibal bodies, corpses, or even a companion who has died.
Raw human meat is fairly easy to find, but keep in mind that since it's not cooked in a campfire, eating it always turns you into a cannibal (there's no physical change to your character, so you can't be mistaken for a hostile cannibal). ).

      Advantages of cannibalism

        Actually ending up as a cannibal in Dread Hunger has no noticeable advantages. Depending on which side you play, of course.

        • If you are a submissive: you can eat as much raw human meat as you want and it will never affect you in any negative way.
        • On the contrary, if you are an explorer: you should know that the only thing that raw human meat is good for is to recover 10% of the hunger indicator.
        Since raw human meat is plentiful in games, it can be an option for survival if you're starving and can't eat anything else quickly, but eating this type of meat should be relegated to extreme situations where you have no choice (or in the last case try to leave it for the final bars of the game). Why? Well, because being a cannibal is more dangerous than beneficial in every way.

        Cons and Disadvantages of Cannibalism

        We have already clarified that cannibalism in Dread Hunger if you play on the side of the subdued does not have any cons. But for the characters of the side of the explorers there is a very clear disadvantage :

        • Becoming a cannibal means that the rest of the consumable food in the game will no longer benefit you in the same way.
        • That is, any food other than raw human meat will have less of an effect on your character and therefore be more likely to starve to death in the long run.
        On the other hand, it is worth mentioning an important and social detail. Any character who eats raw human flesh is suspected of being submissive in the eyes of others. This is so because the subjects do not suffer the negative effects of this type of meat, therefore, they can eat as much as they want. A scout shouldn't eat it, but if he does, he'll be forced to keep eating it throughout the game, which may raise questions from your teammates.

        If others see you eating raw human meat they may believe that you are actually a submissive. Even if you're not and try to justify yourself, it's quite possible that they don't trust you anymore. Ultimately, whether you're a scout or a sub, it's best that others don't see you eating this raw meat because they could eventually kill you just for this, which you don't want to play on whichever side you play.