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Complete Unpacking Walkthrough: How to Unpack and Unlock All Achievements and Stickers

 A detailed walkthrough of Unpacking with all the conditions for receiving all in-game prizes

Unpacking is a small indie game about moving. The player needs to unpack boxes and place items in certain places at different periods of the heroine's life. In this guide, we will tell you about the correct location of things and indicate the secret actions to get all the achievements.

How to download Unpacking

How to download Unpacking

Please note that the game is not distributed under the shareware model. Unpacking is currently available for purchase on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Humble Store, and GOG, but is currently unavailable on some platforms.

The game is also part of Xbox Game Pass, so if you have an active subscription, you can install Unpacking at no additional cost. Unfortunately, the indie game is not available on Android, iOS, and other mobile platforms, so users will not be able to purchase the game on smartphones.

How to place all items in 1997

In the first chapter, the player needs to arrange all the things in the children's room. To do this, you will need to do the following:

  1. Books. Place each item side by side on the shelves in the bed. The diary will have to be placed in a drawer.
  2. Stuffed Toys. Place four toys on the crib.
  3. Figurines. Put the ogre, gnome, horses, and superheroes on the bedside table under the window.
  4. Games. Put the chess set, colored disc, jump rope, ball, and board game in the nightstand under the window. To do this, you must first move the door.
  5. Photo. Put the frame with the pig on the bedside table under the window to the left of the toys, and hang the picture in the blue frame and the poster on the wall in the corner of the room to the left.
  6. Rubik's Cube. Place on a table or one of the shelves.
  7. School supplies. Place on a table or on shelves, and put the backpack in the left corner of the room on the floor.

  1. Puzzle. Take the Rubik's Cube and press the button six times so that only one color is in each plane of the toy, and put the item on any shelf.
  2. We turn on the music. Turn on the red tape recorder.
  3. Find a camera. Place the Polaroid from the third box anywhere.

How to place all items in 2004

The second chapter also has a few items to put in the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen.

Do the following in the bathroom:

  1. Bathroom accessories. Put most of the items in the closet under the mirror except for everyday items. Put your toothpaste, comb, deodorant, soap, and brush on the sink.
  2. Towels. Hang the small one on the counter next to the sink and the large one on the door hook.
  3. Bin. Place the item next to the toilet on the right side of the room.
  4. Clothing. Put in drawers in the bedroom.
Go to the kitchen:

  1. Cutlery. Place forks, spoons, and knives in the top drawer under the stove. Put colored dishes, large and can openers, a ladle, and a wooden spoon in the bottom drawer.
  2. Crockery and cups. Hide on the top shelves above the stove and sink.
  3. Cleaning products and pots. Place sponges, dish soap, and pots in a cupboard under the sink or on the top shelf. If there is not enough space, cleaning products can be placed next to the sink.
  4. Ingredients. Place butter, sugar, and salt on the center shelf.
  5. Towels. Hang on a hook or place in a free space on a shelf.

Go to the bedroom:

  1. Shoes. Put it on the top shelf in your chest of drawers.
  2. Clothing. Hang and stack on a shelf.
  3. Bras and socks. Divide and hide in drawers.
  4. Toys and books. Place items on shelves, under a nightstand, on a bed or window.
  5. Bags. Place both items to the right of the nightstand.
  6. Computer accessories. Put all the equipment on a table with a blacktop.


  1. Posing. Take a wooden toy, click on it three times, and put it on the shelf. The subject must assume a "Dab" pose.
  2. Sweets. Place the cookie jar on the topmost shelf in the kitchen.
  3. Electrical hazard. Put the toaster in the bath.
  4. Wash them all away. Use a toilet flush. Also, this must be done in each apartment. In the last house, both toilets must be used.

How to place all items in 2007

One of the easiest episodes. Five rooms are available, but many items are already in place. We go to the kitchen and put all the new items in the same way as the old ones - plates, bowls, cups, and other objects. Other kitchen appliances can be placed in cabinets and drawers, but insect spray and sponges will have to be hidden under the sink. We install all the magnets on the refrigerator and go to the living room.

Most of the boxes are filled with books and video games. We put these items on the shelves in the far right corner of the room. We transfer the Rascal board game to the bottom shelf of the coffee tabletop.

In the bathroom, we put everyday items on the sink - a toothbrush, a comb, and a razor. We put the box with tampons and hairspray on the shelves and put the bag and the box with medicines on the lower open section of the bedside table. We hang the towels on hooks and place the trash can from the bedroom on the floor below them. A long wooden brush should be placed on a hanger in the shower.

We go to the dining area and layout toys and books with the same items nearby. If there is not enough space, we use an open top shelf. We also install pictures on the wall and go to the bedroom.

The only empty room. We place books on two shelves on the left, and transfer markers and pencils to the section on the right. We open the closet doors and put the bras and socks in the drawers, and put the rest of the clothes on top. We hide the frisbee, vacuum cleaner, and weights in the right compartment of the cabinet.

All equipment must be placed on the table and the computer in the appropriate compartment of the nightstand. We layout soft toys and blankets on the bed, and pin all photos without a frame to the board. Leftover bags and large items can be placed near the bed.


  1. Headdress. It is necessary to put a cap on the mannequin's head.
  2. Let's play. We shift the game console to the drawer under the TV and activate it.

How to place all items in 2010

In this chapter, the heroine moves into her lover's apartment. Now you can shift items that were installed earlier. We open the kitchen. We take things from the shelves by the sink and transfer them to the cabinet above the refrigerator and onto the stove. Other items, such as sugar and vegetable oil, should be placed in cabinets above the refrigerator.

Free space appeared on the shelves with the sink, so we put a slow cooker, a bronze and silver pan, as well as a red sieve here. All unpacked dishes are placed in the drawer on the right. The exception is the large knife, which should be in the top container of this table. We hang all the photos with magnets on the refrigerator and also install the board found in the bedroom below. Put the remaining electrical appliances next to the sink and go into the living room.

We put books on the shelves. Small items can be placed in narrow spaces along the shelves, and a game console can be mounted on a speaker. The remaining two books will have to be moved to the lower section of the coffee table. Other trinkets must be placed on the glass or on the second column.

We get to the bedroom. We hide all the shoes on the bottom section of the closet, put the clothes on top, and hang them on the rack. The green hat should be placed under the jackets on the left. Place the blue blanket, purple bag, and yoga mat under the bed. We also place a diploma from the bathroom here. Any soft toys, even from other rooms, must be placed on the bed. We hide the red album on one of the lower shelves and arrange small items on the bedside table.

We go to the bathroom. We separate the small things from the big ones. In the box under the sink, we put the brush, comb, and hair straightener. Once the section is full, move the first aid kit and boxes to the shelves on top. Nail scissors, a razor, a toothbrush, and perfume can be placed on the sink, and a wooden brush from the kitchen can be hung on a hook in the shower.


  1. My underwear. In the bedroom, put the underwear and socks of the beloved heroine in one top drawer in the closet.
  2. Coffeemania. Place the kettle, mug, bag of coffee beans, sugar, coffee maker, grinder, and French press on the same table.

How to place all items in 2012

The heroine returns to her parents' house. We immediately go to the bathroom. On the sink, we place all everyday items - a hairbrush, a razor, nail scissors, perfume, deodorant, and a toothbrush. A variety of bottles, boxes, and bags should be placed on the shelves, and the first aid kit should be moved to the lower section of the toilet cabinet. To complete the room, put the cup in the right corner on the sink.

We go into the bedroom and put everything on the bed except books and video games. Zoom out and find an additional shelf under the ceiling. Here we put books and games. Place the square boxes in front of the sewing machine.

Drawings and family photos are placed on the board. An exception is the image of the heroine with her mother in an embrace. This photo will have to be put in the bedside table under the window along with the purple cloth. We put all the soft toys on the bed again and hide the bags, yoga mat, and dumbbells under the bed. The remaining items are laid out on the table.


  1. Back to childhood. Hang the poster from the locker on the wall.

How to place all items in 2013

In this episode, the heroine will significantly increase the number of things. We immediately go to the kitchen. We put pots and pans in cabinets under the sink along with a red strainer. We place the last pan on the shelf next to the refrigerator. Install the microwave and toaster on the countertop in front of the outlet.

Cleaning products and gels are laid out around the sink. We put a candlestick, candles, and paper towels on the refrigerator. We attach magnets to the side, and we shift the coasters to the table along the edges. We hide all dishes and cooking items in drawers and shelves.

Let's go to the bedroom. We hang all the clothes in the closet and put the bras and socks in purple boxes. We put shoes in the lower part of the cabinet on the right. We put the boxes in the nightstand, and hide the purple diary in the top drawer. We put the yoga mat and wallet under the bed and put all the soft toys on top of it. We layout the remaining small items on the nightstand and go into the living room.

The player is waiting for seven boxes. We put books, toys, and figurines on the shelves. The game console is placed in front of the TV. We hide the umbrella and cane in the basket on the left and put the lamp on a small table. The keychain can be stuck to any wall in the room.

We go to the office. We hang all the framed photos on the wall and attach the drawings to the board. We hide the box with wires in a white box and put a wooden stand on top. We layout the books on the shelf, and place the remaining items on the table.

In the bathroom, we fill each drawer with boxes. The largest ones are placed under the sink. In the last box, we hide the curling iron. We place towels on hangers, and we hook the washcloth to the hook under the showerhead. We put the pink spray on the toilet, put one roll in a container nearby, and move the rest under the sink. Soap, nail scissors, a brush, and other items are placed next to the sink or hidden in a drawer on top.


  1. 12:00. Install the microwave next to the outlet and click on it several times until you receive a prize.
  2. Brilliant solution. Place the equation on the magnet fridge (1+2=3).

How to place all items in 2015

We start unpacking from the bathroom. We install the pot and spray on the toilet lid. Deodorants, creams, and make-up items should be placed in the drawer and on the sink. We put a pink rug on the floor in front of this table and place large things and towels on the counter on the right. We put tall bottles on a shelf in the bath and hang washcloths on hooks. We hide the red comb in the second box from the top.

In the bedroom, plants and pen holders are placed on the right bedside table. We put clothes and shoes on the shelves to the right of the closet. Socks and bras are placed in purple boxes. We put all the shoes on the lower tiers of the cabinet and rack. We put the boots on the top shelf. We place each soft toy on the bed and hide the purple wallet and yoga mat under it. We put the backpack at the foot of the bed and go to the living room.

We arrange most of the things on the shelves on the right. We put each plant and watering item on the top shelf, place the books on the middle section, and put the pots and the dirtbag at the very bottom. We hide stones on the windowsill, put pillows on the sofa, and put the rest of the things on the coffee table.

We go to the office. We find brushes and a monitor in other rooms. We place the bundle inside the white cabinet and put the screen on the table.

In the kitchen, remove all cleaning products from the shelves and place them under the sink. Wooden drying put to the right of it. Green coffee pot, hide the pressure cooker in the cupboard under the microwave. We arrange all the plates and ingredients on the shelves on top. We attach magnets to the refrigerator and put the dishes in the appropriate boxes. Place the bowl in the shape of a fish and a houseplant on the dining table.


  1. Furry friends. Place soft toys side by side shoulder to shoulder (pink pig and tiger cub).
  2. Love for greenery. Arrange the plants in the correct places. In the living room, on the top shelf, place a large pot, a small one, and two identical containers from left to right. In the bathroom, place the flower on the sink counter near the left wall. In the bedroom, place the pot on the right nightstand on the left, and place the small flowers a little to the right. In the kitchen, move the container to the left side of the table.

How to place all items in 2018

We open the corridor. We put the figurines on a shelf under the mirror, and place the shoes on a low bedside table or on the floor in the dressing room. We put the umbrella in a bucket, and hang the framed photographs on the wall between two shelves.

We go to the bathroom. We put large packages under the sinks, and place small items nearby and hide them in a cabinet. We put large bottles on the shelves in the bathroom and hang washcloths on hooks. We put a high basket, a trash can, and a plunger between the toilet and the bathtub. We place one roll in the container, and the rest inside the basket below it.

We hang four towels on rods to the right of the sink, and put the rest on a shelf in the laundry room. We put the laundry basket between the dryer and washing machine. Detergent and bag will also fit on the shelves on the right. We place the rubber duck on the bath and the blue rug inside. We put the iron, comb, and razor in drawers under the sink.

We move to the dressing room. We use clothes hangers. Some of it, along with bras and socks, we hide in drawers. On the floor in the left corner under the shelves, we put the bags. We place the mirror and the white container on the chest of drawers and hide the rest of the items on the shelves.

In the large bedroom, we install a blue-orange container under one of the bedside tables. Books and phones are placed on the lower shelves. We hide a purple wallet and two yoga mats under the bed. We put all the soft toys on top and put a red backpack at the foot. We shift the flower to the top shelf in the corner and throw the rest of the things on the bedside tables. Three stones and a thermostat from other rooms must be placed on the windowsill.

We get to the children's room. We put all the cubes on the bedside table and place the toys and books on the shelves or under the changing table. We hide diapers in drawers, and we place napkins on top along with a brown bag. We put a child seat and a set of toys on the floor. We place the pink basket to the left of the changing table. We hang two framed drawings on the wall on both sides of the window and put the pacifiers in the crib.

In a small bathroom, put the spray on the toilet. Toilet paper and towels are placed on hangers. We put the soap on the sink and put the remaining items on the shelves on the left.

We go to the office. We put all the books on the shelves on the right and put the figures and plants on top. We use the board for posting photos. We put the purple box with wires and brown brushes in a white cabinet. We place a wooden stand on top of it. We put the office basket under the table on the right, and throw the rest of the items on top of it.

We open the dining area. We hide books, large figurines, and horizontal photographs on the shelves. We put green napkins, glasses, coasters, a laptop, and a bowl on the table. We put three plants in any place if desired, and place a photo in a black frame on the windowsill.

In the kitchen, all plates, bowls, bowls, and ingredients are stacked on the top shelves. We hang magnets and postcards on the refrigerator. We throw cutlery into the boxes on the right. We put the microwave and toaster near the sockets to the left of the sink. In a box under the oven, we put a grater, a slow cooker, pots, and pans. In the closet on the right, we hide a red strainer, a rolling pin, a rice cooker, and cleaning products.

We throw a sponge and a red brush inside the sink. We put a wooden rack and soap on the left. To the right of the sink, you can place spices, a coffee pot, a brown bag, or put them on the nearest shelf. We hang mittens and a towel on the hooks.

In the living room, we hide books and video games on the shelves. We put gamepads and game consoles on the shelves under the TV. We place board games under the coffee table and put the blanket and pillows on the sofa. We hang a poster from the wardrobe on the wall to complete the game.


  1. Cubes. Build a tower of cubes on five levels.
Also, note that the remaining prizes are unmissable and the player will receive them for a full unboxing each year.