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Complete walkthrough of Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong. What decisions affect how to survive and get the best ending


Complete walkthrough of Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong. What decisions affect how to survive and get the best ending

The new game Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong will tell the story of three vampires - Emem, Leisha, and Galeb. In the process of exploring the world, you will have to solve puzzles and make important choices. In this guide, we will describe a detailed walkthrough, as well as talk about all the available solutions and consequences in the game.

Please note that in our walkthrough, the codes for safes, doors, and computers are highlighted in green.

Prince's quarters. How to get to Iversen, find Jorni, search the chambers and find Caius Letho

After the introductory video and the first acquaintance with the main characters of the game, we take control of Emem.

The first dialogues do not affect anything, so we communicate with a friend and meet with April. After the conversation, Jorny will leave. We pass forward and notice a man. For a short period of time, the story will shift to Galeb. We consistently select all the options and return to Emem.

In a conversation with Hilda, it is not necessary to increase the chance of success. Most likely, the result will be negative. We climb the stairs and use the elevator to get to the desired floor.

From that moment on, the player will have a choice of class. There are four options available: Sleuth, Jack of All Trades, Veteran, and Free. The last class allows you to customize the character yourself. The current decision does not significantly affect the passage of the game. Depending on the chosen skills, the hero will have different gameplay options.

After meeting with the Prince, we go to the bar. The heroine needs to quench her thirst for blood.

We pass into any free room in the corner of the room and select a vessel - a girl or a man. We press the button in time so as not to kill the victim, and reduce hunger.

Emem needs to find Jorny. We can talk to Sylvia, meet an old friend Victoria and interview Abigail. It is not necessary to do this. We pass into the room with the girl lying unconscious, inspect the scarf and activate the clairvoyance skill. We follow the golden stream and find the working premises. On the way, you can re-talk with all the characters.

We inspect the offices behind the glass one by one and find a business card. With it, you can restore two points of willpower. We examine Jorny's computer and study the documents. The girl discussed the file of the 1998 event with a colleague. In Abigail's room, we find a torn note. Let's go to the archive. If the skill in electronics is not enough, then we examine the neighboring offices. 

In Lazar's office on the table, we pick up the key card and go to the archive.

We apply clairvoyance and study the document in the box. In the container opposite we will find a hint to open the safe. The sheet contains the code "9138". Inside the safe, we ​​find the business card of the club.

We pass through April's room and go up the stairs to the top floor. We continue to follow the golden stream and find Jorni in Drory's room.

We communicate with a friend and make the first important choice:

  1. Take it to the Prince. Girlfriend agrees to go to Iversen.
  2. She needs to run. In this case, Jorny will have to be persuaded. There are three attempts for this. Apply persuasion, and point to Hilda and the Anarchs.

The story will move on to Leisha. After all the dialogues, the girl will quietly sneak into Drori's room. Making a choice:

  1. Focus. Leisha will hear Emem, so later she can tell the Prince about it.
  2. Give in to the vision. The girl will see an unknown place, but will not hear the topic of conversation between Emem and Jorni.
We examine the room. On the shelves to the left of the computer, we find a pink folder with evidence of Jorny's innocence. To access the computer, you must enter the code "1841".

We follow to Shiaki's apartment. Of all the things found, the girl will need a hidden file in the bedroom closet. You can find it only with the help of clairvoyance. We follow forward and fall into the neighboring wing of the Primogens. We leave for Hilda's apartment, activate the disguise, and listen to the conversation. We won't find anything else useful. We can also talk to Berel and get some information from him. To do this, you will have to successfully apply the skills.

We leave for Richard's next apartment. From the red leather sofa, we take the floppy disk from the briefcase. We insert the object into the computer and study the file on the computer. We talk with the girl and go to the Prince. Note that you can't perform additional tasks after this.

We tell Iversen all the information. After Emem, we talk with the Prince. If they allowed Jorny to escape, then they will have to tell the truth, otherwise, Iversen will suspect something or catch the heroine in a lie.

The story will move on to Galeb. We communicate with the Prince and go through a long corridor.

We talk with Underwood and, if desired, defend ourselves from his attacks. get a security pass. On one of the tables, we find a box with a key that will help open the safe in Leto's office. Inside we find an old coin.

We can study the notes and open the computer using the code "4965". We pick up the key card from the table and go to the server room.

We talk with Summer, use all available options, and after the general meeting of vampires, we complete the chapter. Now you have to go through the episodes separately for each character.

Unknown. How to Collect Memories and Get Out of Jail

At the beginning of each episode, you can improve the abilities of the current character. First of all, we chose Emem. The girl ended up in an unknown prison. We remove the stone below and drink the blood from three rats.

Use the dash and move to the narrow bridge. We pass a little forward and find ourselves in a corridor with numerous doors. Among all, only one will be unlocked. We pass further and climb the stairs.

We use swiftness, we get to the large hall and go through the portal.

We see three paths:

  1. Right far. Will lead to a dead-end to two rats, you can quench your thirst.
  2. Right closest. We use the teleport and in a small cave, we find the key and the coin.
  3. Left. Let's get to the man from whom you can suck the blood.

We drink blood and move on. We pass into the central room. On one of the tables, we find Tremere potion. Use the levers to open the bars for two long corridors.

We leave the central room and move to the right. We get to the room with beds. We use clairvoyance on the subject and find another memory. Here we pick up the magnetic key.

We make our way forward and after teleportation, we find the only open door. Watching the memory. Upon returning to the room, we reveal psychometry.

We follow back, get to the stairs and go down to the left of it. At the end of the path, we activate the blue candle and observe the memory. We use the portal to return and go up the stairs. In the big hall, it is necessary to solve a puzzle.

How to solve the puzzle in the tower (prison)

Emem must get to the top of the tower, solve the riddle and leave the prison. You need to do the following:

  1. We stand on the pedestal and rotate the circle, as shown in the first screenshot.
  2. We use the monument in the center and go up to the second floor.
  3. Use the pedestal again and rotate the floor as shown in the second screenshot.
  4. Activate the monument and go up to the third floor.
  5. We stand on the button and set the circle, as shown in the third screenshot.
  6. We use the monument and go up to the fourth floor.

After solving the puzzle, activate the portal and get out of the prison.

To win the confrontation, it is enough to make two correct choices. We use persuasion and point to the Boston area in the last remark.

We ask Deneb to complete the episode.