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Crafting guide in V Rising - how to create, repair and upgrade weapons and equipment


Crafting guide in V Rising - how to create, repair and upgrade weapons and equipment

The most important thing that will help you survive in the world of V Rising is equipment. The game has many types of weapons and armor with individual characteristics. In addition, equipment wears out with use. In this guide, we will tell you how to craft weapons and equipment, as well as how to improve and repair them.

How to create weapons and equipment

If you have already started your vampire adventure, you have probably noticed that all the main infrastructure buildings become available only after defeating certain bosses. However, you will receive the basic minimum at the training stage.

Note the Castle Heart. It must be regularly fed with the essence of blood, otherwise, the functioning of the base will stop, and the buildings will begin to collapse.

For any item, you will need a suitable building and a recipe. You can get instructions in several ways:

  • Defeating bosses;
  • Defeating ordinary enemies;
  • Using tables for research (Researcher's table, Scientist's table, and so on).
All of the options listed do not give a 100% guarantee, so you will not be able to quickly farm high-level recipes. In addition, for research, it is necessary to find paper, scrolls, or diagrams.

Buildings needed to craft weapons and equipment:

  • Simple Workbench - unlocked during training and needed to create basic things;
  • Woodworking Bench - unlocked after defeating Rufus the Foreman and allows you to create crossbows and other items from wood;
  • Alchemy Bench - unlocked after defeating Clive the Firestarter and allows you to create potions, ointments, and explosives;
  • Tailoring Bench - unlocked after defeating Quincey the Bandit King and used to create cloth clothing and armor;
  • Forge (Smithy) - unlocked after defeating Quincey, the King of bandits (Quincey the Bandit King) and is used to make iron weapons;
  • Anvil - Unlocked by defeating Octavian the Militia Captain and used to craft high-quality weapons and armor.

How to repair weapons and armor

As soon as the durability of the equipment decreases too much, special symbols will appear above your blood supply. As the situation worsens, the icon will change color from yellow to red. Open the inventory and move the cursor over the desired item, and then press the middle mouse button to spend certain resources and restore durability.

Please note that simple equipment is often a necessary element in the recipe for a more advanced one, so repairing already created items is necessary if only for the sake of the economy. However, sometimes it will be cheaper to create new ones, so approach the repair wisely.

Also, we do not recommend discarding or dismantling unnecessary armor and weapons in the Devourer. It will definitely come in handy for your servants.

How to upgrade weapons and armor

You can also improve weapons and armor thanks to certain recipes that are opened using paper, scrolls, and schemes on special tables. To create paper, you need a Paper Press, which opens on the third level of the castle. Until you have pumped your citadel, you will have to collect paper from defeated enemies.

You should also have other special buildings:

  • Research Desk - allows you to open recipes for equipment of the first level, unlocked in training, paper is required to use;
  • Researcher's Table (Study) - allows you to open recipes for items of the second level, opens after defeating the Fallen Nicholas (Nicholaus the Fallen), scrolls are required to use;
  • Reading Room (Athenaeum) - allows you to open recipes for items of the third level, opens after defeating the Shepherd Raziel (Raziel the Shepherd), and schemes are required to use.