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Detailed V Rising Map - All Major Regions, Resources and Points of Interest


Detailed V Rising Map - All Major Regions, Resources and Points of Interest

V Rising is a new survival game where you play as a vampire. In addition to hunting people, players will have to build their own castles and fight terrible monsters. In this guide, we will tell you about all the locations that are currently available in the game.

There are five main regions in the game:

  1. Farbane Woods.
  2. Dunley Farmlands.
  3. Cursed Forest.
  4. Silver Hills.
  5. Sacred mountains (Hallowed Mountains).
Detailed V Rising Map

Farbane Woods

Available resources in this location:

  • animal skins;
  • bones;
  • paper;
  • coarse thread;
  • copper ore;
  • grinding stones.
Farbane Forest is the largest and liveliest region, as it is the starting area for new players in V Rising. As you progress through the game, you will travel to other locations further north in search of better materials and stronger enemies.

Although there are many new players in this region, this does not mean that there are no dangers here. In addition to aggressive flora and fauna, you will find a large number of human settlements. These residents will be ready to attack you at any moment.

Farbane Woods

A distinctive feature of the Farbane forest is a large number of shadows from the trees. They will help to hide from the sun's rays during the daytime, so it will be safe to move around the location. The main thing is to try not to go out into the light.

Farbane Forest has a variety of resources needed to start the game. So trees, stones, and animals will provide you with boards, bricks, and leather, respectively. All of the listed resources are needed to build the castle. And copper deposits will allow you to extract a valuable mineral and improve the hero’s equipment.

Dunley Farmlands

Available resources in this region:

  • iron ore;
  • fabrics;
  • sunflower;
  • quartz;
  • wool thread.
When you become stronger, you will be able to visit more dangerous regions. For example, Danlí Farms. In these northern lands, you will find villages, monasteries, and even large cities. But keep in mind that the locals are under the protection of the soldiers.

Dunley Farmlands

Your main goal in this location is a large iron mine. It is not easy to penetrate it, because it is a full-fledged fortress with a garrison. However, you can find a lot of iron ore there, which is necessary to improve your equipment.

In addition, horses graze on Danlí farms. If you steal one of them, you will get a mount that will allow you to move around the territory faster.

Cursed Forest

Available resources in this area:

  • ghost mushroom;
  • ghost crystal;
  • ghost yarn;
  • spectral dust.
The Cursed Forest is located north of Danli Farms. There you will meet terrible witches and wandering corpses, which are even more dangerous than the militias from human cities. However, only here you can find valuable magical resources, which are necessary for the further development of your character.

Note that in the future the Cursed Forest will be expanded with additional locations. Perhaps this will happen after the official release of the game.

Silver Hills

Available resources at this location:

  • silver ore;
  • precious dust;
  • imperial thread;
  • mountain lotus.
The Silver Hills are much more beautiful than other regions, but they are no less dangerous. This is where Brighthaven, the largest city in the game, is located. On the hills next to it you will find a lot of silver ore. This metal allows you to create the most powerful weapons in the game. However, you are playing as a vampire, so wearing silver bars is bad for your hero's health. Before mining this mineral, it is better to stock up on healing potions in advance.

Another key location in the Silver Hills is the Fortress of Light. There you will be able to fight Solarus, the final boss of the game. It is vulnerable to silver weapons, so you will have to get this resource anyway.

Hallowed Mountains

The Sacred Mountains are located northwest of Farbane Forest. The snow-covered peak is much smaller than other regions in the game, however, you can find the most difficult V Rising bosses there. Each of them will be a real challenge for you, so in order to defeat them, you first need to pump the hero to the maximum. In upcoming updates, the Sacred Mountains will be expanded with additional areas.