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Dread Hunger: How to Climb Ice Walls

 We tell you how you can climb the high ice walls that are on the Dread Hunger maps by making an ice ax that allows you to climb these walls.

Dread Hunger: How to Climb Ice Walls

The cold Arctic so present in the Dread Hunger maps forces us to explore beautiful landscapes that are full of threats and obstacles. One of the most striking obstacles that we find in the environment are the imposing and high walls of ice that are on some mountain ridges.

Perhaps, if you haven't played the tutorial, you haven't realized that these ice walls can actually be climbed to reach shortcuts or areas that contain valuable items for your survival. That is why in this entry of our complete guide we are going to tell you what you need to climb the ice walls and how to climb them.

Craft an ice ax

In order to scale the ice walls in Dread Hunter, what you need to have in your inventory is an ice axe. This tool, which can also eventually be used as a weapon (although it does not take much damage per hit), can only be obtained by crafting it from a workbench and using the following materials:

  • Wood x1
  • Scrap iron x2
  • nails x1
Wood is a fairly common material that is randomly found outdoors, lying on the ground, or also in boxes and storage chests. On the other hand, scrap iron can also be found randomly by looting boxes and skeletons and with this resource, you can craft the nails at a workbench.

Once you have all the materials mentioned, go to a workbench (there are a couple inside the ship) and make the ice axe.

How to climb ice walls

With an ice ax in your inventory, it is now possible to scale any ice wall that comes your way. You will know how to recognize these walls because they have a very striking shape, like the ones we show you in the following image:

How to climb ice walls

They are long ridges with bluish ice sheets that are on some mountain walls. To climb these ice walls you just have to approach the base of the ice wall and equip the ax in your hands. Then the key to interact with the wall will appear on the screen and you will be able to climb to the top little by little.

Note that the ice ax can also be shared with other players, so if someone else has it they can drop it from their inventory for others to use and vice versa. This is useful if you are collaborating with another teammate as, for example, you can use the same axe; the first one climbs the wall and when he reaches the top he throws the ax over the edge down so that the other can also use it.