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Dread Hunger: How to Destroy Icebergs Easily

 We explain what are the most efficient ways to destroy icebergs in Dread Hunger and how to get nitroglycerin to make your way to the open sea with your ship.

Dread Hunger: How to Destroy Icebergs Easily

If you play on the side of the explorers in Dread Hunger sooner or later to win the game you must face the icebergs blocking your way. These large ice formations can stop your journey and prevent you from reaching the open sea, so to achieve the long-awaited victory it is necessary to know how to destroy them.

In this entry of our complete guide, we explain what are the methods to destroy icebergs, how to get nitroglycerin as easily as possible, and how to detonate explosions to clear the way.

Methods to destroy icebergs

In Dread Hunger there are two main types of icebergs, small icebergs, and giant icebergs. Depending on which type we are talking about, there is one way or another to destroy them.

  • Small icebergs: they can be destroyed by ramming them with the ship while it is underway thanks to the coal. Hitting the ship against the iceberg will subtract some of its total "life", but this puts the ship at risk as leaks can open inside it (3 leaks are created with each hit).
  • The giant icebergs: can only be destroyed by detonating a nearby nitroglycerin box so that the explosion destroys them.

Alternatively, it is worth mentioning that you can also use powder kegs (these are barrels of coal that have been filled with gunpowder using a workbench) to damage small icebergs. Although sometimes these icebergs it is possible to avoid them by maneuvering enough through the water, which saves you time and problems.

In any case, it is important to remember that the giant icebergs, which always appear at the end of the game blocking the exit to the open sea, can only and exclusively be destroyed with nitroglycerin, so below we are going to go into more detail on this point.

Where do you get nitroglycerin?

Nitroglycerin is an extremely volatile substance that explodes if it takes enough damage or if you move too fast, and it's the component you'll need towards the end of the game to blow up the giant iceberg blocking your path.

  • Nitroglycerin is usually found in the old camp on each expedition.
  • This camp is usually high on the side of a mountain or in some similar area that is difficult to access.
  • The climatic conditions make it difficult to reach nitroglycerin, but not only that but also the presence of possible packs of wolves or a nearby polar bear.
  • Nitroglycerin looks like a red box with explosives inside and may be buried in snow.

How to transport and detonate the explosives in an iceberg?

To collect the nitroglycerin in Dread Hunger, it is recommended to work as a team with your companions, mainly because this object must be transported in a very specific way if you do not want to fail in your objective and end up flying through the air.

  • Nitroglycerin occupies an inventory slot and the player picking it up can only carry it without taking any further action, walking slowly due to its weight.
  • If the player wearing it attempts to run too fast, there is a danger that the nitroglycerin will begin to hiss, indicating that it will explode shortly.
  • Therefore the player carrying the nitroglycerin must proceed carefully and unhurriedly.
  • Other players must accompany the person carrying the nitroglycerin in order to protect him from any threat; such as wild creatures or cannibals that are sent by the subdued.
As you can see, it is very important that the nitroglycerin does not suffer damage until it is transported near the giant iceberg, because if it does not, it will explode and very possibly it will take everyone who is nearby. Collecting the nitroglycerin is a very complicated step, it poses many dangers, and surely those subdued at this point in the game will charge in a hostile way with all their power. It may even happen that there is a submissive infiltrator in the group who is in charge of exploiting the nitroglycerin while it is being transported, so be very careful.

If you're lucky and manage to get the nitroglycerin to the giant iceberg, all you have to do is place it near it and get far enough away to shoot it from afar. This will cause it to immediately start to burn and end up exploding. If you don't have any ranged weapons at your disposal you will have to melee it and run away before it explodes. The explosion always completely destroys the giant iceberg and gives you a clear path to victory with your team.