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Dread Hunger: How to Easily Create and Light Bonfires

 Keeping warm in Dread Hunger is important to survive, so knowing how to create bonfires is of vital importance. We explain how to build them easily and quickly.

Dread Hunger: How to Easily Create and Light Bonfires

Survival in Dread Hunger happens, among other things, by managing to keep our character's heat in optimal conditions. The low temperatures of the Arctic are harsh and take their toll little by little throughout a game, but even worse is falling into frozen water for too long or getting lost in the cold at night.

Luckily, bonfires can save you from certain death, they allow you to keep warm and also cook raw meat so as not to end up in the clutches of cannibalism. That's why in this entry of our complete guide we teach you what you need to know to easily create bonfires, how to place them on the stage and light them.

How to create a bonfire?

In order to create a bonfire in Dread Hunger you need the following materials :

  • Wood: you need 3 of these materials that is found randomly on the ground and in boxes or chests.
  • Stone: you need 4 of this material, they also appear randomly on the ground of the maps.
Keep in mind that they are fairly common resources, so you shouldn't have a hard time finding them in your first few minutes of a match. As a recommendation, it is advisable to collect and always carry enough with you to create a bonfire if things get complicated. If you explore a lot you will need it at some point, believe us.

How to place and light a fire?

Well, if you already have the materials, how do you actually create a campfire and light its fire? This can cause certain doubts in some players, especially in those who have skipped the tutorial. It's actually very simple, in order to build a bonfire you have to hold down the Q key and a tool wheel like this will open:

How to place and light a fire?

At the top, you should see the bonfire icon. You just have to point your mouse at it and then release the Q key; in this way, the silhouette of the bonfire will appear in front of you towards where you are looking with the camera. Place the bonfire on a terrain where you are allowed to place it (it will be surrounded by a green silhouette) and after this, you only have to left-click with the mouse if you already have the necessary materials mentioned above.

In this way, you can light the fire of the bonfire and enjoy its replenishing heat, both you and your companions.