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Dread Hunger: How To Fix Boat Leaks Fast

 The ship in Dread Hunger can leak and if not fixed in time it will sink. Learn to repair the boat quickly and efficiently so as not to lose the game.

Dread Hunger: How To Fix Boat Leaks Fast

To win a game in Dread Hunger you have to take many aspects into account, but especially if you play on the side of the explorers you have to worry about keeping your ship afloat and not sinking due to leaks. These can be caused by explosions made by the subdued or by colliding with large blocks of icebergs, so it is important to know how to repair them quickly.

In this entry of our complete guide, we explain how to fix water leaks in the hull of the ship so as not to fail in your expedition through the Arctic.

How to repair leaks in the boat hull?

First of all, it should be noted that the Dread Hunger ship can currently suffer up to a total of 20 water leaks in the hull at the same time. When one of these fissures occurs, the water will begin to enter under the cover and you will notice that the wooden plates of the floor appear damaged and destroyed where the water is entering.

Unfortunately, the ship is not indestructible, so if you don't want it to sink you will need to cover each of the leaks and for this, you will need the following materials:

  • Wood x1
  • nails x1

Wood Fragments can be found randomly around maps lying on the ground or in storage containers. It is recommended that you always carry the maximum amount of wood stacked with you (5 units) as it is not only useful for fixing ship leaks, but also for other things like creating bonfires.

For their part, the nails can be stacked 10 by 10 and are made from a workbench with scrap iron, which in turn is randomly obtained from inside boxes, chests, or skeletons.

With these materials in your possession, you only need to approach the place of the water leak on the ship and interact with it to repair it. The other players can also help in this task to fix all the leaks quickly, so don't be shy and ask for the collaboration of others; in fact, if someone decides not to help, it can be a good way to spot a submissive among the crew.

How much time do you have to repair the boat?

Note that the rate at which the ship sinks depends on the number of leaks in the hull. Of course, the more leaks, the faster it will sink.

When the ship begins to leak from the hull, the highest priority should be to repair them as soon as possible so that it does not sink in the sea and the expedition fails (obviously you want this not to happen if you play on the side of the explorers). But how do you know how much time you have to fix the ship?

  • Every time the boat is leaking and water is entering it, you will see an indicator at the top of the screen showing the drawing of the boat and a red line that goes up little by little.
  • This line tells you the approximate time you have to fix the ship.
  • The higher the red line goes, the less time you have to fix leaks.
  • If the ship's silhouette is colored entirely red, the ship is sinking, so prevent this from happening by acting quickly with your teammates!