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Dread Hunger: How to Get Coal Quick and Easy

 Coal is the most important resource in Dread Hunger. Here we show you how and where it is easily obtained in order to heat the ship's boiler and win the game as an explorer.

Dread Hunger: How to Get Coal Quick and Easy

Without a doubt, coal is the most important material in all of Dread Hunger. This fuel resource is what allows the ship's boiler to be heated to get it going, so it can give explorers victory (or defeat if they don't get enough in time). For this reason, in this entry of our complete guide, we are going to tell you how to farm coal quickly and what its methods of obtaining are.

Where is coal obtained?

The main source of coal in Dread Hunger are the coal sleds that appear randomly on the maps and look like the one you can see in the following image:

Where is coal obtained?

Inside the coal sledges you will almost always find several pieces of coal to take in your inventory in a fully insured way. However, this is not the only way to get coal. Although the game doesn't explicitly tell you, you should also know that you can find coal in these places :

  • Storage boxes.
  • Closed chests.
  • Boat storage compartments.
  • Officer skeletons.

Of course, you have to keep in mind that the coal in these areas is random, so it depends a bit on your luck to find it in those places, although you should never overlook them if you need the resource. Of course, if you want to go for insured coal, it is better that you focus on looking for the sledges mentioned at the beginning.

How to accumulate coal faster?

A problem with coal in Dread Hunger is that it is a very valuable resource, somewhat scarce and that it can only be transported one at a time; that is, each unit of coal occupies one slot of space in your inventory. This means that on many occasions you will find several pieces of coal exploring, but due to lack of space, you will only be able to take one (or you will have to throw things to take them all).

Is there any solution to this? Well, the answer is yes, since there are a couple of methods to be able to accumulate and transport more units of coal in a single trip. How? Considering the following:

  • You can create a bag: to increase the size of your inventory (it is made with Animal Skin x1 and Nerves x2).
  • You can create a barrel of coal: to carry more coal at the same time (it is made with Lead Ingots x2, Wood x3, and Nails x2).
Obviously, as you should already be assuming, if you combine these two methods you will be able to carry much more coal with you and the farming of this resource will be more effective. On the one hand, if you create a barrel of coal, you can store 3 units of coal inside it (occupying only one inventory slot). And on the other hand, by creating the bag you will increase the number of objects that you can store, so you will have more space for more coal or for other items.

It is worth mentioning that the Engineer character always starts the games with a barrel of coal already created in his inventory, so it is a class that starts with a certain advantage over the rest to get coal faster and easier from the first moment.