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Dread Hunger: How to Get Skeleton Keys and Captain's Key

 We explain where you can find and get the skeleton keys and the valuable captain's key in your games of Dread Hunger. Get both for loot!

Dread Hunger: How to Get Skeleton Keys and Captain's Key

During Dread Hunger games, players may come across two types of keys that open different chests or storage boxes. Eventually, these keys, which are the skeleton keys and the captain's special key, allow us to access useful loot for survival, but to get either of the two, certain methods must be carried out.

In this entry of our complete guide, we explain what you must do to be able to get keys in Dread Hunger and where you can use them.

How to get skeleton keys?

Skeleton keys in Dread Hunger are a type of keys that can be randomly found inside:

  • Storage boxes and containers.
  • Animal corpses, enemies, and skeletons.
There are many of these keys in a game, so you can get several, but they are randomly generated in unexpected places, and therefore getting them is a matter of chance and exploration. As soon as you go around the map looting loot you should come across some sooner or later.

Uses of skeleton keys

These little keys are mainly used to open locked safes.

Remember that the skeleton key is also useful to free other players who have ended up imprisoned in the cells of the ship's brig. With one of these, you can free a partner for a second chance or rescue your Subdued partner if he has been locked up. In either case, wherever you use them, the key will be consumed from your inventory after you use it.

How to get the captain's key?

The captain's key is a special key in Dread Hunger and unique in each game, that is, there is only one available and the only way to obtain it is to win the poker game that is played at the beginning against the rest of the players.

  • If you already know how to play poker in real life, you will have a better chance of winning in this card game since the dynamics are the same. Otherwise, we recommend that you browse the internet for a quick tutorial to understand the game a little.
  • Despite everything, there is a lot of chance in this minigame, so in the end, it also depends a lot on your luck to win the round.
  • Basically, poker is about having the best (highest) hand of cards. The problem is that the cards are always dealt with randomly.
  • Keep in mind that you can change all the cards in your hand at least once (if there are discarded cards on the table), so you have to try to have the best possible hand by getting rid of the least worthwhile cards.

Captain's Key Uses

After the poker game time runs out it will be revealed which player was the winner. If in this case, it was you, you will receive the captain's key as a reward. With this key in your possession, you can go to the captain's quarters inside the ship and open the special chest in this room, which contains high-quality loot.