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Dread Hunger: How to Increase Inventory to Carry More Items

 If you need more inventory space in Dread Hunger, you can expand it by creating a Satchel. Here we show you what to do to be able to load more items in your games.

Dread Hunger: How to Increase Inventory to Carry More Items

In all Dread Hunger games, players start with an inventory space limited to 8 slots to carry items, weapons, and resources. In an online survival title like this, naturally, many will wonder if it is possible to increase the amount of inventory storage.

In this entry of our complete guide, we explain how to create a bag to increase the capacity of the inventory.

How to create a bag to have more inventory?

The bag is an item that can only be obtained by crafting it from a workbench with the appropriate materials. This backpack, once created, permanently increases the capacity of your character's inventory, although you can only create one per game.

To make the bag you need the following materials :

  • Animal Fur x1: It can be torn from the body of dead wolves and polar bears.
  • Nerves x2: found in wolves, polar bears, skeletons, and corpses.
It should be noted that both materials are randomly generated from their drop sources, so if you don't find them at first, keep trying. Luckily they are not very rare resources, so it is possible to obtain them fairly quickly. It is best to go after the wolves as they can give you both materials saving you some exploration time.

Keep in mind that the bag increases your inventory for the rest of the game. This means that if you die and get trapped in the ship's cells, but end up freeing yourself, the bag upgrade will still take effect and you won't need to re-create it.