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Elden Ring guide - how to complete the Roderica quest chain

 A detailed description of the entire quest chain of Roderica, including rewards, character location, finding all the necessary items, and each ending

Roderica is another Elden Ring NPC. Roderica controls the spirits, you will meet her in a shack on Thunder Hill on the way to the castle. Later, if you complete her quest, she will move to the lower tiers of the Round Table. If you talk to Roderica several times while she is in the shack on Thunder Hill, you will receive a new emote. Then she will give the ashes of the ghostly jellyfish.

You need to deliver her message, but in the end, you will find a bunch of corpses. There is a room in the castle with an Augmented offspring (thus from the beginning of the game). In the adjoining room there will be a mountain of corpses. Search them and pick up a doll for memory. Return to Roderick and hand over the item. She'll be in the shack on Thunder Hill. The next time you meet Roderica is at the Round Table Keep. Go there, talk to the girl and get the Golden Seed.

Elden Ring guide - how to complete the Roderica quest chain

Meet her at the Round Table Keep again later. If you gave her a doll as a keepsake, she will remove her hood, and you can use her services. In addition, be sure to talk with the blacksmith-master Hugh. If you did not communicate with Roderica in the Storm Hill shack, then after she appears in the Fortress of the Round Table, during a conversation with the blacksmith-master Hugh, select the phrase "About Roderick".

If you defeat Margit and activate the place of grace "Mountains with a Lake View", this will automatically complete the quest, and you will not need to go for a memory doll. Perhaps this is a mistake. After Roderica travels to Round Table Keep, you will find her next to the fireplace. Be sure to talk to her and exhaust all the dialogues to get the Golden Seed for the previously transferred memento chrysalis.

If you haven't handed over the doll as a keepsake before the Round Table appears in the Keep, you can still get the Golden Seed by visiting the shack on Thunder Hill and taking the seed from where Roderica lay.

In order for Roderica to become an apprentice, you must talk to Master Hugh about her. Then convey these words to Roderica herself, and then tell Hugh that Roderica wants to know more about her gift.

If you missed Roderica in the Thunder Hill shack, choose the dialogue option "Please" to get the ashes of the ghostly jellyfish. After that, leave the Fortress and return at any time. You can find Roderica in the same room where Hugh the blacksmith is standing. She is sitting on the floor on the left side. If you talk to her, Roderica will be able to upgrade the spirit ashes with her abilities, but you must have the necessary runes and items.

Where you found the memory chrysalis (in the room next to the hall where the Augmented Scion is located), you can find the crimson hood that Roderica wore. To do this, you need to return to this place after completing the Roderica quest chain. After you burn the Erdtree Tree, she will move to the fire at the round table. She will ask you to speak with Master Blacksmith Hugh and convince him to leave Round Table Keep.