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Evil Dead: The Game Tips & Tricks - Game Guide

 We share tips and tricks for playing as survivors or demons in a new asymmetrical horror action game

In this guide, we've put together some useful tips for playing as survivors and demons in Evil Dead: The Game. They will be useful for both beginners and experienced users of asymmetric multiplayer horror games. When you launch Evil Dead: The Game for the first time, you can complete the in-game tutorial. It cannot be called content. In a few minutes, you will be left alone (almost) in the middle of a dense forest and offered to figure out the rest of the mechanics on your own, regardless of whether you play as a survivor or a demon. This can be confusing, so right now we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the information below.

Since Evil Dead: The Game offers two completely different gaming experiences (you can control the survivors or the demon), we decided to split our guide into two parts. You can read Survivor Tips and Tricks first, and then Demon. As in all similar games, if you decide to play as a demon, you will have to be patient, because there are, as always, many who want to play this role, and there are not enough “survivors” for everyone.

Evil Dead: The Game Tips & Tricks - Game Guide

Survivor Tips

The main task of the survivors is to destroy the Necronomicon, the book of the dead, and for this you will have to complete a number of tasks. First, the survivors must find three pieces of the map. Then you will have to use this map to find all the pages of the Necronomicon and the Kandarian Dagger. When they find the full book and the dagger, the demon will disappear and the survivors will have to get to and defeat the Dark Ones as soon as possible. After that, you need to protect the Necronomicon from the dead until the rite is completed. At the end of time, it will end with the victory of the survivors. Sounds easy!

Take the time to find resources and weapons to increase your chances of survival

Speed ​​plays a huge role - the more you play, the stronger the demon becomes. Ultimately, nothing will stop him from defeating the players. But if you don't take the time to find the best weapons, it will happen even sooner. Search any buildings that stand in your way to the main objectives, collecting consumables and the best weapons. If the weapon is worse or the same as the current one, you can pass by.

Use the light of the lantern to control fear and search for resources

Your flashlight allows you to find well-hidden objects, but it has limited battery life. For this reason, we recommend using it for a situational and short-term use - when searching buildings or fighting the dead in pitch darkness. In all other cases, turn it off to conserve power.

And then there's the fear mechanic. Fear is a threat only if it has reached its maximum. You can significantly and quickly reduce it if you stay close to allies or find yourself near a light source. So periodically turn on the flashlight so that the survivor remains calm. In addition, you can use other light sources and flashlights, but keep in mind that the rate of fear reduction directly depends on the quality, power, and brightness of the light source. Figuratively, the larger the lantern, the faster the fear will go away.

Try to stay in a group, do not separate

As any D&D player knows, you can't split a group! In addition to reducing fear levels, when you are in a group, you will be able to see more and be alert. The viewing angle in the game is reduced, but if you are in a group, be sure to look in different directions to be aware of everything that is happening. In this case, the dead will not be able to take you by surprise. In addition, if one of you becomes possessed, you can quickly help him and “knock out” the evil demon from him.

Pumping characters in the game and the lobby

You can improve survivors not only during the game session using the Pink F bottles but also after the session, in the menu through the "Collection" section. It is worth doing this on a regular basis - in addition to improving the main characteristics, pumping survivors to certain levels will open up new abilities and opportunities. Some of them are incredibly good.

Check the entire gray area for a map

For a while I was confused. When it says to check a key location for one of the map pieces, what it really means is to comb through the entire gray area highlighted on the map around that location. That is, if you were directed to a small shack, part of the map may be there - or maybe somewhere in the district, in the middle of a forest infested with demons. Make sure you explore the entire area by searching buildings, sheds, and structures.

Make sure all survivors are focused on destroying the main demon

Evil Ash, Henrietta, and Eligos are the most powerful demons you will have to deal with in the game. The most powerful force a demon player can unleash on you. Each of them is a "tank" capable of dealing massive damage, so these enemies need to be dealt with as soon as possible. When such a demon appears, each of the survivors must use all of their most powerful attacks and weapons to finish it off quickly. If you face such a demon alone, you will probably die, so immediately run to your partners.

Compared to the complex list of several tasks that the survivors receive, the demon player has a single goal - to kill all the survivors and, if the survivors were able to reach the final stage, destroy the Necronomicon. To do this, you will have to create minions, set traps, take possession of the survivors with the maximum level of fear, and, finally, enter the battlefield yourself, controlling a powerful demon. I would say that in terms of capabilities, the Demon is in a more advantageous position compared to the survivors, but this is provided that you have studied his abilities well and picked up the best tactics. And we talk about it below!

Demon Tips

Prevents survivors from recovering

This is very important - survivors constantly find new consumables, heal themselves and move from goal to goal. Just give them a chance, and they will restore their health, and reduce the fear, that they received when they met you. So don't give them that chance. As tempting as it may be to leave them for a few minutes and feed on the hellish energy, after a while, when you meet them again, they will become stronger. Constantly keep them at bay, attack, chase, even if it's all minor threats. Only do this so that they don't have a chance to fully recover from what's happening. As a rule, if you do this, then you will have a much better chance of killing all the survivors at key moments.

Spawn as a boss demon where the survivors can't escape

Since your demon boss is the most powerful unit, you need to make the most of his appearance. Place it in places where survivors can't escape. For example, when encountering the Kandarian Dagger or the Necronomicon, when the survivors must stay close to the key point. If you call him in the middle of the forest, the survivors will simply scatter in different directions. Use a large space to fight from a distance. But if survivors need to stay close to a certain point, it will be much harder for them to avoid Eligos' spells or Henrietta's rotting body.

Anticipate survivors' maneuvers and place obstacles

Since players are constantly moving from one place to another, and you can get ahead of them in your incorporeal form of an evil spirit, it will be a great idea to move a little ahead and create threats for them. Place traps: they work automatically, and you don't need to be near the trap for it to work and cause damage to the survivor. It's hard to reconcile this with the first point we wrote about not giving survivors a break, but I don't recommend leaving survivors for more than thirty seconds or so. Create a trail of exploding breadcrumbs on their way, come back, study their maneuvers, repeat. So you fulfill both conditions.

By slowing down survivors, you increase the demonic level

It is in the interests of the survivors to end the match as soon as possible. The more you interfere with them, the more the demonic level rises, and you become much more powerful and dangerous. After level 25, you become a terrible evil force to be reckoned with. Thus, you need to "twist your happiness" by strings, increasing the level of power until you can assemble a powerful Army of Darkness. This is a fairly effective and smart strategy.

Possess frightened survivors before they can get a hold of themselves

Nothing is more frustrating for gamers than when one of them loses his temper. Survivors with high levels of fear can become temporarily possessed. And you need to move into them immediately, as soon as the opportunity arises. Players know that their fear can be used against them, so usually when it gets too high, they try to reduce it. Move quickly into them before they have time to recover from fear, and then focus on using ranged weapons: firstly, they are more powerful and dangerous, and secondly, you will spend limited ammo. That is, it is not necessary to shoot at targets. Just waste their ammo. But if possible, aim at another player and try to destroy him before you are expelled from the body of the possessed.