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Fall Guys: How to Win Blocky Fun Quiz

 The Block Fun test is one of many that you will get in Fall Guys with which you can have a sure victory if you put the tips that we will give you in this guide to good use.

In this article, we will mention what the objective of the fun test is and we will also give you some tricks that you can take into account when playing.

What is the Block Fun test?

This is a survival test whose main objective is not to fall into the void, for this you need to avoid the obstacles and moving walls that will come your way and the most important thing is not to drop from the platforms.

Keep in mind that in this test, all the players who have managed to survive are classified, as soon as the test time ends. Some tips you can take into account are the following:

  • Stay calm: This is very important since you have to be careful when jumping and if you don't want to fall off the platform, the best way to do it is with patience and precision.
  • Beware of enemies: remember that in Fall Guys you can grab or push other opponents, so you must be aware that one of them does not do it with you.
  • Take control of the camera: normally the camera is a good ally for this mode since through it you can know what obstacles are approaching and thus you can plan a strategy or movement that will help you avoid them.
  • Try to stay in the center of the platform: this way you run less risk of falling.
Fall Guys: How to Win Blocky Fun Quiz

Finally, remember that the ideal here is to be part of the players who are alive at the end of the test. If you achieve this, you will be qualified for the next one.