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Fall Guys: how to win the gates crash test

 The Gates of crash is a hilarious test presented to you by the title of Fall Guys. Where you will have to face the other opponents in a race. In other guides, we have mentioned some tests such as hoarders, and vertigo jump, among others. Today we will talk about how to win at the gates of the crash test.

What does it consist of and how to win in the gates of crash test?

As we said before, it is a racing category test that basically consists of running and discovering what the false doors are, so that we can continue advancing and reach the finish line. This test is individual, therefore you will have several enemies around you.

Normally, not knowing what the false doors are, we run the risk of running and colliding with invisible walls that will waste our time. For this reason, the smartest thing you can do is to let other players advance and thus discover the false doors, while you observe and avoid them, managing to reach the truths.

Fall Guys: how to win the gates crash test

As soon as you notice that a door opens, try to get there and go through it quickly, before the passage collapses. If you repeat these tips throughout the game you will have a better chance of qualifying, keep in mind that normally 75% of the players will qualify here.