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Fall Guys: how to win in the crazy mountain test

 Mad Mountain is another of the fantastic tests that we can get in Fall Guys, it has an excellent plot that corresponds to a type of final test. At this level, it is important that you take into account some recommendations so that you can ensure victory and thus be able to defeat your opponents.

What does the crazy mountain test consist of?

This test basically aims to run to the bottom of the top and be the first to get there to get the crown. You will have to run quickly towards the end of the mountain while avoiding the obstacles and balls that come your way.

You must bear in mind that in this level there is only one winner and this will be the first to reach the end and grab the big crown. Another important detail is that this test rarely exceeds the time of one minute.

One of the tips that you should consider is that you try to advance through the lateral areas so that you avoid a large part of the balls. This can mostly be done when balls start to fall and spin some panels.

Fall Guys: how to win in the crazy mountain test

After beating this stage, spinning hammers will start spawning , which can be easy to dodge if you play smart. You will have to pay close attention to which direction they turn and then try to infiltrate a hole where if you are hit by them, they can propel you forward and thus get closer to the goal.