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Fall Guys: how to win in the dodge and fall test

 Another of the tests that you can get in Fall Guys is the dodge and fall test, this is a very fun test because you will have to participate with several opponents and try to survive and reach the goal. Today we will talk about what it is and how to win the dodge and fall test.

What does it consist of and how to win the dodge and fall test?

This test is a race, therefore it is totally individual and basically consists of advancing along a mechanical belt, in which you will have to dodge giant fruits that fall from the sky, and also sometimes rolling logs can also fall, sweeping away the players that are found in the area.

In general, one of the advantages of this test is that the path is short, but the downside is that the treadmill runs very slowly and this makes it difficult to reach the goal. However, if you apply some tips, the route will be easier for you.

Fall Guys: how to win in the dodge and fall test

Our main recommendation is that you try to move along the sides of the belt and also do not do it in a straight way, but rather in a zigzag style, so it is easier to avoid the falling fruits. You can also use the inflatable structures that are on the sides, they will help you defend yourself from some fruits.

We advise you to avoid moving through the center of the belt , because it is precisely in this area where more fruit can fall. In this test it is also worth grabbing the opponents , if you notice that they have gone too far, you can grab them and make them lose time or even hit fruits.