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Fall Guys: how to win in the Hexagone test

 If you like competitive and individual tests, surely the hexagon is for you, since it has incredible gameplay but it is also a test with a lot of adrenaline that you can enjoy in Fall Guys. On another occasion, we have mentioned the game modes of Fall Guys, but today we will talk about how to win in the Hexagone test.

What does it consist of and how to win the Hexagone test?

This is a type of final test, so we recommend you play the best way possible since only one player can win. The objective is to be the last one standing on the platforms and of course to achieve this you will have to overcome a series of obstacles. But with good strategies, you can do it.

Normally the hexagonal platform you are on will fall, so it is essential that you are moving, preferably you should do it from the outside in, we recommend that you start with the outer margins so that you always have one more platform to move towards.

Fall Guys: how to win in the Hexagone test

Avoid placing yourself in the center of the platform, since when moving around it can be more complicated, and try to plan at least two routes that you can take to stay alive in the calving. Always keep in mind that in this game there is only one winner, therefore you must be very careful not to be eliminated.

Finally, we hope that this information has been useful to you, and also keep in mind that in this title there are a series of tricks that you can perform to ensure victory.