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Fall Guys: how to win in the Hoarders test

Fall Guys: how to win in the Hoarders test

 The Hoarders test is another one that we can play in Fall Guys, being a very fun test and that we can take advantage of if we want to win this title. Today we will talk about how to win the Hoarders event in Fall Guys.

What does the Hoarders test consist of?

This test basically consists of hoarding balls, with the main objective being to collect more balls than the other teams. This test is played as a team and it is worth taking the balls from the other groups. For many players, it can be complex because the balls are gigantic. However, if you take into account some tips, you can better ensure your victory.

  • The first thing we recommend is that you play as a team in coordination, so you can steal the balls from other teams.
  • Try to take balls from a specific team, since in this way it is more likely that you will classify since here the one with the fewest balls loses and if you steal them from a single rival, it is likely that they will have less than you and that way you will be able to move on to the next round.
  • It is important that the group works together and in case they want to steal balls from you, everyone can defend them since it is very difficult to move a ball by a single player and for this, the support of a group is needed.