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Fall Guys: How to Win the Jump Club Event

 The jumping club test is one of the many that you can get in Fall Guys and with which you will surely have a lot of fun, but also if you want to know what it consists of and how to win this test, then this section is for you. Since we will give you the best advice so that you can have victory in the jumping club.

What does the club jump test consist of?

This is another of the survival tests in which you basically have to manage to survive the obstacles, which in this case are in the form of beams or rotating rollers.

You will have to face it individually and above all meet the objective of not falling off the platform and not being hit by one of these rotating reels. What you have to do is jump and avoid the rollers while the platforms are falling.

You should keep in mind that as you progress, the reels begin to spin faster as well as the platforms begin to shake when they are about to fall. In that case, you must try to jump to another platform, calculating the jump so as not to fall.

Fall Guys: How to Win the Jump Club Event

In the case of reels, we recommend that you pay close attention to the upper one, since it is better to collide with the one above and thus be able to get up to be defeated by the lower one and lose the game.

Finally, we hope that this information has been useful to you, also remember that in Fall Guys there are some methods that you can put into practice if you want to win, among them we can climb , grab someone , among others.