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Fall Guys: How to win the Vertiginous Heights Trial

 The dizzying heights test belongs to the racing game mode in Fall Guys. This quiz can be a lot of fun, but you have to be sneaky to win it as it comes with a few difficulty levels. Today we will talk about how to win in the dizzying heights test.

What does it consist of and how to win in pouring heights?

This test basically consists of avoiding the rotating objects and reaching the goal first, normally these objects are attached to platforms that are initially level with the ground but as you progress, these platforms go up, with the intention of cause you to fall.

Similarly, this test consists of several phases, which will appear as you progress. These phases are the following.

  • First phase: here we recommend that you find a way through the side areas since the platforms in the center are usually full and other opponents can push you.
  • Ball section: as soon as you classify the first phase, some giant balls will appear that if they touch you they will get you out of the way, for this you must calculate the time in which the lane can throw more balls.
  • Floating platforms: here you can practically apply the same tactic from the beginning but with more precision since the platforms are further apart.
  • Final section: this is the last phase, here you have to be very careful when you get to the top since you have to jump to reach the platforms at the end, keep in mind that you must make a good jump because the platforms below also spin and fall balls
Fall Guys: How to win the Vertiginous Heights Trial