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Frequently asked questions about V Rising


Frequently asked questions about V Rising

Answers to the most popular questions about the game

V Rising is a medieval survival game in which you control a vampire and have to level up, get resources, craft new weapons, upgrade these weapons, fight bosses, build castles, and much more. Understanding the mechanics is tricky, which is why we're here to make it easy for you and answer some of the most popular questions about the game.

How to travel the world fast

Fast travel in V Rising is implemented using the vampire path gate system. You can interact with way gates found anywhere in the world to instantly move to any other.

However, this method of movement has a number of restrictions: you cannot use the way gates while you have any resources or items that do not count as equipment or consumables. You will have to clear your inventory by removing wood, stone, fiber, hides, and anything else you may have accumulated during your last journey through Farbane Forest or other locations. Only then will you be able to travel fast.

How to build your own vampire gate

There are several Waygates scattered throughout the lands of Vardoran, but there are very few of them. In most locations, there are at most 3-4 of them. Luckily, you can build your own vampire gates, but you'll have to be patient and get to a certain point in the game.

First, you need to defeat the Wanderer Fairy Polora. This is a level 34 boss found in Shimmering Meadows, in the far west of Farbane Forest, just below the Silverlight Hills. Defeat Polora to unlock the ability to build the Vampire Gate with the following resources:

  • 200 Blood Essence
  • 20 Planks
  • 20 Copper Ingots
  • 10 Dust Gems

Waygates you create work the same as pre-made ones and can take you to any gate located in the game world. No need to worry about other players on the PvP server using the gates: only you can use the vampire gates you created yourself.

How to get explosives

In order to get explosives, you must unlock the alchemy table. This is a crafting station you get after killing Clive the Pyro, one of the V Rising bosses. Clive the Pyro is a level 30 boss, so you need to prepare before you meet him.

To make explosives, open the alchemy table and add 8 units of sulfur, 8 planks and 4 grindstones to the free cells. This will create a small box of explosives, which you can later move to inventory. After that, go to one of the large rocks and place a small box of explosives next to it to blow up the rock and get a pile of resources.

Sulfur can be found throughout Vardoran. For example, there are large clusters where you fight against Clive the Pyro. After defeating the boss, immediately look around and find sulfur deposits.

Explosives make mining much easier, so make sure you put all your resources to good use. Stockpiles of stone will help you build an impenetrable fortress, which is needed to protect your clan from hostile players and wild animals (on a private server). To get copper ingots, mine copper ore and throw it into the furnace.

There is an alternative way to destroy large stones. In the later stages, you will be able to turn into a bear. This can be done after the destruction of the boss Dire Bear in the eastern part of the forests of Farbane. This is a level 36 enemy, so prepare well. Transforming into a bear gives you a unique special attack that destroys large rocks that can only be destroyed by explosives.

How to get iron

Unlike copper, which can be found everywhere, to get iron in V Rising you need to go to a specific place - a giant haunted iron mine in the center of the map.

The Ghost Iron Mine is located on the southern outskirts of Danli Farm, the second region of the game world. Dunley Farm has tougher enemies than Farbane Woods, and the Haunted Iron Mine is one of the most dangerous places in the game, as it has tough undead enemies. I would recommend mining iron in the mine only after you reach level 35 or higher.

The good news is that there is a lot of iron in the ghost mine. You can get it both when destroying stones, and get it from chests scattered around the mine. To mine iron, you will need a copper mace (or better), so prepare in advance.

A small amount of iron can also be found in the large gold chests you sometimes find in parts of the forest in Farbane and other regions, but they will be catastrophically low in metal. To satisfy all the needs for iron, you will have to make a deadly sortie into a ghostly iron mine.

As soon as you get iron ore, take it to the castle to be smelted into iron ingots in a furnace. Be sure to build a forge and start making quality tools/weapons from iron ingots.

How to make stone bricks

The raw stone is already useful for many things, but in order to start building a stone castle, you need to turn it into stone bricks. To make stone bricks, you first need to build a crusher near the heart of the castle.

The crusher or grinder is located in the "Production" / "Improvement" section in the construction menu. It will require 8 planks, 4 copper ingots, and 4 grindstones to make it. The construction is starting but is one of the most expensive in the early stages. First, you need to build a sawmill to create boards and a furnace to turn copper ore into ingots. Below we will explain how to produce whetstones.

When you install the crusher and power it from the heart of the castle, you can interact with it and place the raw stone in an empty cell of the machine. The crusher will grind the raw stone into more usable stone bricks. It will also produce stone dust (a by-product of production), which is used for a variety of things, including making whetstones in the furnace.

1 Stone Brick (and 1 Stone Dust) requires 12 Rough Stones to craft, so a lot of Stones would need to be destroyed to build a Castle. To do this, you will have to arm yourself with the best mace.

How to get bones

The best way to get bones in V Rising is to find some graveyard or grave. If you're just starting a new game and trying to craft basic gear (which is what the game asks for), your best bet is to head back to the training site, the graveyard, and spend some time beating up the constantly respawning skeletons. Normal enemies drop a few bones, but skeletons drop a lot more.

Once you're in Farbane Woods, the easiest way to quickly collect bones is to head to one of the region's cemeteries. If spawned at the Farbane West Gate, head east and you'll soon find the Desecrated Graveyard - a small area filled with skeleton enemies. If spawned at Farbane's east gate, head west and you'll find an almost identical Infested Graveyard. These areas are suitable for farming bones in the early stages of the game.

Once you reach a higher level (25+), you can farm bones in the much larger and more dangerous Forgotten Graveyard in the middle of Farbane Forest. This area is also a great place to look for Grave Dust, an extremely important resource (you will need a lot more Dust as you progress).

Interact with any of the interactive coffins in the graveyard as they contain various useful resources, including the bones you are looking for. Many gamers do not even notice that I can open these coffins, so carefully inspect the cemetery.

In addition to cemeteries, you can also learn to collect bones in your own home. Once you kill Gorswine the Ravager boss (level 27), you can build a tomb next to the Heart of the Castle. These buildings function in the same way as other resource collection and processing buildings such as the Sawmill and the Furnace, but instead of requiring wood or some kind of metal, flowers should be left on the graves, thereby summoning and killing enemy skeletons. As you know, bones will fall out of them.

How to use the sawmill

To use the sawmill, you first need to make sure it is powered by the Heart of the Castle. To do this, add the essence of blood to the Heart of the castle by interacting with it. The sawmill will come into action (just like all the other automated buildings you have placed in the castle). You won't be able to use these buildings without Blood Essence, and the Heart of the Castle will eventually fall into disrepair.

If the sawmill is running, then all that remains to be done is to interact with it, and then place the wood in one of the empty slots so that it will automatically convert the wood into peeled wooden planks.

When interacting with a sawmill or any other resource processing building, a list of recipes will appear at the top of the window. Below there will be a grid with input and output cells. Each recipe has two parts: the section to the left of the arrow shows what you need to put into the input below, and the section to the right of the arrow shows what you get when you complete the sawmill.

The first recipe at the sawmill requires 20 units of wood on the input grid. For every 20 units of wood, the sawmill will automatically produce 1 plank and 1 unit of sawdust, which you can pick up at the exit.

All resource processing buildings require a little time to complete the process, so before you do other things, it will not be superfluous to start the sawmill and other buildings. Later, when you return, you can pick up the finished materials.

How to improve the sawmill

Interact with the sawmill and pay attention to the upper part where there are three panels. You can upgrade any resource collection and processing buildings, including the sawmill, but you will have to meet certain criteria. The first panel indicates whether the sawmill is powered by the Heart of the Castle. The second panel says that you can speed up the sawmill by 25% by installing it in a closed room made of stone walls and the floor of the castle. The third panel indicates that when laying the right type of floor for this building (in this case, the floor of a workshop for a sawmill), the cost of all recipes will decrease by 25%, which means that production will become more efficient.

How to get a horse

You will not be able to meet a horse in the Farbane Woods. Instead, to find the first horse, you will have to go to the Danli farm. This area is more dangerous than the forests, so make sure you level it up to at least level 30 and then go explore the second region of the game.

There are many farms and other areas where horses are kept in the Danlí region. When you get close to one of these areas, open the map and hover your mouse over the location to see what resources can be found there. If there are horses on the list, then you just found an interesting place where you can get a horse.

To make a horse yours, approach and interact with it and the vampire will ride it. The horse will become your property in one moment, and you will be able to ride it home.

After you saddle a horse once, you can view its characteristics. To do this, open inventory while riding or standing next to the horse. Each horse in V Rising has three main parameters:

  • Maximum Speed: The maximum speed of the horse's canter.
  • Acceleration: How quickly the horse reaches its maximum speed.
  • Turn Speed: How fast a horse can turn in place. Maneuverability.
Each mount will have random stats, so if you want to find the best horse, saddle all the mounts you find and check their stats.

How to care for horses

Horses need water, otherwise, they may die of thirst. If you open your inventory while next to a horse you own, you will see a 1x3 grid in the right window where you can add flasks of water. Just like the Heart of the Castle uses the essence of blood, the horse will slowly consume the water that you have left in its "grid".

If a horse runs out of water, it will live for some more time before it dies. In the same inventory, you can see how much the current water supply will last the horse. You will understand how often you need to replenish these supplies.

It's also worth noting that horses can be stolen in PvP mode and are susceptible to damage from enemies. Horses cannot fight back, so it's best not to leave your steed in the middle of the battlefield, otherwise, you will be forced to make a second visit to Danlí farms after the battle and find a new horse.

How to get copper

Copper is one of the most important resources in V Rising. It is used to forge advanced weapons and equipment that are superior to bone tools. It is also used in the construction of buildings and to improve existing buildings.

You can get copper by mining orange-colored stones scattered throughout the V Rising game world. On the other hand, if you need more copper in the shortest possible time, head to the Copper Mine in Farbane Woods.

This copper mine is filled with orange rocks that can be harvested for copper ore. There are usually chests scattered around the mine that can be opened to find various items, including more units of copper.

Over time, the copper stones will refill the mine, so it's a renewable resource. Just come back here after a while to replenish your copper.

How to mine copper

To mine copper, you need to create a reinforced bone mace. An ordinary bone mace can break ordinary stones, but something stronger is needed to break copper ones.

To make a reinforced bone mace, you first need to create a simple workbench. and for a simple workbench and a reinforced bone mace, wooden boards are required, so first, you need to build a sawmill (we wrote about it above).

If you are lucky enough to find huge stone deposits with copper, you will have to get a more powerful tool, since a reinforced mace will not help here. You can destroy such stones only with the help of explosives, which we talked about above. To create it, you need an alchemy table and sulfur. Rocks can also be broken in the form of a bear, but you have to kill the Dire Bear boss.

How to smelt copper ore into copper ingots

To smelt copper ore, you need to build a furnace near the Heart of the Castle. The Furnace requires 480 Stone and 60 Copper Ore to craft, but once it is completed, you can place Copper Ore at the input of a machine, which will automatically produce Refined Copper Ingots.

Keep in mind that crafting copper ingots will require a lot of copper ore. Each ingot is crafted with 20 copper ore. Therefore, it must be mined in copper mines.

How to create skin

During the first few hours of exploring the world of V Rising, you will probably kill a lot of animals. At first, your priority will probably be to collect bones, but at the same time, you will find a lot of skins. They will be useful for creating leather, but first you need to build a tannery.

To build a tannery, open the build menu with the B key and go to the "Production" section. Then open the Processing tab and scroll through the list of crafting stations until you find a tannery. The tannery requires 8 planks and 160 animal hides. At the same time, its construction is blocked by other conditions. The first step is to unlock the tannery itself by killing Kili, the Frost Archer, a level 20 boss.

After unlocking the tannery, you can return to the base and build it in the castle. Then interact with it and drag the animal skin onto the input grid to start producing the skin. It takes 16 animal skins to craft one piece of leather, so you'll have to make several sorties.

How to make a roof

To make a roof for a room in V Rising, the room must be created from reinforced walls and the floor from special (any) flooring. As soon as you add the last part of the wall or floor, creating a full-fledged room, the game will automatically add a roof on top. Absolutely free.

After adding a roof, the lighting of the room will change. Instead of walls casting shadows, the entire room will be in shadow. You will provide complete protection from the rays of sunlight and be able to stay indoors for a whole day. Having a roof is useful in that many resource processing buildings, such as sawmills and furnaces, receive a bonus to production speed if installed indoors.

Unfortunately, you cannot choose the type of roof you install, although the viewing angle in the game is such that you simply cannot see most of the roofs. In addition, everything happens automatically, and in such games, installing a roof is usually a laborious and not always convenient process.

How to get a grindstone

Grindstones in V Rising can be knocked out from bandits or found next to him. Therefore, if you want to find a lot of whetstone in a short period of time, the best place to look is one of the large bandit camps in the forests of Farbane.

Once you have found a location inhabited by bandits, open the map and hover over the area to see what resources and materials can be found here. There will definitely be a grindstone on the list.

There are not so many grindstones in the camps, but there are more than enough bandit camps in the forest. Stones can be taken with the corpse of bandits or found in chests. They can drop as loot from a broken barrel or crate.

How to craft whetstones

Luckily, there is a better way to get whetstones, which are essential for crafting the next level of gear and weapons. You can craft stones yourself!

You can craft a grindstone using a furnace, but first, you have to unlock the recipe. In order to do this, you must defeat Grayson the Gunsmith, a level 27 boss located south of Farbane Woods. We talk about bosses in a separate guide.

Once Grayson is defeated, return to the furnace and find the unlocked recipe for crafting whetstones. You can craft 1 Whetstone with 1 Copper Bar and 12 Stone Dust. We talked about copper, copper ingots and stone dust in more detail above, in the relevant paragraphs.