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Guide for beginners Evil Dead: The Game - how to upgrade the skills of heroes, resurrect the dead, reduce the level of fear and other tips


Guide for beginners Evil Dead: The Game - how to upgrade the skills of heroes, resurrect the dead, reduce the level of fear and other tips

Evil Dead: The Game is a new cooperative survival game based on a movie of the same name. In this guide, we will answer the most popular questions, as well as give some tips on the game.

How to play Evil Dead: The Game

In Evil Dead: The Game, there are several game modes in which users are divided into two teams - "Survivors" and "Demon".

Survivors need to fulfill a number of mandatory conditions for victory:

  1. Find three map fragments. Each fragment is located in a certain area. You need to read the clue in the upper right corner of the screen, split up, and find them all as quickly as possible.
  2. Retrieve the lost pages of the Necromicron and the Kandarian Dagger. After the survivors find the map, the location of the diary and the Kandarian dagger will become available to them. To return the items, you need to interact with each of them and stay in the marked area for some time.
  3. Defeat the Dark Ones. When the previous conditions are met, the demon will be banished from the zone for a while, and the survivors must get to the Dark Ones as quickly as possible and drive them out with the help of a dagger and spells.
  4. Save Necromicron. The last step will be the protection of the restored book. If the evil spirits manage to destroy it, then the survivors will lose. You must survive until the end of the round. The timer is located at the top center of the screen.

The demon, in turn, must confront the survivors in all available ways. The longer the opposing team spends searching for the map and solving all the conditions, the more difficult it will be for them to protect the book in the final battle.

With each attack, the demon will receive Infernal Enhancement Points, with which he can increase the level of talents. Each type of demon has its own talents, so if you like to control a demon, then we recommend choosing one of the types and playing it constantly.

It all seems pretty simple, but it really isn't. A team of survivors can find special "Pink X" cocktails and improve the characteristics of heroes. Below we have answered all frequently asked questions about the game.

How to restore health

Health is the main attribute of all survivors, with the loss of which your hero receives the Bleeding status and dies after a while. Therefore, it is so important to constantly monitor the health of the characters.

You can restore health in Evil Dead: The Game only with Shemp's Cola. This is a consumable item that comes across in houses and drops from the corpses of the dead. There are no other ways to restore health in the game.

How to resurrect dead heroes

If your hero's health bar is completely depleted, then he will receive the "Bleeding" status and will lie motionless until he dies or is rescued by teammates.

To save the hero, the survivor just needs to approach him and press the interaction button. It is worth noting that a small amount of time is allocated for this. After this time, the hero will die. You can resurrect it in several ways:

  1. Retrieve the lost Necromicron Pages or the Kandarian Dagger. After recovering the lost pages or dagger, all dead characters will be resurrected. In this case, heroes with the "Bleeding" status will also return to the ranks.
  2. Free the soul of the deceased using the Altar. Scattered all over the map are special altars with which you can resurrect dead heroes. To do this, you need to interact with the soul of the character and transfer it to the altar. The player will respawn near the place of death.

Why are amulets needed?

Amulets act as armor. When the undead, ghouls, or demons try to attack your character, some of the damage will be absorbed by the amulet. If you find an amulet, be sure to use it to keep your health.

At the start, all players can use only one amulet. Be sure to search the boxes and find the Pink X. This will increase the number of amulets used. Read more about improving the skills of heroes below.

What is it for and where to find the Pink X cocktail

Bottles of the Pink X cocktail are only found in supply crates. Each used bottle will add "Pink X Points", with which you can improve the characteristics of your character until the end of the match.

Unlike other items that you can find in houses, the Pink X cannot be marked and left to other players. According to our observations, several bottles for each character fall out of one box. Therefore, always explore even previously opened boxes, as one or two bottles of a cocktail may lie next to them.

How to change weapons in Evil Dead: The Game

If you are playing as a survivor, you can find a large number of melee weapons. For example, you will often come across knives, homemade spears, axes, swords, and chainsaws. It is important to note that you can only equip one weapon of each type. Before picking up a knife or ax, make sure it has better stats than the weapon you have.

In addition to melee weapons, there are also long-range guns in the game. For example, pistols, shotguns, and shotguns. There are no automatic firearms in the game. For shooting, of course, you need ammunition. They can be found in any building, as well as picked up from dead enemies.

If you already have both types of weapons, then you will need to perform the necessary attack to change them. For example, when you press the main attack key (LMB on PC), the hero will definitely use melee weapons. To fire a pistol or shotgun, you first need to aim (RMB on PC).

Where to find weapons and ammo. How to find supply crates

Weapons and ammo, as well as other consumable items, can be found in almost any building. When searching, be sure to use a flashlight, as many items are hidden from the character's eyes. Read more about using a flashlight below.

If you're playing with headphones, you can use your ear to find supply crates. Locked boxes make a specific sound with which you can quickly find them.

It is worth noting that the demon can set traps in some supply boxes. When you open such a box, you will see a funny scene, and the hero's fear indicator will increase.

How to properly use a flashlight. Is it possible to charge the flashlight in the game?

At the beginning of a match, portable flashlights are available to all survivors, which perform several important functions. In addition to lighting the path in front of the character, the flashlight is also used to find hidden objects.

Even if you're looking around illuminated houses or sheds, you might miss out on hidden consumables. Therefore, we do not recommend searching for items without a flashlight.

You may have noticed that the flashlight's battery power is gradually depleting. It cannot be charged during a match, so you will often have to conserve the battery. For example, turn off your flashlight while hiking between places of interest and use it only in the most extreme cases.

What does Fear affect? How to reduce the level of Fear

Fear is one of the important indicators of the hero, which should also be constantly monitored. If the scale of fear is completely filled, then the demon will be able to move into the character without much difficulty and control him for some time.

At this moment, the control of the hero completely passes to the demon, and the character acquires the status of "Obsession". The enemy will attack teammates and do various dirty tricks.

When the player is left completely alone, the scale of fear rapidly increases. To keep the fear level from rising quickly, you need to be close to your teammates at all times.

Also, you can find various light sources to reduce the level of fear. It will be difficult to get rid of fear with ordinary lamps or lanterns. It is much faster to find a few matches and light a fire. Focus on the map and find the nearest place to start a fire.

How to upgrade the skills of heroes and earn Soul Points

You can upgrade two types of skills:

  1. Combat skills. To improve the character's parameters until the end of the battle, find and use the Pink X cocktail.
  2. Hero skills. Hero skills can be tracked in the "Collection" tab in the main menu.

Spirit points are awarded for each completed match. Here is the full list of actions for which you can get extra points:

  1. Kill normal enemies.
  2. Kill elite enemies.
  3. Kill bosses.
  4. Deal damage.
  5. Perform finishing blows.
  6. Shoot for the head.
  7. Survive without death.
  8. Resurrect allies.
  9. Heal teammates.
  10. Find "Pink X" cocktails.
  11. Complete basic tasks.

In addition to soul points, you will also receive character points that increase the level of the hero you have chosen.

What is a leader's aura? How to increase the range of the Aura

Aura is a special talent of the Leader class heroes. It has a certain range and mostly positively affects all survivors. For example, Ash Williams' Aura (Ash vs Evil Dead) allows you to increase the fear resistance of all team members who are within the radius of the Aura. Also, this talent increases the damage dealt by teammates.

Initially, the radius of the aura is only 8 meters. As you level up the leaders, you can increase it up to 15 meters. To do this, enter the "Collection" tab in the main menu and spend Spirit Points to increase the level of the hero. For each subsequent level, you will receive Skill Points, which can be spent to increase the radius of the Aura or to acquire other skills.

How to disable crossplay in Evil Dead: The Game and play only on your platform

Evil Dead: The Game supports crossplay, where players from all platforms can participate in the same game. By default, the cross-platform play setting is enabled, but you can always disable this feature.

To disable it, you need to return to the main menu and go to "Settings". In the "Game" tab, find the item "Cross-platform game" and remove the marker in front of it.

Be sure to save your changes for them to take effect. If you leave the menu without saving, the settings will remain the same. While searching for a match, you can see if this feature is enabled. The status is displayed in the lower-left corner of the screen.

How to return to battle after losing an internet connection

Evil Dead: The Game does not have an automatic return to battle feature. Thus, after fixing the problem, you will not be able to return to the abandoned match.