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Guide to weapons in Vampire Survivors. Evolution and synergy

 List of all evolutions in the game

Vampire Survivors is a complex simplified roguelike (as contradictory as it may sound) in which you can evolve some items. This process can make a huge difference as certain items get new buffs, including increased damage. And if you want to win the race, you need to know the right combinations for powerful builds. Don't be surprised if more evolutions are added to Vampire Survivors since the developer has already done this more than once. In this guide, we will analyze what weapon evolution is, how to crank it, and what it will give in general.

Guide to weapons in Vampire Survivors. Evolution and synergy

How to evolve into Vampire Survivors

If you just started playing Vampire Survivors (or started the game for a short time), you probably didn’t know that some items can be obtained as a result of evolution. Fortunately, the process itself is not that complicated. The main thing here is to know the right combination of items for evolution. First, you need to complete a run lasting at least 10 minutes. There is a corresponding timer at the top of the screen.

If not, you will probably have to buy some bonuses. I would recommend getting armor and movement speed or doubling your greed to collect more coins. Some unique buffs will require Arcana cards.

Second, you must fully level up the weapon you want to evolve. As mentioned earlier, not every weapon has an evolution, so take a look at the list below. For example, you can evolve a Runetracer, but you can't do it with a bone.

Third, you'll need the right item/amp that can interact with the weapon. For example, the Whip requires the Hollow Heart buff. If this is your first time playing Vampire Survivors, last at least one minute to unlock this item. The game's achievement list is a good way to find the requirements to unlock some items.

How to evolve into Vampire Survivors

Finally, once you've collected the right items and held them out for at least 10 minutes, you'll need to open the chest on the floor. You can get a chest by killing elite enemies that appear as you progress further along the run. For example, the giant mantis in the Crazy Forest or Medusa from the Inlaid Library. If you have met all the conditions, get an improved version of the chest. If you evolve the Whip, you will receive a Blood Tear, which deals critical damage and drains health from enemies.

All Combinations for Weapon Evolution in Vampire Survivors

While most weapons require one item or booster, there are two unique combinations. To get the Vandalier evolution, you need to level up Peachone and Ebony Wings to max before opening the chest. The same must be done for the Phieraggi Firaggi, which must be combined with three items - Phiera Der Tuphello, Eight The Sparrow, and Tiragisu.

  • The evolution of the whip or whip. Whip + Hollow Heart = Blood Tear. Deals critical damage and drains health from enemies.
  • The evolution of the magic wand. Magic wand + Empty tome = Holy wand. Works without delay.
  • The evolution of the knife Knife + Bracer = Thousand Edge. Works without delay.
  • Ax evolution. Ax + Candelyurador = Death Spiral. Passes through enemies.
  • The evolution of crucifixion. Crucifix (cross) + Clover = Heavenly sword. Can deal critical damage.
  • The evolution of the royal bible. King's Bible + Exorcist = Unholy Vespers. Never ends.
  • The evolution of the fire wand. Firestick + Spinach = Fire of hell. Passes through enemies.
  • The evolution of garlic Garlic + Pummarola = Soul Eater. Steals hearts. Power increases when HP is restored.
  • The evolution of holy water. Holy water + Attractorb = La Borra. Damage zones follow you and grow as you move.

  • The evolution of the lightning ring. Lightning Ring + Duplicator = Thunder Loop. The projectiles hit twice.
  • The evolution of the Mana Song. Mana Song + Maniac Skull = Mannajja. Can slow down enemies.
  • Evolution of the Pentagram. Pentagram + Crown = Magnificent Moon. Generates additional gems and collects them all.
  • Evolution of Runetracer. Runetracer + Armor = No future. Explodes on rebound.
  • Peachone (8) + Ebony Wings (8) = Vandalier
  • Phiera Der Tuphello (8) + Eight the Sparrow (8) + Tiragisu = Phieraggi. Increases respawn.
  • This is everything you need to know about weapon evolutions and upgrades in Vampire Survivors.