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Horse guide in V Rising

 Why a horse is dying, where to find a new horse, how to tame it, which horse is better - the answers to these and many other questions

Traveling through the world of Vardoran, you most likely have already stumbled upon horses, and managed to tame one or two, but after a while, they all died. It is not your fault. In fact, V Rising doesn't even explain what basic care horses need for their survival.

In this V Rising guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about horses, including how to care for and tame them. There will also be a map detailing the locations of all known horse spawn points.

Horse guide in V Rising

Where are the horse spawn points in V Rising

At the time of writing the guide, we knew 16 areas where horses were guaranteed to spawn. The map below shows all of these locations within the Silver Light Hills and Danlí Farmlands. These are the only areas in the game where you can find horses. The above locations include:

  • Army outposts
  • Danli sawmill
  • Cotton farms
  • horse trail
  • Militia camps
  • Dawn Village

      Where are the horse spawn points in V Rising

      How to care for horses and ensure their survival

      You need water. To get water flasks, you first need to find the appropriate recipe. You can do this as a result of defeating Kaylie, the forest archer. Once defeated, you will be able to craft Empty Flasks at the Tannery using Plant Fiber and Leather. You can even make flasks in your inventory by going to the crafting section, or on the alchemy table. I recommend making 5 empty flasks - the maximum amount that horses can store.

      Once you have created all the flasks (or one of them), go to the source of water (river, lake, well or fountain), and apply the container to the reservoir. After filling the flask, go to the horse and press Tab to open its inventory menu and move the flasks filled with water there. Thanks to this, the horse will not die of thirst. I recommend checking every few hours for filled canteens to make sure the horse has everything it needs to survive. It is enough to take care of the availability of water: you do not need to feed or do anything else with the horse.

      As for the choice of horse, this stage is much more important than it seems at first glance. The color of a horse is far from the main concern or criterion when choosing a horse. When interacting with a horse, when its inventory menu opens, you can see the values ​​of all individual characteristics, including data such as maximum speed, acceleration, and agility. As you travel around the world, inspect all the horses you meet. There will not always be significant differences in performance between your current and new horse, but if the mount you just met is better, then be sure to take it instead of the current mare.

      About the taming of horses will be brief: all you need to do is saddle the horse, after which it will automatically be attached to your character. It will stay where you left it for the last time. The only exceptions are if the horse is tamed by another player or runs out of water and dies of thirst.

      Some more important tips

      To collect resources, I recommend finding as many workers as possible, drinking their blood, and getting a bonus: you will receive 10-30% more resources. You will also deal 15-25% more damage to resource deposits and get a speed increase (10-20%) when galloping on horseback.

      When using Dominant Presence to charm unsuspecting people, you may find yourself unable to get them to your castle in time. Yes, and the level of stress will constantly increase due to the fact that you need to avoid the dangers that lie in waiting on the roads. If you have enchanted people far from your castle, try to find a horse. Steeds will allow you to quickly get back to base and avoid getting lost among enchanted humans as they speed up their standard walking speed to match your pace.

      Want to take part in racing? Take your horse to the racetrack in Danlí Farmland and compete against your friends on a rather challenging track.