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How to beat death at 30 minutes and win Vampire Survivors

 We tell you what needs to be done to defeat (kill) Death at the end of the level with the library

Death is a character that appears in the end-game stage of Vampire Survivors. Take it as a sign indicating that you have completed the level (as far as possible), but you will not be able to get out of it alive. But what if I told you that you can win? What if you could kill Death itself?

At the time of writing this guide, there was only one legal way to defeat Death. This is much better than before when it was possible to do this only with the help of tricks and deceit. The method we have indicated resembles cheating, but it is not. It is a matter of patience, knowledge, and luck. Let's talk about all this in order.

Step one. Runetracer Clerici

To get at least a chance of defeating Death, select the Clerici character and start the level with the library. Make a crazy dash to the left and up to pick up the green experience diamond lying on the table. If you don't get Runetracer, try again. Don't use rerolls. Just reset the run and restart the level. As soon as you get a weapon, immediately run into a small, closed area. There is a table and some chairs, two bookshelves on the sides, a clock and a picture (or something else on the wall).

How to beat death at 30 minutes and win Vampire Survivors

Position Clerici so that her right hand is in line with the clock and her left hand is in line with the painting. Place it over the leftmost chair and don't move. Freeze for a while. You can laugh at how ridiculous this script is.

Basically, Clerici has a "temporary" area bonus. More powerful than what you get with the normal method. Temporary bonus for the reason that as you level up, it gradually decreases. So the main idea is to stay on the second level and the huge Runetracer will get stuck in the furniture, becoming a de facto shield. If you stand up correctly, Clerici will be protected from all sides and will not be able to randomly pick up experience points.

Note. Examine the power-ups and get rid of any that can make the task more difficult. In addition, from time to time you will have to open a treasure chest.

Step two. Hurry or wait?

While you are standing here and wasting time, watch the red diamond in the first minutes. This is the cornerstone of the entire operation. If about three minutes have passed and you do not see a red diamond on the screen, you have been deceived by random. Will have to reboot. If a red diamond appears and it's close enough, you can use the remaining 27 minutes however you like. But as soon as the clock counts down 30 minutes, be ready to fight for your life.

Step three. Run!

As soon as you get to 30 minutes 00 seconds, all opponents will disappear from the map. The maximum that you have time to exhale or draw air into your lungs because right now Death will appear. As soon as this happens, you need to block Death at the red diamond. There will be other gems along the way and even chests. But your goal is the red diamond.

Step five. Build against Death

As you progress through the levels, you need to collect certain items, so you do not need to use reroll at the beginning. There are items that are definitely needed, things that can improve the situation, and everything else. Let's go in order.

You definitely need:

  • Holy water and Runetracer (you will start with them, upgrade)
  • Laurel
  • Clock Lancet
  • Order
  • Candelabrador
  • caster
  • Empty volume

It would be great to also have:

  • Bone
  • Knife
  • Duplicator Ring
  • Spinach

If you have collected everything listed above, try to find at least something from this list:

  • Magic wand
  • Cross
  • Attractorb (for holy water evolution)
  • Tiragisu

No need to stress, but these things will definitely make things easier. Forget about all other things. I'm serious. Put that fire wand aside immediately!

Step six. Keep running!

As soon as you touch the red diamond, return to where you came from. It's annoying, but that's how it should be. Return to the small room with the table, but this time go even further, stand between the table and the right chair, aligning Clerici's right arm with the painting. If you have a knife, be sure to point it down.

If all goes according to plan, Death will be stuck on the table, allowing you to stand at a safe distance and attack the enemy, dealing as much damage as you can. Don't move if you don't need to aim the knife. But even if necessary, gently nudge it to aim down. Relax and let the Vampire Survivor systems do the rest for you.

Step seven. All or nothing

So what is the point of this whole strategy. First, we've taken advantage of the mechanic where Death's stats increase as you level up. By leaving experience points for the end, you will not only provide yourself with a good increase but also guarantee the weakest variation of Death, turning the scales in your favor. However, this is not enough. A minute later, the second Death will appear. Then - the third. You can kill Death, but you cannot defeat it.

But you can fight with this as well. The second and third Deaths will get stuck on the leftmost bookshelf and stay there for quite some time. And all thanks to Clock Lancet. Thanks to the range of this spear. Death has a negative knockback stack, meaning that with each hit, Death relentlessly approaches the player. So unless you've fired random shots from a fire wand or lightning ring, there's nothing to worry about.

However, they will still come. Hopefully you can deal enough damage to the original Death to deal with it before "number two" shows up. The ability to revive will also come in handy. Perhaps the tiragisu would be useful. Rebirth and laurel can give a good bunch to buy time. If the skeleton enemy flies away, then you did it! Congratulations. Unfortunately, you still have to lose. And even if you do all this, you still won't get the achievement. You don't technically have the power to defeat Death yet.

However, the creator of Vampire Survivor teased the community by replacing the glitch with a new character. The Mask of the Red Death is a smaller version of the real Death. The Red Death is endowed with a Death Spiral, which usually requires an ax upgrade. The stats are common, but there are two bonuses: The Red Death starts with 45% strength and a whopping 110% movement speed.