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How to change the game language in Fall Guys

How to change the game language in Fall Guys

 Without a doubt, this game has become more than a trend. So far it has numerous downloads almost all over the world. This is one reason why its developers have added different languages.

Its main objective is that everyone, no matter where they are from, can download it. This way they will be able to acquire the game in the language of their region. Although, normally when downloading and installing Fall Guys, the language of the region where you are located is incorporated.

But what if I want to change the language? Is it possible to change the language in Fall Guys? Fortunately, yes. And in this post, we will explain how you can do it.

Fall Guys - Change Language Easily

If you really want to change the language in Fall Guys, the first thing we should mention is that the game itself does not provide us with this option. It is likely that later it will include this alternative within its functions, but so far it is not available.

Surely you are wondering, then how can I do it? To change the language in Fall Guys you will have to do it directly from your operating system. Specifically, what you have to do is go to the taskbar and click on the language symbol, then you have to select "language preference" and finally add the language of your choice.

Another alternative that can also be useful to you is that you change the region. To do this you just have to access the taskbar and mark the language symbol. Then, you have to choose the language preference option and finally, select the “region” section.

Players generally stick with the language they have chosen at the start of purchasing the game. But, if you want to try other languages ​​you can do it. Remember that Fall Guys is a game in which you can enjoy other game modes within it.