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How to change your name in Fall Guys


How to change your name in Fall Guys

This multiplayer game was released on August 4, 2020, therefore it is current and has a large number of downloads, although it is paid. As in most party-style games in Fall Guys, there is a way in which you can identify yourself from the other players and it is through the name of your character.

But can you change your name in Fall Guys? What name can I put myself in Fall Guys? Below we will help you solve these unknowns.

What can I do to change my name in Fall Guys?

Although this is probably not encouraging news, you should know that it is currently not possible to change your name in Fall Guys. Normally the game assigns you a name, which will serve to identify you from the other players. That is to say that you cannot put any type of name or nickname, since the video game designates you a generic name.

When the Fall Guys game was released, it had this option enabled, but players started changing the names, adding offensive and inappropriate language. Consequently, three days later (exactly from August 7) ​​the opportunity to change or add a name was eliminated.

Can I change my name in Fall Guys on PS4?

Finally, we must emphasize that if you have Fall Guys installed on PS4 and have a PSN Account, the game will automatically take the name you have on that account. So if you want to change the name what you can do is change the PSN account and add another name.