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How to climb in Fall Guys

 Without a doubt, Fall Guys is a game that has made a big impact in recent months. In a short time, it has obtained a large number of downloads almost all over the world. Also within the game, we can perform different actions, among which are throwing eggs, climbing, diving, and many other things.

Normally throughout the game, you will notice that each character applies strategies that will help you obtain the crown more easily and thus be able to defeat the other opponents and of course, the climbing technique is one of the indicated ones to achieve this objective.

Climbing in Fall Guys is very simple

Normally, in the career levels, it is necessary for the players to be able to climb, but you can also use this technique at different times that it is necessary. So what you need to do is press the R2 button on the PS4 controller. In case you are using the PC press the shift key.

How to climb in Fall Guys

As soon as you press any of these two keys you will notice how your character begins to extend his arms, varying from forward or upward. This depends on the movement you give the thumbsticks.

Then, without releasing the R2 button or the Shift key you will have to press X on PS4, and in the case of PC, select the space key. Keep in mind that before this you must specify your jump well so that you do not suffer falls or any mistakes.

Afterward, you have to tilt the jump and stick to a ledge to avoid falling. Lastly, just get up with your thumbs.