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How to dive in Fall Guys

 This title is one of the most popular games today, Fall Guys achieving a large number of downloads, and being played by people from almost all over the world. It is available on the PlayStation Store and Steam platforms.

On the other hand, for you to win in this game it is important that you learn to apply techniques such as diving. Basically, this will help you to be more successful in the games and even if you learn to do it correctly you will be able to defeat the opponents. For this reason, today we will talk to you about how to dive in Fall Guys.

Learn to dive in Fall Guys and beat your opponents

As we mentioned before, diving is one of the techniques that will help you defend yourself, and hopefully, you will be able to defeat your opponents. Learning to dive is very simple because you will simply have to press a button or key depending on the device or equipment you use to play. Either from your PS4, Xbox, or from the PC.

In this case, if you are using an Xbox you must press X, on PS4 square, and on PC you have to press the Ctrl key. Similarly, you can also dive from the air, for this, you just have to press: A on Xbox, X on PlayStation, and space on the computer. You can do this repeatedly, as many times as you want.

How to dive in Fall Guys

It is usually dived for the purpose of knocking another player off the lane. In this way, if you apply a good strategy, you will be able to take the lead and win.