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How to find the stone mask in Vampire Survivors

 We tell you what the stone mask gives and how to find it

One of the common questions related to the passage of Vampire Survivors is where to find the stone mask. As you progress through the game, you will unlock new items that can be obtained by leveling up. Until you get certain achievements, you will not be able to open new things. Without them, it will be difficult to accumulate the required number of coins.

The best item that will allow you to earn as many coins as possible in Vampire Survivors is the stone mask, as it increases the amount of money received by 10%. You can spend these coins to get the Greed booster to unlock the same buff. Unlike other items, the Stone Mask is not issued for leveling up. To get it, you need to make some progress.

Before you can get this unique item, you first need to unlock the second stage. To do this, you need to reach level 20 in the Crazy Forest with any character. Once you've done that, you'll unlock an inlaid library with brand new enemies. Here you can find the same stone mask.

To find the stone mask, you need to run for a few minutes to the right side, along the top of the screen. Eventually, you should find the item on the floor in a small alcove. If you run too low across the screen, you can run past the mask without realizing it and run too far.

How to find the stone mask in Vampire Survivors

That's why we recommend running as close to the top of the screen as possible, or at least close enough to see the edge. As you can see in the screenshot above, it took me just over two minutes to find the stone mask. All you have to do after you find it is touch the item to unlock it for future playthroughs. You will receive the item of the first level in the current playthrough.

As mentioned before, this item is great for farming coins. You can upgrade it by purchasing Greed to increase overall profits, or armor to survive longer.

Another item that players can get in the library is a blank tome, although it can also be obtained through achievements. All you need to do is hold six different weapons at the same time and you will unlock an empty tome. It will appear in the level up pool when selecting items for the current build.

It can also be found in the library and as an item picked up simply from the floor. Unlike the stone mask, for which you need to run to the right, for the tome you have to go to the left. You will find it on the floor in a small niche at the top of the screen. Tome allows you to add an additional item to the run to survive even longer. An empty tome will be useful for any weapon you find. It reduces weapon cooldown by 8%. The bonus continues to accumulate with each level.