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How to Get All Weapons in Sniper Elite 5

 We tell you how to get all sniper and assault rifles, submachine guns, and regular pistols

There are a total of 18 weapon types in Sniper Elite 5, including 6 sniper rifles, 6 secondary types (submachine gun, assault rifle), and 6 pistols. In this guide, we will tell you how to unlock all the listed items.

There are two main ways to unlock weapons in the game: some can be obtained automatically as a reward for progressing through the storyline (after certain tasks), while the rest you will unlock by completing additional tasks, mainly related to the elimination of certain targets (such tasks is in almost every mission).

The optional Elimination Challenges are perhaps the hardest in the game. Each mission has a primary objective on the kill list. It is marked with a red marker on the map. Almost always, this is a specific character that you must eliminate in order to complete the story mission. As for additional tests, in order to complete them, one or another target must be eliminated by a certain method, which we discuss below.

How to Get All Weapons in Sniper Elite 5

Before eliminating the enemy (target), we recommend creating a manual save (when you get close to the enemy). In which case, if something goes wrong, you can load this save without having to go through the entire task again. Tests can be seen when opening the world map (on the console, this is the "touchpad"). Then click on the "square" to view the goals and scroll down. Here you can mark the test.

To test your weapon proficiency, press the Options button on your controller right during a mission. At the top, look for the tab with the parameters, go to the records (third item from the bottom) and open the third tab "Medals" (Awards) at the top. Then go to the third tab from the left "Weapons and Items", and scroll down the list to "Pistol Master" / "Secondary Weapon Master" / "Rifle Master". Here you can see the current progress for each type of weapon.

Pistol Mastery is easy to farm: get 50 stealth kills. Proficiency with a sniper rifle requires 50 headshots from over 100 meters away. Very easy to get at the beginning of the third task! Secondary Weapon Mastery requires 150 kills, which is also easy to farm in the third mission (but you need to do a manual save and reload whenever you run out of enemies).

Each weapon can be enhanced with various modifications. You can customize them on the equipment selection screen before starting a mission. Most modifications are unlocked using workbenches - collectible items that we talk about in a separate guide.

Sniper rifles

  • Springfield M1903 - you will receive this weapon from the very beginning of the game.
  • SREM-1 - you will receive this weapon from the very beginning of the game.
  • Gewehr 1943 - To unlock this weapon, complete the third mission.
  • Karabiner 98 - Complete the assassination challenge in mission 2 (squash him with one of the castle's chandeliers).
  • M1A Carbine - Complete mission 5 to unlock this weapon.
  • RSC 1918 - Complete the Kill Trial in the seventh mission (eliminate the target with V2).

Secondary weapon

  • M1A1 GOV. - you will receive this weapon from the very beginning of the game.
  • Welgun SMG is a weapon you get from the very beginning of the game.
  • Machine PIST.40 - Complete the kill challenge in the first mission (kill the target with an explosion). To do this, throw a sticky grenade at the enemy or shoot the explosive canister located next to him.
  • Machine Pist.44 - Complete the kill challenge in mission 4 (kill the target with the exploding rat). You can find this item at the starting point of the quest, where you spawn by default (move to the top). Place in the room where the target is. Can be hidden under the shelves, where the inscription "place the rat-bomb" appears. The easiest option is to stun the enemy to the "square", move him to where the rat-bomb was installed, then shoot at it. The target must die from the explosion. In addition, you can throw bottles at the bomb to lure the enemy to the explosives, and then shoot the bomb rat and detonate the target.
  • Sten gun MK2 - To unlock this weapon, complete the sixth mission of the game.
  • Type 100 - Complete the Kill Challenge in Mission 5 (Kill the target by burying it in concrete). Stun the enemy by clicking on the "square". On the top level of the construction site (a special area circled in red on the map), there is a concrete machine that you can hack. As a result of these actions, concrete will pour onto the ground. Transfer the stunned target and drop it over the railing, into the concrete.


  • M1911 - you will receive this weapon from the very beginning of the game.
  • Welrod is a weapon you get from the very beginning of the game.
  • Revolver MK VI - To unlock this weapon, complete the second mission.
  • Model D - Complete the 6th mission kill challenge (kill the target with poison). Head to the villa where the mission objective is located. On the first floor, look for the poison itself. After picking it up, go upstairs. On the spot, pour the poison into the glass located behind the door, and then click on the bell next to the glass. Hide and wait. The major will come to this place and drink the poisoned swill. And then, after a few seconds, it will die.
  • Pistol 08 - Complete the Kill Challenge in Mission 3 (Kill the target with a stealth kill). Everything is pretty simple.
  • Type 14 Nambu - Complete the Kill Challenge in Mission 8 (Kill the target with a Japanese Type 14 Nambu or Type 100 weapon). In the house where the target is located, there is another one officer with a Type 14 Nambu pistol. However, this weapon can also be found in other places. To eliminate the target, use only this pistol.