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How to get explosives in V Rising. Where to find sulfur and how to get more resources


How to get explosives in V Rising. Where to find sulfur and how to get more resources

In the process of exploring the gothic world of V Rising from Stunlock Studio, the player will discover large deposits of stones and ore. They cannot be destroyed with normal equipment, so explosives will be required to collect various resources in such places. In this guide, we will explain how to get explosives in V Rising.

How to get explosives

Explosives are one of the most useful items in the game. With it, players can destroy huge stones and collect a large number of materials in a short period of time to create a variety of things. To open the recipe for explosives, you need to unlock the Alchemy Table. This equipment will unlock after defeating Clive the Firestarter, the level 30 boss. Before a battle with a strong opponent, it is first recommended to improve the hero’s equipment.

To create explosives, use the alchemy table and insert the necessary resources into the input slot (Input):

  1. Sulfur - 9 units.
  2. Planks - 8 units.
  3. Whetstone - 4 units.
After creating a small explosive box (Minor Explosive Box), take it to your inventory. Now go to any large stone and place the item next to it. After the explosion, the player will be able to collect a lot of useful resources. You can learn more about collecting whetstones and other resources in our separate guide.

How to find sulfur

Sulfur deposits are scattered throughout the world of Vardoran. In the location where the battle with Clive the Pyro takes place, the player will be able to find a large accumulation of this material. Inspect the area nearby to find the sulfur you need to create explosives.

It should be borne in mind that explosives greatly facilitate the extraction of all minerals. Stock up on a lot of resources and build a strong castle to protect yourself from enemies.