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How to get leather and build a Tannery in V Rising


How to get leather and build a Tannery in V Rising

V Rising invites players to explore a large open world and build and upgrade their own castles. In the early stages of the passage, you may encounter problems during the extraction of various resources. In this guide, we'll show you how to build a skin crafting device and upgrade the Castle Heart for the first time.

How to get skin in V Rising

Leather is a very important material in V Rising, without which you will not be able to craft the best equipment for your vampire. By completing story missions, you will reach the moment when the game will first offer to increase the level of the Heart of the Castle - the main element of your hideout. This is where this resource comes in handy.

Here are some of the main ways to get leather:

  1. Leather can be found in chests when inspecting bandit camps, as well as in the villages of robbers and poachers.
  2. Sometimes the resource drops from killed enemies.
  3. Can be obtained by processing animal skins in the tannery.
Getting a lot of skin in the first and second ways is quite difficult. Unlike enemies, when you clear camps and villages, the chests you explore disappear forever. Therefore, in each such settlement, you will find a maximum of 2-3 units of this resource.

It is much easier to create a tannery and make leather in one of your castles. Below we have described what conditions must be met for this.

How to build a Tannery and craft leather. The recipe for flawless skin

Once you understand the basic building mechanics and install the Castle Heart, the game will prompt you to explore the Bloody Altar. This is a plot building, without which it is impossible to strengthen your vampire, open new drawings and learn various abilities.

The Blood Altar is needed primarily in order to track down strong enemies - carriers of unique blood. When the altar is built, hunt down and kill the bosses one by one. You need to get to Kili, Archer of Cold. She lives in the Poacher's Camp in the northeast of Farbane Forest.

How to build a Tannery and craft leather. The recipe for flawless skin

Go to the area indicated on the map and deal with the boss. As we already advised, before the battle, be sure to deal with all previous strong enemies. This will allow you to acquire additional abilities and make the battle a little easier. If you have any difficulties, we recommend that you read this guide.

After defeating Kili, you will receive a new power, a number of recipes, and a building needed to create the skin. Return to the castle and open the construction menu ( B key ). Go to the "Processing" tab and select "Tannery". To build this machine, you will need the following resources:

  • Board (8);
  • Animal skin (160).
Place the machine in any convenient place. Immediately after that, some drawings will be available to you:

  1. Leather (1) - crafted from Animal Skins (16);
  2. Empty Flask (1) - crafted with Leather (4) and Fiber (20);
  3. Flawless Leather (1) - Crafted with Fish Oil (4) and Flawless Hide (20).

Animal skins can be obtained in large quantities in the open world. To do this, simply kill any animals. To get the Flawless Hide, you will need to deal with more serious predators.

How to upgrade the Castle Heart for the first time

When you meet all the conditions and create enough leather, mine copper ore and smelt it in a furnace to get copper ingots. In total, for the first improvement of the Heart of the Castle, the following resources will be required:

  • Copper ingot (12);
  • Skin (12).