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How to get servants in V Rising. Why servants are needed and how to manage them


How to get servants in V Rising. Why servants are needed and how to manage them

There are a huge number of mechanics in the game V Rising, which are quite difficult to understand. To make it easier to get resources and useful items, you can recruit enemies and create servants. In this guide, we will tell you all the useful information about servants in V Rising.

Why are servants needed?

Servants are a very useful tool in the game, with which you can solve several tasks at once:

  • First of all, the servant is the guard of your castle. Being in the building, such characters will defend it and fend off the attacks of any enemies. If you are playing in co-op mode, be sure to leave one or two servants at home as guards.
  • They help to extract resources. With the help of the Throne, you can send servants on sorties for minerals or valuable items.
  • Finally, your castle will look much more alive with real people.

The recruited enemies need equipment and weapons because their level and combat capability directly depend on this. Do not skimp on uniforms for the guard servants. Especially if you play with other real users.

How to recruit a servant and create a special coffin

The ability to recruit servants will appear after you upgrade the Heart of the Castle to the second level. You'll need leather for this, so be sure to check out our separate guide. In it, we told you where you can get the skin first and how to improve the Heart of the Castle for the first time.

How to create a coffin for a servant

When the power supply device is upgraded, you will receive the unique ability Vampire's Kiss. With its help, you can charm any people and make servants out of them. It was not in vain that we noted that only people will approach - it will not be possible to recruit animals and the undead.

Before you go hunting for new subjects, create at least one coffin for a servant in your castle. This element can be found in the "Production" - "Dominance" section. This will require the following resources:

  • Plank (16): can be crafted at the sawmill with wood;
  • Copper Bar (8): Smelt copper ore in a furnace;
  • Greater Blood Essence (1): Create a Blood Press and collect at least 4 Flawless Hearts.

How to get servants

To use Vampire's Kiss, open the circular skill menu ( Ctrl key ) and activate it. When the skill is active, your additional attack will be replaced with a seductive ability ( R key ).

When looking for a servant, pay attention to the faction and quality of the blood. These indicators directly affect the bonuses that will be available to this citizen during sorties. Having found a suitable instance, fight him, but do not kill him. Leave a little health until it becomes possible to absorb the blood of this character. Instead of absorbing, use "Vampire's Kiss" and wait a few seconds.

The enemy will be charmed by you, and you will only have to escort him to the castle. Be careful, as he may be killed on the way back. Approach the coffin and check the information on this servant. Click "Convert" to start the crafting process and pay 100 units of Blood Essence. A timer will start, after which a servant will appear. This process usually takes up to two hours of real-time. It all depends on the blood type, its quality, and the faction of the recruited character.

How to create a "Throne" and control the servants

The task of the recruited servant by default is to guard the castle. You just have to equip the fighter properly. But if you want to use it to extract resources, ingredients, or useful things, you will have to build a throne.

To create it, you will need to defeat the Quincy boss, the King of Thieves, in order to get the recipe for iron ingots. This is a serious boss, so we recommend that you carefully prepare for the battle with him.

Resources needed to build the throne:

  • Stone brick (24): can be crafted in a stone grinder;
  • Iron ingot (16): smelted in an iron ore furnace. The raw material can be found in the Scourge Iron Mine in the Danley Farms region ;
  • Greater Blood Essence (4): Use Flawless Hearts on the Blood Press to get this resource.
Install the throne in any convenient place, equip the fighters, and send them to the appropriate region to search for valuable items. You can transfer things and weapons directly to your servant's inventory. The better the armor and blades, the higher the level of equipment of the heroes.

Blood group, quality, and fraction

Each region for resource extraction is different in some factors. Successful sorties will require certain skills of servants, so there is no point in recruiting the same enemies.

Also, pay attention to the recommended indicator of strength in a particular region. If you send a weak hero on a sortie, then at best he will receive damage, and at worst he will die.

An important role is played by the place of residence of the servant. It is not recommended to send subjects to explore foreign areas, as you will lose a small bonus to the general strength of the servant.