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How to increase Resolve in Rogue Legacy 2. What Resolve affects and how to use more relics


How to increase Resolve in Rogue Legacy 2. What Resolve affects and how to use more relics

In Rogue Legacy 2, all Heirs have Resolve that can be used to acquire Relics. In this guide, we'll show you how to increase your resolve, where to find relics, and how a hero's armor can affect a hero's resolve.

Why you need determination in Rogue Legacy 2

Resolve is a base hero stat that allows you to acquire various relics while exploring the castle. The determination indicator is measured as a percentage, and you can track it in the upper left part of the screen.

As you upgrade your castle, you will unlock the blacksmith room, where you can create weapons, armor, cloaks, and amulets. You will have to look for the drawings on your own in the castle. Each item worn by the blacksmith will take a certain amount of resolve and increase the carry weight. The fewer items the heir is equipped with, the more determination will be available. If the level of determination drops below 100%, then the hero's total health will decrease by the same percentage.

Where to find and how to purchase relics for determination

When exploring the kingdom, pay attention to rooms with a special interest icon (a purple icon with an exclamation mark). Usually, relics or special apples are presented in such locations. The latter are needed in order to restore vitality or increase the maximum amount of health.

If you find a room with two relics to choose from, then you will have to pay with determination to acquire one of them. Initially, the description and characteristics of unexplored items will be hidden. To purchase them, you will need to spend from 25 to 60 points of determination. After the death of the hero, all relics found are not transferred to the heir and disappear.

How to increase your resolve

By default, 225% resolve is available for each hero, but you can increase this figure thanks to the "Psychiatrist" skill that is unlocked in your castle. A total of 20 skill levels are available, each subsequent level will add 1% determination.

To unlock this skill, you first need to unlock the Butcher Shop building and gain access to the Barbarian class. After that, open the "Meditation Hall" of the first level. Now you can build the desired tower and increase the starting value of determination.

How to reduce the cost of relics

To acquire certain relics in the castle, you will have to pay a certain amount of determination. After opening the tower "Psychiatrist" you will open new improvements. Learn the Archaeological Camp skill to reduce the cost of relics. Five skill levels are available, each subsequent level will make relics cheaper by 1%.