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How to level up in Elden Ring? These are our recommendations for attribute distribution

 A good character build will make it easier for you to progress in FromSoftware's latest adventure.

Elden Ring, as a good RPG, will allow us to make our character in the way that best suits our style of play through a series of attributes that we will level up as we win Golden Runes, either by killing enemies or acquiring them with objects. We already told you about their initial classes and in which of these attributes they stood out at the beginning, but this time we want to tell you how to develop our character in the most efficient way if you have just arrived in the worlds of Miyazaki.

First of all, you must understand the different attributes that you have and what it is for one of them:

  • Vigor: the maximum health you will have (PS) depends on this attribute, in addition to contributing to the resistance to fire and poison.
  • Mind: will determine our PC, which we will use to use magic, in addition to the arts of weapons.
  • Stamina - This attribute determines the ability to perform all our actions. We will use it to attack, roll, and block and it will determine the maximum load that we can carry.
  • Strength: This value will determine the damage that we will inflict with weapons that scale in Strength.
  • Dexterity: the damage with weapons that scale in Dexterity depends on it.
  • Intelligence: It is the attribute that will determine the damage of the spells, although it also contributes to the resistance to magic.
  • Faith – Works similar to Intelligence, but with miracles.
  • Arcane: it would be something similar to "luck" and will serve to increase our probability of receiving more objects from enemies. It also has effects on resistances and certain items.

How to level up our attributes?

How to level up our attributes?

The ideal in Elden Ring is that you specialize in a certain style of play, at least through the first game and especially if you are not a veteran of FromSoftware games. To do this, there are two attributes that are common to all classes and playstyles: these are Vigor and Stamina... The Stamina attribute will serve you for all actions, regardless of your class, you will use it both throwing blows with a sword and casting spells, and falling short in Stamina means not being able to keep up in combat when it comes to dodging, rolling, attack, block. While Vigor will determine your health, and unless you rely heavily on your reflexes and perfect dodge, it's important to keep it high.

The way attributes scale isn't the same across all of them, Vigor will scale especially well as you get closer to level 40, while scaling becomes less and less effective from there. Stamina, on the other hand, scales well at somewhat lower levels, though it stays relatively even until well past level 40.

close combat

If you have decided to fight melee, you will find different weapons that scale using the Strength or Dexterity attribute. This is indicated in the description of the weapon, in the "Attribute scaling" section. The scaling efficiency is determined by the values ​​E, D, C, B, A, and S, with E being the worst value and S being the best. To specialize in the best way, you will have to increase the attribute value with which the type of weapons you want to use scales.

Both Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Faith, and Arcane, scale in a similar way, with the first levels being the most efficient, reducing the increase per level from 20 and staying regular until around 60. Regarding the Arcane attribute, although perhaps maybe the least interesting for a player who is just starting out, it will also serve to scale some very specific weapons.

magical combat

Magical combat will be determined by Intelligence and Faith attributes, and just like melee, you'll want to make sure items scale in the attribute you're specializing in. The spells will be determined by Intelligence and will have a more offensive aspect, while the miracles will depend on Faith and will be more focused on defense or support, although they can also deal damage.

Although the Mind attribute can be used for any class, it is essential in magical combat and the profitability at each new level will benefit from level 20, reaching the maximum benefit between levels 50 and 60, being one of the attributes which takes longer to reach its maximum profit peak and it is unprofitable to go up in its first levels if we do not plan to specialize.

While the easiest way to break into the Elden Ring is to specialize in a particular class, you'll be able to build mixed characters, employing magic and melee, as well as find weapons that will scale in Strength and Dexterity attributes alike. If you go this route, keep in mind attribute scaling to make the most of leveling up, keeping values ​​balanced within the levels where progress is most efficient.

Expect that some Ashes of War will also serve to vary the attribute that your weapons scale with, allowing you to create some very interesting builds. Hybrid characters will also give you the opportunity to combine different play styles, although again, you will have to control the level scaling so as not to waste runes in your development. For simple classes such as a character that fights in close combat and builds their build on the Strength attribute: starting with the Hero class, we should reach level 100 with an attribute distribution of around 45 in both Strength and in Force and Endurance.

The increase in attributes will also have an impact on your resistance, although this time we have preferred to focus on the basic constructions and what else can help you to complete the game for the first time. In the same way, the Arcane attribute can be interesting for a build intended to harvest certain rare items, although in a first game, you will probably do without it.