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How to open every coffin in Vampire Survivors

 We tell you how to find and open a coffin in the Crazy Forest, the library or the Dairy

Vampire Survivors continues to evolve and update, with many players wondering if the coffin can be opened. It was originally only in the Dairy, but the developers later added the coffin to the Crazy Forest and the Jeweled Library. First, make sure you have access to each step. You will need to fulfill a certain condition, which is relatively easy to do if you understand how evolution works in Vampire Survivors.

Before you can find the coffin at the Dairy, you need to reach level 40 in the Inlaid Library. If you haven't reached the library yet, you need to level up to level 20 in the Crazy Forest.

How to open every coffin in Vampire Survivors

Find a map of the Milky Way

It doesn't matter how many times you go through the location. There is a big green arrow on the edge of the screen. She points to the new mechanics from the update. This is a permanent item in all races that does not require spending coins. If you haven't received the item yet, get to it in a straight line. It will take 4 minutes unless you are controlling a slow character like Exdash Exiviiq. From what I understand, you don't need a map of the Milky Way to open the coffin, but it does help. You will also need a map for the Coffin in the Madwood.

How to open the coffin at the Dairy

The reason it's worth getting a map is that it will be easier for you to find the coffin during a normal run. It will appear on the map in the pause menu as a question mark. I recommend trying to get the evolution as you need to fight strong enemies. Fortunately, to open the coffin, you do not need to take particularly difficult steps. As soon as you get close to it, a large ring of enemies will appear, moving outward and towards the center. Kill each opponent, as the coffin will open only after that.

How to open the coffin at the Dairy

All enemies will be of the same type, so they are easy to kill. When I first opened the coffin, I could not do it, because some enemies simply got lost somewhere nearby. So if you can't open the coffin, that's the most likely reason.

Open the coffin to trigger a cutscene. You will see the new character Poppea Pecorina and the message "Thank you Mortaccio, but the vampire is in another coffin!". The name of the character depends on who you are playing as. After that, you still need to spend 2500 coins to unlock a new character.

How to open a coffin in the Madwood

A coffin appeared in the Crazy Forest in update 0.3.2. Despite the fact that the new character is not mentioned in the description of the patch, Pugnala Provola is hidden in this coffin. The process is slightly different from what we described above. Start the level and use the map to find the coffin. Kill all enemies and open. The character costs 2700 coins. If you want to get there as soon as possible, I recommend going through this stage in hyper mode. Also, the pentagram works well as it can kill every enemy guarding the coffin. But because of the randomness, there is no guarantee that you will have it.

How to open a coffin in the library

In patch 0.5.0, which introduced arcana, the developers also added another coffin. If you already have a map of the Milky Way, pause the game and look for the question mark. The Library is a horizontal map. Go right until you find a coffin. If you have already found a stone mask on this level earlier, then the coffin will be a little further. Luckily, the coffin is not hard to spot since it is in the center of the scene. There will immediately appear strong skeletons, similar to those from the Crazy Forest. Kill each skeleton and you will be able to open the coffin.

When you finish off all the skeletons from the coffin, interact with it. Receive the same message as in the Crazy Forest. Will be able to unlock a new character - Giovanna Grana. The purchase will require 2800 coins.