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How to play together on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5


How to play together on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

The game together on the PlayStation traditionally raises a lot of questions. Sony offers several methods, however, some are too expensive and others require careful setup. In this guide, we will analyze in detail how to play with friends on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles.

How to play through split-screen. What is "split-screen"

The first and most obvious way is split-screen. All you need is one console, two gamepads, a TV and a friend. It doesn't matter if you play on PS4 or PS5 - the version doesn't matter. This system was called "split-screen" (Split-screen).

Unfortunately, not all games support this technology. Developers do not want to spend extra resources on parallel processing of two-game sessions at a time - it is much easier to make a joint game online.

To configure this mode, you will need to create a second profile on the console. Activate the PlayStation and then press the power button on the second controller. A login screen will appear where you can select "Create a new profile". Please note that the guest account does not save achievements and is completely deleted after the session ends. It is much more convenient to create a standard profile that your second player will always use.

How to play with two players via PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus is a paid subscription. It not only allows you to receive several games once a month but also allows you to use multiplayer. If you and a friend have paid for PlayStation Plus, just open the right game and enjoy. Naturally, you must use different consoles and install the same version of the game. The cost of such a solution is quite high, so it is not suitable for everyone.

How to play with two people via Share Play

One of the console's original features is to share your screen with friends. To do this, you must be united in a "party". As soon as one player starts the show, the rest are notified. By choosing it, you become a spectator, and the organizer must determine the mode - the spectator plays for him or plays with him.

If the organizer allowed you to play for him, you will be able to participate as if you launched the game on your console. It is important that the broadcast host must have an active PS Plus subscription.

The second mode is much more interesting. If the game supports local multiplayer, you can start co-op through Share Play. In this case, only the organizer will have enough installed game. However, there is a caveat here - both gamers must have a PS Plus subscription.

How to play with two players via Remote Play

The peculiarity of the Remote Play function is that you can launch any game from a third-party device - a computer, tablet, and even a phone. If you're visiting friends who only have PCs, it's enough to bring gamepads with you.

Download Remote Play on an accessible device and sign in to your PlayStation Network profile. By connecting a gamepad to a PC or phone, you will get access to the full functionality of the console. By connecting several gamepads to the selected device, you can try setting up local multiplayer. In any case, the network game will be available.

It is important that this method requires a fairly fast Internet connection. Therefore, it is unlikely that you will be able to play on the road.

How to create a "pair" between two PlayStation 4 consoles

Having analyzed the obvious ways, let's move on to more interesting ones. If you and a friend have two PlayStations, you can "pair" them. This will significantly save on the purchase of PlayStation Plus and digital versions of games.

It is important that on 4 and 5 "curling irons" the methods are slightly different, so creating a pair between consoles of different generations will not work.

Swap PSN accounts with a friend and add each other's profiles on the console. To do this, open "Settings" - "Login Settings" - "User Management" - "User Creation" . An easy way is to press the activation button on the gamepad and select Create Profile.

Next, you need to open "Settings" - "Account Management" - "Activate as the main PlayStation 4 system" - "Deactivate" . The comrade, in turn, must do the same for himself.

Now the friend's account needs to be made the main one. Go to his profile and open "Settings" - "Account Management" - "Activate as the main PlayStation 4 system" - "Activate". In turn, your friend does the same.

Staying in a friend's profile, open his library, and put the games you want to download. Go back to your account to see that download games are now available for you.

The same goes for the PlayStation Plus subscription. It is enough that at least one user has it - all the possibilities will be available to each of the participants of the "pair". This significantly saves costs, allowing you to get all the benefits of a subscription, including free games.

Please note that both consoles must be constantly connected to the Internet.

How to create a "pair" between PlayStation 5 consoles

If you combine two PlayStation 5, you will also have to perform a number of preparatory steps. As with PS4, enter your friend's profile details on the console, but it's too early to log in. To add an account, press the button with the PlayStation icon on your controller. In the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen, select the icon with your avatar, and then "Change user".

After adding, stay in your account and open "Settings" - "Users and accounts" - "Other" - "Console sharing and offline play". You will have a choice - "do not enable" and "disable". Select "Turn off sharing". If there is no "Disable" button, do not click anything. A friend does the same.

Go to a friend's profile and open the sharing menu in the same way. This time select Enable. The buddy also enables access on their console in your profile.

Further actions are the same as those on the PlayStation 4. Open your friend's library and download the games you need. There is no need to wait for them to fully load, so immediately return to your profile.

Thanks to this method, you can easily play multiplayer, both together and against each other.

If “locks” hang on other people’s games, then you made a mistake somewhere. Try restoring the licenses. Open your profile "Settings" - "Users and accounts" - "Other" - "Restore licenses" . If the problem persists, repeat the entire procedure from the beginning.

Please note that both consoles must be constantly connected to the Internet.

How to play with two people outside of the "pair" on the PlayStation 5. How to expand the "pair"

You can add a lot of profiles to your console and expand the "couple". On the PlayStation 4, this will not work, since only one person can activate the main console, but on the top five, the process was simplified.

By setting up a shared profile on a friend's account, you can easily do the same with other accounts. In this case, your "pair" will remain active. Log in to new profiles, activate sharing, download the games you want, and return to your account to play.

However, there are a number of nuances here. Firstly, if you turn off sharing or someone else takes it, all downloaded games will immediately become inaccessible. Secondly, in this way, it is unlikely that you will be able to connect to another “pair” since the fourth person will have shared access. Taking away the account from the third, you will destroy the connection. The same thing can happen to you and a friend if a third person wants to access your or his library.

There is another trick you should know. It is not entirely clear whether this is a bug or a conscious assumption. If the third account is not occupied by anyone, you took away the general access and play from your profile, a friend from your pair can also get into online multiplayer. Logically, this is impossible, since by taking the shared access to yourself, a friend will be able to start the session, and you will see the lock.

The life hack is that at the time of activation by a friend of sharing in a third account, you must be in the game that you downloaded from this profile. For inexplicable reasons, the session will not be interrupted, and you and a friend will be able to start a joint passage. However, as soon as you close the game, you will see a lock on its icon.